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Week Ending 13 August 2005

Space::Space Shuttle Discovery Makes It Home Safely
Congratulations to NASA for a successful roundtrip into space. It appears as though NASA's foam loss may be their form of computing's buffer overflow. NASA reported that of the 4,192 pounds of foam on the spacecraft's fuel tank, only about 1.2 pounds came off. This foam loss has caused the space shuttle to be grounded until a solution is discovered. { Return to Flight}

Space::NASA Going To Mars
On 12 August 2005, a spacecraft began a seven-month voyage to Mars. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is expected to "gather more data on the Red Planet than all previous explorations combined." { Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Home Page} Lives was created on 17 August 2000. On 7 August 2005, the domain name was renewed to 17 August 2006.

	Dear Customer,

	This is an automatic confirmation for the renewal of the 
	domain you registered with Gandi :


	Your domain has been renewed for 1 year(s) without error.
	The new expiration date is now : 2006-08-17 21:00:50

The Internet remains great fun. If finances allow, will stay alive until the Digital Divide is "really" history, which has the potential of significant shrinkage in the next "era of computing."

[13 August 2005 (summer break comes to an end; 79° at 5:17am) top]

Week Ending 06 August 2005

Computing::Women Can and Do Compute
For the last 12 months, Novell, Inc. did approximately $1.2 billion revenue and the company's stock market value approximates $2.3 billion. Novell is a good sized company and one of its Presidents is a woman. { Novell Appoints Susan Heystee as President, Novell North America }

Space::Discovery Getting Ready to Return to Earth
The space shuttle Discovery will be back on Earth sometime next week Monday. Let's hope all goes well. Let's also make the observation that Discovery's "Commander" is Eileen Collins. { Return to Flight}

RoadHacker::Superior, Chandler and Coolidge
TempeHiker::Papago Park in Phoenix

+ Chandler to Coolidge via AZ Hwy-87 [slideshow; 26 July 2005]
+ Superior, Arizona [slideshow; 01 August 2005]
+ Papago Park in Phoenix [slideshow; 02 August 2005]

[06 August 2005 (I'm off to see my parents next week; 84° at 5:19am) top]

Week Ending 30 July 2005

Computing::Hewlett-Packard Ungoing Significant Changes
Hewlett-Packard continues to undergo significant change. Under new leadership, HP is trying to stay in the high-technology game. Bottom-line: HP still makes quality products and it is still probably a decent play to be employed. The following hyperlinks are all to

It was interesting to learn that GDT::DreamTeam member Alan Kay is leaving HP.

Technology::'Brain Drain' Legislative Action Coming Soon?
It appears as though the U.S. government is getting increasingly concerned about the decline in technology and science students.

   "The number of jobs requiring technical training is growing 
    at a rate five times that of other occupations, while the 
    average number of students entering those fields is falling 
    concurrent with the rising age of the American science and 
    engineering workforce."

I found this to be an interesting estimate: "America produces an average 50,000 engineering graduates annually, compared to 150,000 from India and 250,000 from China."

{ Senators Promise 'Brain Drain' Bill }

TempeHiker::Does Peoria, Glendale, and Chandler
+ Old Town Peoria [slideshow; 25 July 2005]
+ Downtown Gilbert [slideshow; 20 July 2005]
+ Downtown Chandler and the Snedigar Sportsplex [slideshow; 26 July 2005]

[30 July 2005 (summer break is nearing its end; 89° at 5:35am) top]

Week Ending 23 July 2005

Technology::Creative Commons is "Dumb" (so says Dvorak)
Popular columnist John Dvorak wrote an article in which he the following about the Creative Commons: "This is one of the dumbest initiatives ever put forth by the tech community. I mean seriously dumb. Eye-rolling dumb on the same scale as believing the Emperor is wearing fabulous new clothes." I guess Dvorak thinks the Creative Commons is "dumb." { Creative Commons Humbug }

Dvorak's use of the word dumb reminded me of when I wrote a dumb ThurmFoo about an Arizona Republic reporter writing about dumb guys. { E.J. Montini on Dumb Guys }

Computing::GUIs Have Been Broken For a Long Time
Today's human/machine interface--the graphical user interface--was invented in the 1960s. It is amazing that computer users are still using a "mouse" as a data input device. { Why Do Current Graphical User Interfaces Not Work Naturally and How They Can Be Fixed? }

