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Spring 2013 MOTD

No More Quote of the Week

I have decided to discontinue the QotW (Quote of the Week) in my weekly lecture notes. The QotW was started during the fall 02012 semester. Note: On 11 August 02013, GDT::Quotes contained 1284 quotes.

[11 August 02013 (I was sick for 35 days; 78° at 7:22am) top]

26 July 02013

I have been sick from 23 June to today (26 July, although I'm not 100%). In a nutshell: It has not been fun and it included a three day stay in the hospital.

[26 July 02013 (being sick sucks; 98° at 1:48pm) top]

11 May 02013

This is the 48th edition of the MOTD. The Spring 2013 MOTD has been added to the MOTD archive.

The MOTD blog was named after the /etc/motd file used on Unix systems. Unix systems are multi-user systems and SysAdmins use the /etc/motd file to communicate messages to users upon log in.

I should let the MOTD die, but I can't. This 15-year-old blog could be deleted using one command-line: rm -rf $motd

The MOTD suffers from a severe case of linkrot (i.e. broken hyperlinks), but from day one the MOTD was considered a WORM (Write Once Read Many) resource. What you read on the MOTD is what I posted and the linkrot provides a picture of just how much the WWW has changed over the last 15+ years.

[11 May 02013 (Summer Break 02013 is in progress; 86° at 10:47am) top]

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