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I think that technology has altered that flow of time.
The overall time that we have for our narrative, our
lifespan, has been increasing, but the smallest measure,
the moment, has shrunk.

-- Abha Dawesar (01974-) {Indian novelist; more...} [time]

It's important to me to understand why I think what I think.
-- Aubrey de Grey (01963-) {computer scientist/biomedical gerontologist; more...} [introspection]

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by desire to beat others.
-- Ayn Rand (01905-01982) {American novelist/philosopher; more...} [creative/achieve]

Mathematics is not just solving for x, it's also figuring out why.
-- Arthur Benjamin (-) {Mathematician; more...} [mathematics/maths]

Imagination is the dark matter which binds all learning together,
but requires different approach to cultivate

-- John Hagel (?????-) {"strategy @ the intersection of business & technology"; more...} [cultivating imagination]

We [journalists] cover planes that crash, not planes that take off.
Indeed, maybe the most important thing happening in the world today
is something that we almost never cover: a stunning decline in poverty,
illiteracy and disease.

-- Nicholas Kristof (01959-) {American journalist/author; more...} [news reporting]

Take a bit of the future and make it your present.
-- Andy Grove (01936-) {Hungarian-born American businessman/engineer/author; more...} [life/future]

Pair up in threes.
-- Yogi Berra (01925-02015) {baseball player/coach/manager; more...} [humor/math]

It ain't over 'til it's over.
-- Yogi Berra (01925-02015) {baseball player/coach/manager; more...} [life]

I don't drink, but I have a little drop of whiskey every night.
-- Grace Jones (01906-) {turned 109 on 9/16/02015; more...} [life/aging]

You're not grown up until the day they put you six feet under.
-- Keith Richards (01943-) {English musician; Rolling Stones; more...} [life]

Nobody wants to get old, but they don't want to die young either.
-- Keith Richards (01943-) {English musician; Rolling Stones; more...} [life/aging]

The path to the CEO's office should not be through the CFO's office,
and it should not be through the marketing department. It needs to
be through engineering and design.

-- Elon Musk (01971-) {"American entrepreneur/engineer/inventor/investor"; more...} [21st century leadership]

Games are educational if they're educational.
-- Eva Moscowitz (?????-) {YouTube::BigThink::Why Geeking Out on Games is Good for Kids} [learning/games]

Understanding comes from focusing, chewing, and relentlessly
ragging on a problem. It comes with false starts, dead ends,
and frustration. Thinking requires time and space. It's slow.
It means saying I don't know.

-- Shane Parrish (?????-) {Farnam Street blogger; more...} [life/thinking]

Sometimes I'm terrified by it. It's a combination of
appliances and software, and I'm always nervous about
software -- software has bugs."

-- Vint Cerf (01943-) {Internet co-creator on IoT; Google's Internet evangelist; more...} [InternetOfThings]

10 years behind in a field that changes every 10 minutes.
-- Daniel Gelernter (-) {CEO of the tech startup Dittach; more...} [life]

Certainty is the same thing as a lack of imagination.
-- Scott Adams (01957-) {creator of the Dilbert comic strip; more...} [imagination]

A college campus is a learning playground.
It's too bad students have to pay to play.

-- Gerald Thurman (01957-) {an American living in Arizona; more...} [learning]

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