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Week Ending 21 May 2004

Computing::My ACM and EFF Support Continues
I continue to support the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

   From Tue May 11 12:06:53 2004
   Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 15:06:19 -0400
   Subject: ACM Online Renewal

   Gerald D Thurman PROFESSIONAL      Client No: 5119052
   Order: 5545554      Date: 11-May-2004

   Memberships & Subscriptions

   Name:           Professional Membership                        
   Qty:            1   
   Line Total:     $99
   Amount Paid:    $99
   Amount Due:     $0

I renewed my Electronic Frontier Foundation membership via the U.S. post office mail and do not have an e-receipt. I'm looking forward to receiving a new EFF t-shirt that is given to all "Pioneer" members.

RoadHacker::Aborted San Diego to Tempe Roadtrip
First Intel cancels my cluster class, then National refuses to honor my car rental because I don't have a major credit card. On Monday, 17 May 2004 -- the first official day of Summer 2004 -- I flew to San Diego only to fly home an hour later. { Pictures From 30,000 Feet }

Stocks::America West 2004 Shareholders Meeting
I attended America West's 2004 Annual Shareholders Meeting on Thursday, 20 May 2004. America West is headquartered in Tempe -- my hometown -- and here are pictures of Tempe/ASU.

[21 May 2004 (1st week of Summer 2004 is over; sunny and breezy; 82° at 10:57am) top]

Week Ending 14 May 2004

EDU::Graduation Day
This AM I will be attending my daughter's graduation ceremony at ASU. Congratuations Bree! This evening I will attend my seventh SCC graduation ceremony. These events are always enjoyable, but sometimes they make me teary-eyed. Congratulations to all graduating students and in the words of Bob Dylan " may you stay forever young."

Speaks::About the Rising Cost of Gas (With Reference to Tuition)
The Spring 2004 semester ends with gas prices approximating $2.15 a gallon. Economists are expecting them to go up during the Summer 2004 break. Rising gas prices could spur inflation which in turn causes interest rates to rise. Bottom-line: Gas prices keep going up and up and up. {GDT::Speaks:: A Gas Moment [10 May 2004]}

RoadHacker::San Diego to Tempe
I had a class in San Diego cancelled on me and my airplane tickets are not refundable. Therefore, I am going to fly to San Diego, rent a car, and drive home to Tempe. Most of the drive will be off of Interstate 8 (I-8). { San Diego, CA, to Tempe, AZ}

[14 May 2004 (American beheaded by human-formed animals in Iraq; 63° at 5:27am) top]

AzFoo::Holiday:: Happy Mother's Day!

Week Ending 07 May 2004

GDT::DeadTeam::Seymour Cray
While writing this week's GDT::Computing::Bit bit about Cray, Inc. I learned that Seymour Cray died at the age of 71 during September of 1996. Seymour Cray was one of the fathers of supercomputing; therefore, I have added him to the GDT::DeadTeam. -- Special Report
Forbes has issued their 2004 report on the best places to do business. The top three metro areas are Madison, WI, Raleigh-Durham, NC and Austin, TX. Phoenix, AZ, ranked #26, while Tucson, AZ, came in at #30. The top three smaller metro areas are Sioux Falls, SD, Fargo, ND, and Iowa City, IA. { Best Places For Business}

EDU::Another Semester Comes To an End
Today was my last "official" day of lecture for the Spring 2004 semester. Next week Friday is graduation and then Spring 2004 will become Summer 2004. I start Summer 2004 on Monday, 17 May 2004, with a one-day road trip. Fly to San Diego, rent a car, and drive back to Phoenix. [I will bus from Phoenix to my home in Tempe.] I will be doing lots of Learning About Computing this summer.

[07 May 2004 (100° at my house at 3:33pm) top]

Week Ending 30 April 2004

Computing::Kim Polese Added To GDT::DreamTeam
Kim Polese is the Spring 2004 addition to the GDT::DreamTeam. Who is Kim Polese?

