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The product of mental labor - science - always stands far below its
value, because the labor-time necessary to reproduce it has no relation
at all to the labor-time required for its original production.

-- Karl Marx (01818-01883) {German philosopher/economist/sociologist; more...} [science/labor]

In fact, there is no reason why mental as well as bodily
labor should not be economized by the aid of machinery.

-- Charles Babbage (01791-01871) {English mathematician; "father of the computer"; more...} [technology/labor]

Unlike the United States or Europe, Japan is reluctant to allow in cheap foreign laborers.
-- Takashi Gomi {president of Canada-based Applied AI Systems Inc.} [cheap/labor]

I must communicate, but I don't want to labor over grammer.
-- Gerald Thurman (01957-) {I don't have a Wikipedia page; more...} [communications/labor]

When students do not engage in intellectual labor, they
do not meaningfully learn, their learning is falsified.

-- Richard Paul (?????-) {authority on critical thinking; more...} [learning/intellectual labor]

Everything that is really great and inspiring is
created by the individual who can labor in freedom.

-- Albert Einstein (01879-01955) {German-born theoretical physicist; more...} [freedom/labor]

The depth with which we understand anything is in direct
proportion to the degree with which we have engaged in
intellectual labor to figure it out for ourselves.

-- Richard Paul (?????-) {authority on critical thinking; more...} [learning/intellectual labor]

Without labor nothing prospers.
-- Sophocles (496BC-406BC) {ancient Greek tragedian; more...} [work/labor]

The end of labor is to gain leisure.
-- Aristotle (00384bc-00332bc) {Greek philosopher; more...} [life/labor]

A life spent in constant labor is a life wasted, save a man be such
a fool as to regard a fulsome obituary notice as ample reward.

-- George Jean Nathan (01882-01958) {American drama critic/magazine editor; more...} [life/labor]

A man is not idle because he is absorbed in thought. There
is a visible labor and there is an invisible labor.

-- Victor Hugo (01802-01885) {French Romantic writer/poet; more...} [labor]

The most efficient labor-saving device is still money.
-- Franklin P. Jones (01908-01980) {American reporter/humorist; more...} [money/labor]

There is no expedient to which a man will not go
to avoid the labor of thinking.

-- Thomas Edison (01847-01931) {American inventor (phonograph/light-bulb); more...} [thinking/labor]

Update::Labor Day 02014

The supreme accomplishment is to blur the lines between work and play.
-- Arnold J. Toynbee (01889-01975) {British historian; more...; added Labor Day 02014} [life/labor]

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