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PERL is a script programming language that is popular with SysAdmins and web programmers. During the late-1990s, PERL became the defacto CGI programming language. PERL was created by Larry Wall. [GDT::Bit:: What is PERL?]

Resources [external hyperlinks]
Perl.com [O'Reilly::The Source for Perl]
CPAN [Comprehensive Perl Archive Network]
Perl Adivsor [Schwartz at SysAdmin Magazine]
DMOZ.org [Open Directory Project]
DevShed.com | Perl.org::Mongers | PerlMonks.org
man perl [text version of the manpage]

Learning Perl (3rd Edition) [Schwartz, Phoenix]
Programming Perl (3rd Edition) [Wall, Christiansen, Orwant]
Perl Cookbook [Christiansen, Torkington]
CGI Programming with Perl (2nd Edition) [Guelich, Gundavaram, Birznieks]
Official Guide to Programming with CGI.pm [Stein]
Writing Apache Modules with Perl and C [Stein, MacEachern]
perl.oreilly.com [all PERL books published by O'Reilly]
[online books]
learn.perl.org::Beginning Perl  |  EBB.org::Picking Up Perl

There is no local PERL user group.
comp.lang.perl [news::groups.google.com]

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