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Kudos to Bill Nye

"We need scientific literate voters and taxpayers for the future. We need people that can be engineers that can build stuff, solve problems." -- Bill Nye

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Self-Driving Cars--I Want One

I like getting The Economist every Saturday in the mail. I especially like those issues that contain the "Technology Quarterly." The lead story on 1 September 02012: "Look, no hands... Self-driving cars are just around the corner".

A posting without a hyperlink is... a posting without a hyperlink; however, the power of the web is the hyperlink, so here's a hyperlink.

Last Friday (8/31/02012) the California Senate passed legislation requiring CA's DMV to create rules for autonmous vehicles. CA gov. Jerry Brown is expected to sign the bill into law.

How does California define "autonomous vehicle"? "A motor vehicle that uses computers, sensors, and other technology and devices that enable the vehicle to safely operate without the active control and continuous monitoring of a human operator."

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Almost Cut My Hair Beard...

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Facebook Posting on 31 August 02012

I thought the exact same thing [tech innovation has stalled] when a student started sharpening his pencil using the classroom's pencil sharpener. I still think pencils are an okay technology for the 21st century (the power of graphene is beyond belief), but I think the classroom sharpener was born in the mid-1900s. The following was an @nanofoo re-tweet from one year ago today.

   RT @declanm: Peter Thiel thinks tech #innovation has 'stalled' via @cnet @peterthiel

[comment] "Anybody today who talks about space jets and lunar vacations and flying cars is someone who's probably coming from another planet." -- Peter Thiel

[comment] Somebody posted an anti-Thiel comment.

[comment] There's a lot of people who have a strong dislike for Peter Thiel and I agree, to an extent, with your assessment of him. I'm not a Thiel zealot, but I like following him because he has ideas that make me stop and ponder stuff.

[comment] According to, "The A. B. Dick Planetary Pencil Pointer was patented in 1896." I think the classroom pencil sharpener is a plantetary-type. In the SCC math classrooms, the following are true: (a) It's impossible to sharpen a pencil without everybody in the room knowing it. (b) It's almost impossible to sharpen a pencil without the adjacent room knowing it. (c) Without experience, it's almost impossible to sharpen a pencil without the sharpener eating at least a 1/4th of the pencil.

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Neil Armstrong is Dead

Neil Armstrong died at that age of 82 on 25 August 02012. It's easier to get to Craters of the Moon National Monument than it is to Earth's Moon.

I visited Craters of the Moon National Monument in 01998 and again in 02004.

Saturday, 8/25, was a "walking on the moon" day for me. Early in the morning I got caught up watching Neil Cavuto's Common Sense segments. Neil's Common Sense on 8/22 was titled: "Eugene Cernan is my hero." The name Eugene Cernan meant nothing to me, but it turns out Cernan is the last person to walk on the Moon. Later on Saturday I learned Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the Moon, had died.

[update::01 September 02012] GDT::Quotes::Collection::Neil Armstrong was created on 30 August 02012.

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Year Old Tweets

The following are tweets tweeted by @nanofoo on 13 August 02011.

   #Future... the state of... RT @rfurlan The State of the Future

   #Jobs (not Steve) "Where The Jobs Are Going To Be In America" via @forbes

   #robotics RT @IEET Robots are being created that can think, act, 
   and relate to humans. Are we ready for them?

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13 August 02012

This is the 46th edition of the MOTD. The Summer 2012 MOTD has been added to the MOTD archive.

The MOTD blog was named after the /etc/motd file used on Unix systems. Unix systems are multi-user systems and SysAdmins use the /etc/motd file to communicate messages to users upon log in.

I should let the MOTD die, but I can't. This 15-year-old blog could be deleted using one command-line: rm -rf $motd

The MOTD suffers from a severe case of linkrot (i.e. broken hyperlinks), but from day one the MOTD was considered a WORM (Write Once Read Many) resource. What you read on the MOTD is what I posted and the linkrot provides a picture of just how much the WWW has changed over the last 15 years.

During the Summer 2012 MOTD, I posted 44 times to my Stocks::Stuffer blog at, 12 times to my Yottagoo blog at, and three times to my AzFoo blog at 33 quotes were added to GDT::Quotes. 87 BABs were posted.

Twitter data on 13 August 02012.

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