EDU::MCCCD To Raise Tuition Rates 7.8%
The Maricopa County Community College District has again raised tuition rates. This year the rise is 7.8% to $55 per credit hour. It cannot be forgotten that this year's 7.8% increase is applied to last year's 10.7% gouging.

Today (30 April 2004) the Arizona Republic supported the MCCCD tuition increase. They ended their editorial with the following: "The tuition increase was a prudent decision to maintain both opportunity and excellence." Those who have money (or are willing to assume debt) will maintain the opportunity to get an excellent education. Note: this excellence mentioned by the Arizona Republic is because of the MCCCD faculty: Tuitions rise 7.8%, yet faculty will probably get their token 1%-3% pay increase.

The Arizona Republic should remember that students face rising tuition costs on top of rising book costs and rising course fees. In addition, getting to/from campus is rising thanks to rising gas prices.

I've had to witness a Digital Divide most of my computing life; now I am concerned about experiencing an Educational Divide.

Foo::Chernobyl Becoming Popular
One of the MOTD postings from two weeks ago (16 April 2004) was a hyperlink to a story about one person's roadtrip through the Chernobyl dead zone. On 25 April 2004, a report was filed about how this area is becoming a popular tourist spot. { Tourists Flock To the Dead Zone of Chernobyl }

[30 April 2004 (another sunny day on tap; semester ends in 2 weeks... 65° at 5:43am) top]

Week Ending 23 April 2004

Computing::The Most Unwired Universities/Colleges
Intel corporation has published a survey of the top 100 unwired Universities and Colleges. Indiana, Purdue (also located in Indiana), and the University of Texas (at Austin) finished one, two, and three, respectively. ASU was the only Arizona school on the list at number forty-nine. { Most Unwired College Campuses}

Technology::Space Technology Hits the Slopes
Using skis stabilised by a mechanism originally developed for European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft, the aim is to reach an 255kmh down the slopes. { Space Technology Hits the Slopes}

Robotics::Unmanned Combat Air Systems (UCAS)
Under human supervision but without human piloting, a prototype of the Boeing Co.'s X-45 dropped a bomb while flying at 35,000ft at 442mph. Note: the bomb was inert (i.e. it lacked chemical or biological behavior). { X-45A Drops Inert Unguided Bomb}

[23 April 2004 (sunny with slight breeze... 73° at 12:01pm) top]

Week Ending 16 April 2004

Computing::Old IT Systems Partially to Blame for 911
Our country is currently wallowing around trying to place blame for the 911 attacks. I blame the terrorists because they are nothing more than rabid dogs, but I stray... The 911 Commission has been told that 911 can be partially blamed on the FBI's fooish computing practices.

   "Ashcroft says under his watch, the FBI has moved 
    forward in its implementation of new technology 
    systems. But his testimony contradicts that of 
    Acting FBI Director Thomas Pickard who told the 
    Commission that he asked Ashcroft for more money 
    to update the Bureau's counter-terrorism initiatives 
    -- including core I.T. needs. Pickard asserts that 
    Ashcroft said no."

Again, it appears as though the primary goal of the 911 Commission is to place blame for 911 instead of learning what America (and the world) can do to help prevent another 911 from occurring. I have no doubt that state-of-the-art computing systems will help make our world more secure, but they cannot guarantee security as long as rabid dogs in human-being form roam our planet. { 9/11 Blamed in Part on Outdated I.T. Systems }

Foo::The Dead Zone
GDT::Thank You to ErichS for sending me the following email message.

