Dave Barry

I finished reading Dave Barry's I'll Mature When I'm Dead on 25 November 02010. It was the first book that I ever read on a Kindle. Although Barry is a decade older than me, there were many parts of the book that made me feel as if Barry and I could have been buddies when we were kids. One example... He made reference to the movie Tremors.

I turn on the programmable coffeemaker, which I hope that
someday, perhaps by attending community college, I will
learn to program.

-- Dave Barry (01947-) {American author/columnist/humorist; more...} [education]

Barry was right to think "community college" when it comes to learning how to program the coffeemaker, but these days many "community colleges" should strike the "community" from their names and call themselves what they really are: junior colleges (i.e. K-12 extensions). If you want to learn how to program the coffeemaker, then forget the community college and use the Internet instead.

But in the end, we took the money, and for a
very sound professional reason: We are whores.

-- Dave Barry (01947-) {American author/columnist/humorist; more...} [life]

I'm a whore (even though I'm not a young republican female). Periodically I get money from an employer. The money is used to pay for food and water, shelter, energy, entertainment, etc. Just like Dave Barry, I compromise myself everyday for money and I am grateful that there is an employer willing to pay for my time and services.

We picked our own teams and made our own rules and argued
a lot and played until it was so dark that while trying to
catch a football that you could not see you might run
face-first into a tree that you also could not see.

-- Dave Barry (01947-) {American author; "nobody watched us play these sports" more...} [sports]

Barry's chapter on youth sports was my favorite. I was a jock, but it seems as though I might have been a better athlete than Barry. I remember playing baseball in the dark; it was impossible, but the passion for the game meant we'd kept playing until we were ordered into the house for the night. During the winter months (in Illinois) I would shovel off the driveway just to shoot basket after basket after basket while pretending to be Willis Reed or Jerry West or Zelmo Beatty. Two-on-two, four-on-four, three-on-two, one-on-zero... it didn't matter. We didn't play for money, we didn't play to hear cheers, we played because it was FUN and we were jocks!

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