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Fitting in is a short-term strategy to get you know where.
Standing out is a long-term strategy that takes guts and
produces results.

-- Seth Godin (01960-) {American entrepreneur/author/speaker; more...} [life]

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence,
it is to act with yesterday's logic.

-- Peter Drucker (01909-02005) {nanagement consultant/educator/author; more...} [life]

I don't think people have fully appreciated how quickly adult
stem cells and sequencing and synthetic biology have progressed.
They have progressed by orders of magnitude since we got
induced pluripotent stem cells (2006-07). ["years, not decades"]

-- George Church (01954-) {American molecular geneticist; more...} [future/life]

It's not hard; it's complicated.
-- Gerald Thurman (01957-) {I don't have a Wikipedia page; more...} [life]

Thought has been the father of every advance since time began.
'I didn't think' has cost the world millions of dollars.

-- Thomas J. Watson (01874-01956) {IBM starting in 01914; more...} [thinking/THINK]

If only smartphones could make us smart.
-- Gerald Thurman (01957-) {an American currently living in Arizona; more...} [augmented intelligence]

Our next President should be the Innovation President. Tomorrow's
innovations--Nanotech, Neurotech, Quantum tech, Infotech, Robotictech,
Biotech--will change the world and America for the better. Innovation
is beyond politics and will drive a better future of America.

-- James Canton (01951-) {futurist/CEO of Institute for Global Future; more...} [future/innovation]

The product of mental labor - science - always stands far below its
value, because the labor-time necessary to reproduce it has no relation
at all to the labor-time required for its original production.

-- Karl Marx (01818-01883) {German philosopher/economist/sociologist; more...} [science/labor]

A life spent in constant labor is a life wasted, save a man be such
a fool as to regard a fulsome obituary notice as ample reward.

-- George Jean Nathan (01882-01958) {American drama critic/magazine editor; more...} [life/labor]

[...] but I fully expected that, by the end of the century,
we would have achieved substantially more than we actually
did. When we lost the competition [from the Soviet Union]
we lost the public will to continue.

-- Neil Armstrong (01930-02012) {American astronaut/1st person to walk on the Moon; 02005 CBS interview; more...} [progress/competition]

A man must partly give up being a man with womenfolk.
-- Robert Frost (01874-01963) {American poet; more...} [life/sexes]

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life--It goes on.
-- Robert Frost (01874-01963) {American poet; more...} [life]

Forgive me my nonsense as I also forgive the
nonsense of those who think they talk sense.

-- Robert Frost (01874-01963) {American poet; more...} [thinking/nonsense]

Thinking isn't to agree or disagree, that's voting.
-- Robert Frost (01874-01963) {American poet; more...} [thinking/voting]

Transport of the mails, transport of the human voice, transport of
flickering pictures -- in this century, as in others, our highest
accomplishments still have the single aim of bringing men together.

-- Antoine de St. Exupery (01900-01944) {French writer/poet/aviator; more...} [life #TheWorldIsFlat]
[Still true here in the 21st century. (8/30/02012)]

As for the future, your task it not to foresee it, but to enable it.
-- Antoine de St. Exupery (01900-01944) {French writer/poet/aviator; more...} [future]
[Neil Armstrong used this quote to end his 02005 USC commencement address.]

Society's future will depend on a continuous improvement program
on the human character. What will the future bring? I don't know,
but it will be exciting.

-- Neil Armstrong (01930-02012) {American astronaut; 1st person to walk on the Moon; more...} [future]

Custom dictates that the commencement speaker give a word of advice
to the graduates. I feel a sense of discomfort in that responsibility
as it requires more confidence than I possess to assume that my
personal convictions deserve your attention.

-- Neil Armstrong (01930-02012) {American astronaut; 1st person to walk on the Moon; more...} [advice]

I hope you have become comfortable with the use of logic,
without being deceived into concluding that logic will
inevitably lead to the correct conclusion.

-- Neil Armstrong (01930-02012) {American astronaut; 1st person to walk on the Moon; more...} [life/logic]

I would hope that you have come to appreciate elegance of simplicity.
-- Neil Armstrong (01930-02012) {American astronaut; 1st person to walk on the Moon; more...} [life/logic]

Students of my vintage did not have calculators, cell phones,
credit cards, personal computers, the Internet, or reality TV.
Some might say they were very fortunate.

-- Neil Armstrong (01930-02012) {American astronaut; 1st person to walk on the Moon; more...} [life/generations]

These type of problems can be solved in a variety of ways.
I have my way, but if you have a way that works, then ignore
my way and use your way. But, if you don't have a way, then
you might want to try my way.

-- Gerald Thurman (01957-) {an American currently living in Arizona; more...} [learning]

Like mothers, taxes are often misunderstood but seldom forgotten.
-- Lord Bramwell (01808-01892) {an English judge; more...} [mothers/taxes]

I'll call my phone a smartphone when it starts paying my bills.
-- Gerald Thurman (01957-) {an American currently living in Arizona; more...} [technology]

Your brain is a lazy piece of meat and it must be shocked
into paying attention.

-- Gregory Berns (?????-) {American neuroeconomist/neuroscientist; more...} [neuroscience]

I have a face, so I have a Facebook.
-- Gerald Thurman (01957-) {an American currently living in Arizona; more...} [Internet/WWW]

We have re-entered an era in which political factors
will dominate economic decisions.

-- George Friedman (?????-) {American political scientist; more...} [politics/economics]

Don't be distracted by the successes of others. Your assignment will
be unique. You can't get to the next level imitating someone else.

-- Kevin Kelly (01952-) {digital culture guru/writer; more...} [life]

Our comforting conviction that the world makes sense rests on a secure
foundation: our almost unlimited ability to ignore our ignorance.

-- Daniel Kahneman (01934-) {Israeli American psychologist/writer; more...} [life/ignorance]

Critical thinking has to include assessing one's own thinking.
-- Daniel Kahneman (01934-) {Israeli American psychologist/writer; more...} [thinking]

In a couple of years it will be clear that computers easily pass
the Turing test. It will be another milestone, like beating humans
at Chess and Jeopardy. The computers won't be any more intelligent
by passing the test but they will be more useful. And I'll take
useful over intelligent any day.

-- Lance Fortnow (?????-) {Computer Scientist/CS professor; more...} [computing/Turing Test]

You can try, if you insist, to follow the famous self-help advice
to eliminate the word "failure" from your vocabulary -- but then
you'll just have an inadequate vocabulary when failure strikes.

-- Oliver Burkeman (01975-) {Journalist/author; more...} [life/failure]

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