   Subject: Dead Zone

   Hi There GDT,

   I thought you might like perusing this brief travelog. Not
   unlike the idea that informs your own travel descriptions. 
   It is, however, extremely sad and moving. The author rides 
   her motorcycle through the Chernobyl area and tells a tragic
   story. Check out the link below.
{ Ghost Town}

RoadHacker::Joliet (and Plainfield), Illinois (Again)
Last weekend I visited Joliet and Plainfield, Illinois, to attend a family event. The visit resulted in an electic mix of short stories. { Joliet (and Plainfield), Illinois, During the Spring of 2004}

[16 April 2004 (yet another sunny, blue skied day... 64° at 8:12am) top]

Week Ending 09 April 2004

Computing::FlashMob Computing at USF
A couple of weeks ago the MOTD had a posting about a supercomputer flashmob scheduled to occur at the University of San Francisco. The event took place on 03 April 2004 and they ended up with over 700 participating computers. {}

RoadHacker::San Jose, California
I spent Tuesday and Wednesday of the week just ended in San Jose, California, attending the Cluster World Conference and Expo. I used public transportation to get around town. I don't know why, but I like San Jose. { directory listing of pictures}

Foo::Back to Joliet, Illinois
My sister's son (i.e. my nephew) has a new baby and I am returning to Joliet to attend a family gathering. It doesn't look like the weather is going to be much fun, but that is not the focus of this visit. My sister has some spots in Plainfield that are worthy of photographing and it is always good to see my mom and dad.

[09 April 2004 (I'm off to Illinois for family stuff... 67° at 5:06am) top]

Week Ending 02 April 2004

Computing::Andreessen Speaks About Open Source
Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape and current Chairman of Opsware (and GDT::DreamTeam member), recently was quoted in a Linux World story about Open Source. Andreessen gave twelve reasons for the growth of Open Source and here are six of them.

   "The Internet is powered by open source."
   "It's simply going to be more secure than proprietary software."
   "Open source benefits from anti-American sentiments."
   "Incentives around open source include the respect of one's peers."
   "Companies are increasingly supporting Linux."
   "It's free."

Andreessen's twelve reasons for the growth of Open Source will be discussed in more detail in a soon to be written GDT::Computing::Bit. { 12 Reasons for Growth of Open Source [source::Slashdot]}

Computing::Marimba a Good Place to Work
Congratulations to Marimba for being voted one of the 50 best places to work in the greater San Francisco area (this includes Silicon Valley). Marimba, a provider of products and services for software change and configuration management. is headquartered in Mountain View, California. { Release} [Note: I have decided that Kim Polese will be the Spring 2004 addition to the GDT::DreamTeam.]

Computing::Computing History Museum
I am looking forward to visiting the Computing History Museum during the Summer of 2005. The mission of the museum is to "preserve and present for posterity the artifacts and stories of the information age." {}

[02 April 2004 (rainy AM; I'm off to GCC for the Spring 2004 ATF meeting... 57° at 5:20am) top]

Week Ending 26 March 2004

Computing::As per Kurzweil... "Ultimately Robotics"
Ray Kurzweil tells us that the future is GNR (Genetic engineering, Nanotechnology, Robotics). Everyday I am see headlines announcing robots that do this and that. In nanoworld, these robots are called nanobots. { Robot Might Retrieve Hubble, Not Astronauts } Speaking of space, we should not forget about the space elevator. { Space Elevator: Next Floor, Mars [via Slashdot (28 Feb 2004)]}

Computing::The Internet is for Everyone
Declan McCullagh has filed a report on CNET about the United Nations and the discussions it is having with respect to the Internet. In a nutshell, the U.N. is concerned that Internet standards and Domain Name management are dominated by the U.S., Canada, Europe and Japan. The posting contains the following quote from Vinton Cerf. "There are many existing players in the Internet space. We should build on the foundation that they have created. Engineers have a saying, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'" { United Nations Ponders Net's Future } { 3271:: The Internet is for Everyone by Vinton Cerf.}

EDU::More About Tuition Rates
I was going to remain mute on tuitions this year, but I found that impossible when the Arizona Republic publicly supported the Maricopa community colleges desire to increase tuition rates. The Republic claims a 7.8% is a "relatively small tuition increase." I'm happy they consider 7.8% to be spare change, but their definition of small does not match mine. {GDT::Speaks:: MCCCD May Up Tuitions 7.8% in 2004}

[26 March 2004 (festival weekend... Tempe Arts and Az Beer... 63° at 7:55am) top]

Week Ending 19 March 2004

Computing::Kiddie Crackers are Dangerous
The United States of America has to do something about kiddie crackers. Criminals are found in all walks of life, but the Internet can be a special place especially if we could morph kiddie crackers into kiddie hackers. Here is a quote from an article on kiddie crackers.