TempeHiker::Does Phoenix, Tempe, and Gilbert
+ Camelback Mountain on 18 July 2005
+ Tempe Bridge Litter Patrol on 19 July 2005
+ Downtown Gilbert on 20 July 2005
+ Old Town and South Scottsdale on 22 July 2005

[23 July 2005 (early AM storm moving into town; 90° at 5:30am) top]

Week Ending 16 July 2005

Computing::Kudos to BEA Systems
Being a keynote speaker at an IEEE conference is a honor and here is to hoping BEA Systems is well received. { BEA Systems to Present Keynote Addresses at IEEE Computer Society Conferences}

Foo::Wasting Away the Moments At Work; Worthless Surveys issued the results of survey that indicate Americans excell at wasting time at work. The Internet was cited as the leading time-wasting activity, which once again begs the question: What did we do before the Internet? { Wasted Time At Work Costing Companies Billions }

This Slashdot headline caught my eye: "Study Shows One Third of All Studies Are Nonsense." Sounds accurate to me.

TempeHiker::Hikes Around Downtown Mesa
TempeHiker spent about five enjoyable hours spread across two days hiking around Mesa, Arizona.

[16 July 2005 (July is half over; 102° at 11:25am) top]

Week Ending 09 July 2005

Computing::Congratulations to Sun Microsystems™ (and Thank You)
I'd like to extend a GDT::ThankYou to Sun Microsystems™ for helping us with our Learning About Sustainability. { At The G8 Summit Sun Microsystems Profiles Technology's Role in Sustainability}

Foo::7/7/2005--Terrorists Attack London (and the world)
On 07 July 2005 (7/7), London was attacked by terrorists. Although it was Londoners who were killed and injured, it was the entire world that was attacked (especially Africa).

RoadHacker::I Like L.A.
I won't go as far as Randy Newman and sign "I love L.A.," but I will say that "I like L.A." {RoadHacker:: Los Angeles, California (July 2005)} [Back in 1973, Neil Young did L.A.]

[09 July 2005 (hot times in the Valley of the Sun; 84° at 7:04am) top]

Week Ending 02 July 2005

Computing::PITAC Goes Belly-Up
The President's IT Advisory Committee (PITAC) has been shutdown and this seems strange given the current state of IT. Today's politicians, more than ever, are in need of strong advisory boards to help them understand where this world is heading from a technological perspective. Voters must start demanding techno-literate politicians. The last output from PITAC looks on target.

   "[...] recommended a fast-track study on ways that federal 
    investments can bridge computational science research across 
    academia, industry and government agencies. Other advice touched 
    on topics such as repositories for computer science data and 
    software, centers for software sustainability, high-end computing 
    leadership centers, and programs to connect those centers. It also 
    prescribed a multidecade road map for computational science."

{ Bush Dissolves IT Advisory Group}

Computing::Next Decade To Be Exciting and Dangerous
I just had finished writing this week's first MOTD posting about how "voters must start demanding techno-literate politicians," when I moved on the to see the following quotes from David Farber.

   "Politicians don't like the Internet... they don't like losing control." 

   "(IT-related) laws are being made and broken by politicians who do 
    not understand technology."
David Farber is a professor of computer science and public policy, school of computer science, Carnegie Mellon University. He is often referred to as the "grandfather of the Internet."

{ Net Guru Predicts Another 10 'Wild' Years}

TempeHiker::Hiking Around Tempe
+ Pictures of Tempe and ASU Taken 27 June 2005
+ Town Lake and ASU Construction

[02 July 2005 (spending 4th of July in LA; 88° at 4:25am) top]

Week Ending 25 June 2005

Technology::What is Nature-Deficit Disorder?
Not everybody enjoys Mother Nature and for that I say "Thank Goodness." That leaves more Mother Nature for those who do enjoy her. GDT's RoadHacker and TempeHiker characters ensure we don't suffer from a nature-deficit. { Families and Technology: Do your kids have Nature-Deficit Disorder? }

Computing::Jack Kilby Added To the GDT::DeadTime
Jack Kilby died on 20 June 2005. Kilby co-invented the IC (Integrated Circuit) in 1958 while working for Texas Instruments. In 2000, Kilby was awarded a Nobel Prize in physics. Kilby has become a member of the GDT:: DeadTeam.

