Peter Neumann and the Risks Digest

Buried within the External Links menu on the GDT homepage is a link to the Risks Digest moderated by Peter Neumann.

Neumann is a Principal Scientist in the Computer Science Lab at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). He has a PhD from Harvard and was a computer researcher at AT&T Bell Labs during the 1960s. He participated extensively in the design, development, and management of the Multics operating system. He has been a visiting lecturer at Stanford and Berkeley. His computing history goes on and on and on. Neumann's home on the WWW is at

The Risks Digest contains postings that document various and sundry problems caused by computers. Many of these postings are hard and scary to believe. I suggest you find time to read the Risks Digest.

[Side-bar] Neumann is a member of the GDT::DreamTeam.