"Consider the people and the medium. You've got a lot of adolescents, and young adults with minimal if any social life. The interaction is not going to be on the same level as people with broader social experience. Considering that, and the ability to cripple a medium-sized ISP, there's going to be relationship issues, especially when you throw the sparse quantity of girls into the mix." A Peek at Script Kiddie Culture

USLitter::Altamont Pass and Tamarisk Shoe Tree issued a Litter Alert at I-580 and the Altamont Pass. did a Litter Patrol at the Tamarisk Shoe Tree. More...

RoadHacker::San Jose, CA, to Tempe, AZ
I flew from Tempe, AZ, to San Jose, California, rented a car and drove back to Tempe. More...

[19 March 2004 (another sunny day in Tempe; Spring Break 2004 is over... 90° at 2:00pm) top]

Week Ending 12 March 2004

Computing::Flash Mob Computing
The University of San Francisco (USF) will be hosting a FlashMob on 03 April 2004. What's a FlashMob? It is a mob of hackers that are formed in a flash to create an "Instant Supercomputer." { Homepage} {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Flash Mobs [14 August 2003]}

Computing::Learning About RFID
RFID usage is increasing at a rapid rate. This is no surprise; however, given we are living in an insecure computing world, RFID usage must be done with care. Privacy is an issue. Our country's homeland security is an issue. Freedom is an issue. { Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems}

RoadHacker::First Work (hack), Then Play (roadtrip)
My Spring Break 2004 adventure will begin with a Sunday AM flight to San Jose, California. I will be learning about XML on Monday and then Tuesday-Thursday will be a one-way roadtrip from San Jose to Tempe. {GDT::Fun:: Spring Break 2004 Roadtrip Plan}

Let's end the week with a quote about work, play, and the "freedom of silence."

If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z,
then X is work, Y is play, Z is keep your mouth shut.

-- Albert Einstein (01879-01955) {German-born theoretical physicist; more...} [life]

[12 March 2004 (bright, sunny, blue skied Friday AM [Long Live Spain]... 48° at 7:45am) top]

Week Ending 05 March 2004

EDU::MCCCD To Speak With Students About Tuitions
The Maricopa County Community College District will be at SCC on Thursday, 11 March 2004, seeking inputs from students concerning their desire to increase tuition rates 7.8% to $55 per share. The meeting starts at 12:30pm in the Student Center and all students are welcomed to attend. { Student Leadership sign ... zoom}

Computing::That Smell, Can't You Smell that Smell {Lynyrd Skynyrd}
It has been awhile since we wrote about computing tools that emit smells. A Wired story about a NASA nasalnaut reminded me of a product called iSmell from late-2000. { MOTD::Archive::Fall, 2000}

It appears as though computing smells may be making a comeback. Email Tries Out a Sense of Smell

George Aldrich is a nasalnaut at NASA. The following quote comes from a March, 2004, Wired Magazine article.

"According to NASA procedure, an odor-testing panel must clear for launch everything from lab gear to astronauts' personal effects. Aldrich has smelled stuffed animals, cameras, film, grease, oil, tampons, toothpaste, aftershave, an IBM laptop, cosmonaut Alexander Lazutkin's photo album, and Disposable Absorption Containment Trunks (adult diapers for space walks)." One Small Sniff [via Slashdot, 03 March 2004]

EDU::Gates Tells Students To Study Computer Science
Bill Gates -- the Chairman of Microsoft -- has took a speaking tour where he visited university campuses to enlighten students about the exciting times awaiting our computing world. Bottom-line: This may be a great time to be a computer science major/minor. When asked what areas he would be studying, Gates cited artificial intelligence and computational biology. Gates Takes Case For Computer Science to Campuses