TempeHiker::Hiking Around Phoenix
+ Madison Square Garden and Downtown Phoenix
+ Piestewa/Squaw Peak

[25 June 2005 (going to be a hot weekend; 91° at 9:37am) top]

Week Ending 18 June 2005

Computing::Following Andreessen's Lead
When it comes to computing, I am willing to follow Marc Andreessen's lead. From the University of Illinois to Netscape to Loudcloud to Opsware to whatever is next. Video on the WWW is becoming more and more popular thanks to increasing broadbrand deployment. { Netscape co-founder eyes video blogs} Gets Another Patent
Patents, which protect intellectual property, are important and has a talent for patenting "simple" things that were really not invented by them. Hey, welcome to the real world. Note: is not the only software company that files patent applications. { New Amazon Patent Cites Bezos Patent Reform}

RoadHacker/TempeHiker::New Pictures Added To The POTW Collection
Numerous new pictures have been added to the POTW (Picture Of The Week) collection and more pictures will be added over the next couple of months. { GDT::POTW:: Pictures Taken During Summer Break 2005}

[17 June 2005 (getting ready to visit Flagstaff; 88° at 10:25am) top]

Week Ending 11 June 2005

Math::New BABs (Basic Arithmetic Bits)
Due to near zero CSC enrollments, I continue to morph into an arithmetic teacher. So far this month I have created the following Basic Arithmetic Bits (BABs).

Technology::About Techie Tuesday In Tempe
On Friday, 10 June 2005, the East Valley section of the Arizona Republic had an editorial about Techie Tuesdays in Tempe. The editorial was more about what the Techie Tuesdays should be like rather than reality. The editorial prompted me to write about my Techie Tuesday experiences. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: About Techie Tuesday In Tempe}

RoadHacker::The Four Corners
RoadHacker hit the road and did a 5 day/4 night, 1822 mile, roadtrip around the four corners of NE Arizona, NW New Mexico, SW Colorado, and SE Utah. {RoadHacker:: The Four Corners (AZ, NM, CO, UT)}

[11 June 2005 (this isn't a complaint, but where's the heat?; 75° at 6:45am) top]

Week Ending 28 May 2005

Space::The Termination Shock
Sounds like science fiction... but it's not. The "termination shock" is where the "solar wind, a thin stream of electrically charged gas blowing continuously outward from the sun, is slowed by pressure from gas between the stars. At the termination shock, the solar wind slows abruptly from a speed that ranges from 700,000 to 1.5 million mph and becomes denser and hotter. The consensus of the team is Voyager 1, at approximately 8.7 billion miles from the sun, has at last entered the heliosheath, the region beyond the termination shock." { Voyager Spacecraft Enters Solar System's Final Frontier }

Robotics::Race Across the Mojave Desert
The DARPA Grand Challenge is a 175-mile driverless race across the Mojave Desert. The event, which is scheduled for 08 October 2005, will "pit 20 robotic competitors on an unpredictable, obstacle-filled course." The first robot to complete the course in less than 10 hours wins $2 million. { Move Over, Herbie }

RFID::California Leary of RFID Usage
GDT likes to use the phrase "foo here, foo there, foo everywhere." In this case, replace "foo" with "RFID." In other words, "RFID here, RFID there, RFID everywhere;" however, California may not agree with "RFID everywhere." { California Throws Up RFID Roadblock }

TempeHiker::Standpipes and the Kirkland-McKinney Ditch
Standpipes at 13th and Ash
Kirkland-McKinney Ditch on 8th Street

[28 May 2005 (Memorial Day weekend is upon us; 81° at 8:37am) top]

Week Ending 21 May 2005

Computing::Eating and Computing
I've done a lot of eating (and drinking) over the keyboard; however, I can't recall any major accidents. If you acquire such a habit, then crumbs become your enemy. { Worst Foods To Eat Over a Keyboard }

Robotics::Dr. Robot
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine's Department of Otorhinolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, have completed two studies that demonstrate the "effective use of the daVinci Surgical Robotic System to perform Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery (TORS) which greatly reduces surgical trauma for patients." To date, testing has been done on mannequins and human cadavers. {ScienceDaily:: Penn Researchers Use Robotic Surgery }

RoadHacker::Tempe to Casa Grande via Gila Bend
I started Summer Break 2005 with a 200 mile one-day roadtrip to downtown Casa Grande. {RoadHacker:: Tempe to Gila Bend to Casa Grande to Tempe}

GDT::MOTD Version 23 Has Been Archived
GDT::MOTD::Archive:: Spring 2005

[21 May 2005 (a sunny and hot day in store; 79° at 5:35am) top]

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