[05 March 2004 (cool storm last night into this AM that included hail {pics} ... 48° at 5:20am) top]

Week Ending 27 February 2004

EDU::MCCCD Considering $4 Tuition Rate Increase
The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) is considering increasing tuition rates 7.84% from $51 per credit hour to $55. Note: this is not official, however, economic conditions continue to make it easy for academic institutions to raise tuition rates. I am convinced that if and when good economic conditions return, we will not see tuition rates go down. [Note: this 7.8% will be on top of last year's 10.7% increase.]

Increased educational costs are usually accompanied by an increased pool of money that students can borrow in order to afford getting an education. I like how the dot-edu's are making it easy for students to learn about debt. reports that Cincinnati State Technical and Community College are partnering with Sallie Mae to provide students with paperless student loan application process.

GDT::Bit::Learning About Weather
Thanks to an excellent weather webpage provided by KevinO, I've updated GDT::Bit:: Learning About Weather. {Who is KevinO?}

RoadHacker::New Domain Name --
I have finally registered the domain name. I consider myself a hacker who likes to take roadtrips. The following is a copy of the confirmation I received from concerning registration of my new domain name.

   Dear Customer,

   This is an automatic confirmation for the creation of the domain you
   just bought from Gandi :


   Your domain name has been registered without error. Notice that it
   will take some time (between *24 to 72 hours*) for your domain (and
   possibly your email and web redirections) to be fully accessible from
   everywhere in the world. Road Trip Information From a Hacker

[27 February 2004 (early posting -- still dark outside... 57° at 5:30am) top]

Week Ending 20 February 2004

Computing::Microsoft's Just-Bad-Enough Windows Source Code is on the Net
Microsoft has confirmed that some of their operating system source code has found its way onto the Internet. There are many who are concerned that this will cause a potential flood of Microsoft exploits and it appears as if there will be at least one crack. { Exploit Based on Leaked Windows Code Released}

Computing::From Robotic Receptionists to Robotic Bloggers
Last week's MOTD posting included a hyperlink to a CNN posting about scientists creating stuff that is similar to skin. This week we learn about Carnegie Mellon University's newest staff member named "Valerie." {}

FoodHacker and RoadHacker Hackings
[FoodHacker] I made a tater-tot casserole the other day and took pictures of the finished product. Those pictures have been to the recipe's webpage. { Tater Tot Casserole}

[RoadHacker] On Presidents' Day 2004 I took a one-day, 391 mile, roadtrip via US Hwy-60 to Alamo Lake State Park, Wickenburg, and Lake Pleasant Regional Park. { Presidents' Day 2004 Roadtrip Report}

[20 February 2004 (a Friday full of meetings; looks like rain... 63° at 5:15pm) top]

Presidents' Day     {one-day roadtrip}
Happy Birthday Arizona!     { Boo to Valentine's Day}

Week Ending 13 February 2004

Wikipedia::The Free Encyclopedia
Time and time the Wikipedia proves to be a useful resource. It is nice to see that continues to get bigger and bigger. Wikipedia Reaches 200,000 Articles [02 February 2004]

Nanoworld::Genetic Engineering, Nanotechnology, Robotics
The following definition of a robot was copied from

"In practical usage, a robot is a mechanical device which performs automated tasks, either according to direct human supervision, a pre-defined program or, a set of general guidelines, using artificial intelligence techniques. These tasks either replace or enhance human work, such as in manufacturing, construction or manipulation of heavy or hazardous materials. 

Robotics is the scientific inter-disciplinary study of robots. How to create them, control them, and destroy them.

There are many computing gurus who believe that someday it will be impossible for a human-being to tell if another object is a human-being or robot. If a robot can be made to look human, then these gurus may be correct. { Giving Robots a Human Face}

Calendar::Today is a Friday the 13th
Today is the first of two Friday the 13ths this year. The next one occurs in August, 2004. 2005 has only one Friday the 13th and that occurs in May. Here is a C program the takes a year as an argument and prints all the Friday the 13ths that occur during that year.

[13 February 2004 (a cool, bright and sunny day... 60° at 4:10pm) top]

Week Ending 06 February 2004

Calendar::February 2004 Has Five Sundays
This year (2004) the month of February has five Sundays. This occurs only when the current year is a leap year (which 2004 is) and the first day of February falls on a Sunday (which is does). The next February having five Sundays will occur in the year 2032. Detroit Free Press

Education::Text Books Costs are Too High Ripoff 101 Students will spend an average of $898 per year on textbooks in 2003-04, based on surveys of University of California (UC) students in the fall of 2003.

FoodHacker::A Hotdog Recipe from Ethel, Missouri
A hotdog recipe from the cookbook "A Century of Good Eating" that was published in 1988 to celebrate the 100th birthday of Ethel, Missouri. { Hotdogs}

[06 February 2004 (Arizona is a great state located in a great country... 66° at 4:10pm) top]

Week Ending 30 January 2004

Computing::Microsoft and United Nations To Partner
Microsoft and the United Nations Development Program are going to "build technology training centers in developing countries. Microsoft will provide cash, develop curriculum and training and donate software to promote computer literacy." Computer literacy can be defined many ways, but learning about Microsoft products is not a valid definition. Microsoft, U.N. Team Upon Tech

Computing::Microsoft Says 'Clicking Hyperlinks is Dangerous'
Microsoft's solution for fixing their just-bad-enough browser and email client programs is to instruct users to avoid clicking on hyperlinks. I thought the power of the WWW was the hyperlink. I'm a computing quack.

According to Microsoft, the hyperlink is evil and only illiterate computer users click them. I refuse to allow the true power of the WWW (and the Internet) to be VBScript and JScript combined with Microsoft's just-bad-enough products.

Here are couple of quotes copied from the website.

   "Do not click any hyperlinks that you do not trust. 
    Type them in the Address bar yourself."

   "The most effective step that you can take to help 
    protect yourself from malicious hyperlinks is not 
    to click them."

I want to Thank Microsoft for the dot-edu fodder and CPSR material. Microsoft Advises to Type in URLs Rather than Click [30 January 2004]

Community::The Litter Cans of Tempe Town Lake
The president of Scottsdale Community College consistently reminds us that "Community is our middle name." I am a litter man who lives in Tempe and works in Scottsdale. Thanks to litter, the city of Tempe has some muralized litter cans that were painted by SCC students. I think they painted a total of 13 cans, but I have only a handful of pictures. The Litter Cans of Tempe Town Lake. Thank You to the Art Department at SCC for their time and excellent efforts.

[30 January 2004 (FLOSS: Free/Libre and Open Source Software... 45° at 8:15am) top]

Week Ending 23 January 2004

Education::They Will Ponder It, Then They Will Do It
On Thursday, 22 January 2004, the front-page of the Arizona Republic's Local section read as follows: "Regents to ponder fee hikes." My experience tells me that the regents will do some serious pondering, then they will go ahead and make it even more expensive to get a college education.

Nanoworld::Learning About Space
The Spirit is roving the planet Mars (although it is currently experiencing operating difficulties). President George W. Bush wants the USA to have a permanent presence on our moon and he wants to put a human-being on Mars. Space is a 21st Century reality and to help us learn about space we can visit the SCC Planetarium located on room PS-178N. Shows are 4:00 - 4:45pm. Reservations can be made for the 07 February and 21 February shows by calling Professor Steven Mutz at 480.423.6122 or emailing him at

Foo::In Case of Fire, Call a Football Coach
Last Friday I compared the salary of the new Arizona Cardinals football coach to that of a high-paid community college professor. I recommended that people avoid the teaching profession and instead become a football coach.

This Friday, Arizona Republic Community Columnist, Chuck Walheim, wrote the following.

   "I see that Dennis Green, the new Cardinal
    football coach, is going to make $2.5 million
    a year to coach a bunch of crybaby football
    players.  We pay entry-level firemen $35,000
    a year.  The next time your house is on fire,
    try calling Dennis or one of his players."

If you pick being a football coach over being a teacher, then be prepared to play the role of a fireperson.

RoadHacker::The Joliet, Lockport, Plainfield Triangle
I allocated the MLK long-weekend to visiting my parents in Joliet, Illinois. I was born in Joliet, but I never cared about Joliet and I never took time to learn anything about it. These days I like Joliet.

[23 January 2004 (1st week of classes comes to an end... 60° at 10:43am) top]

Week Ending 16 January 2004

SCC::The Spring 2004 Semester Begins
Welcome to Scottsdale Community College (SCC) located in Scottsdale, Arizona. SCC is a great school and I hope all students have a rewarding learning experience. It is with honor that I get to introduce you to SCC's mascot Artie Artichoke.

SCC::CSC Enrollments At SCC Approaching Zero
Both the academic and continuing education CSC pathways are experiencing near zero enrollments. There are many factors contributing to this reality and my employer is interested in finding out what is wrong. The MCCCD is a dot-edu, but with respect to CSC they need to start thinking more like a dot-com. The Spring 2004 semester starts with only 33 students enrolled in CSC courses. I started teaching the Fall of 1997 and for the first time I have had to do a math class in order to satisfy my contractual obligations.

Foo::Want to make lots of money? Become a football coach.
The Arizona Cardinals have signed somebody named Dennis Green to a 5-year contract worth approximately $12.5 million (i.e. $12,500,000) to coach a football team. A Maricopa County Community College District professor who has a Ph.D. and is at the top step of the salary scale (which is only reached after many years of teaching) has a 9-month salary of $79,676, which is equivalent to a 12-month salary of approximately $106,000. In other words, football coach makes $2.5 million per year versus $0.1 million for a college professor. If you want to become rich, then don't become a teacher. Note: The salaries of MCCCD employees is public data: Salary Schedules 2003-2004.

[16 January 2004 (I'm off to Chicago to see mom and dad... 73° at 2:38pm) top]

Week Ending 09 January 2004

SCC::I'm Back At Work (i.e. School)
I just returned from attending the MCCCD 2004 Faculty Convocation. The new Chancellor (Rufus Glasper) spoke, but said nothing. The keynote speaker -- Kenneth Wesson -- did offer up the following quote.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift; that's why it's called the present.
-- Unknown Source {given at the 2004 MCCCD Faculty Convocation}

Nanoworld::U.S. Space Program Returning to Life
President George W. Bush has announced that he wants to send Americans to Mars and establish a permanent human presence on the moon. U.S. eyes return to the moon.

The following quote has been added to the GDT::Quotes collection.

It's a glorious crater. We have hit what the science team believes is the scientific sweet spot.
-- Steve Squyres {chief investigator for the Mars Exploration Rover Mission}

RoadHacker::Southern Arizona is Cool
My son, Tyler, and I just completed a 914 mile, 3 day/2 night road trip around southern Arizona. Here is a road trip report.

[09 January 2004 (my Spring 2004 has started... sunny and warm 79° at 1:13pm) top]

Week Ending 02 January 2004

Foo::Happy New Year 02004
Year number four of the 21st Century is now in progress. I used the Unix at command to send a Happy New Year email message to the [CSZero] mailing-list and it ended up time-stamped Thu, 1 Jan 2004 00:00:01.

RoadHacker::Top of the World, Arizona
On Monday, 29 December 2003, I did a one-day, 134 mile, road trip to Top of the World, Arizona.

RoadHacker::On the Road Again
Tyler and I will be doing a 3 day/2 night road trip through southern Arizona starting on Monday, 05 January 2004.

[02 January 2004 (sunny start to the new year... 68° at 2:08pm) top]

AzFoo::Holiday:: Happy New Year!

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