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MOTD: Message Of The Decade?

I noticed that the last MOTD posting was on 29 October 2011. The following was something that I considered posting during October, but never did. Only Thing John Wooden Ever Created

The McGraw-Hill posted prompted me to add the following two John Wooden quotes to GDT::Quotes during October of 2011.

You cannot be at your best without enthusiasm.


Your enthusiasm and energy - bubbling over - transform
work into a joyous and irresistible endeavor.

[18 December 2011 (it's rain this AM; 51° at 8:26am) top]

Rare Night Out

We went to downtown Phoenix last night (02011.10.28) and had to walk past the #OccupyPhoenix protest. They were shouting stuff, so I shouted back... Buy stock in iParty! Buy stock in Geeknet!

Went to a Louis C.K. show. A former student came up and said hello to me, but I had no memory of them. People stood in long lines to buy pricey drinks (e.g. large Budweiser from a can was $12). Mr. C.K. joked for about 90 minutes, but our entertainment was extended by an hour because we used the light rail to get to/from the show.

Being in downtown Phoenix on a Friday night with perfect weather was weird--there were people, but not that many given Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the U.S.A.

I was asked how many people were at the #OccupyPhoenix protest and I responded with the following: It was hard to say, but it wasn't many. I'll be generous and say #OccupyPhoenix had about 50 people. The #OccupyComericaTheater gathering had about 4,000 people. [p.s. Comerica Bank owns the naming rights to the building that is the Comerica Theater.]

[29 October 2011 (rare night out; 56° at 6:45am) top]

Facebook Status Update on 27 October 02011

Pew Research has reported that 28% of Americans don't know the name of their neighbors. Now that I think about it our house (which is a "very, very, very fine house") is surrounded by non-vacant houses. Wow! We have neighbors.

I grew up in a neighborhood and knew the names of our neighbors. Seems like something that should be missed, but I don't miss it.

This has been floating around Facebook... If you were raised on Hee Haw, only watched cartoons on Saturday morning, played in the dirt, got your butt spanked, had a rotary phone, had 5 TV channels, school started with a prayer and the "pledge", had a bedtime, rode on the front of a friends bike, drank out of a hose, recorded the top 40 from radio on cassette tapes, played in the street after it rained, rode your bike all day without a helmet, this & remember the good times...

P.S. I have only one memory of getting my butt spanked. My public school didn't start the day off with a prayer but we did say the "pledge." Our front yard had a drainage ditch and it was fun to play in it after it rained. There were times when I rode the bike standing up because there was one kid on the handle bars and another kid sitting on the bike seat (and we were all helmet-less). Drinking from the hose... yum!

[28 October 2011 (week #10 has come to an end; 52° at 6:36am) top]

Facebook Postings: 9/11/02011 to 9/18/02011

Brenna and Hayden came over to play yesterday and they had fun looking over our floor level bookshelf. Brenna (age ~2.13) picked out a book and kerplunked into my lap so we could read it together. Brenna's pick? Neal Stephenson's In the Beginning... Was the Command Line. 02011.09.18]

[comment] BTW... I successfully convinced Brenna that we read The Gas We Pass: The Story of Farts instead. She liked it! Brings The Johnny Cash Project to Chrome 02011.09.18]

[comment] Sing this to "I Walk The Line"...

	I keep a close watch on these slopes of mine... 
	I keep my intercepts labeled all the time... 
	I keep the points for a function as it binds... 
	Because it's assigned, I find the line.

I always have fun when I visit Eduardo A Haramina (a.k.a. Ed The Hotdogger). { The Hotdogger on 15 September 2011} 02011.09.17]

[comment::Eduardo A Haramina] Thurman, after seeing the great pictures that you posted there will be always a "chicago style" Superdogger waiting for your arrival !!

A few years ago the Arizona government passed a law requiring all public classrooms in Arizona have a copy of the Constitution. To date, I've never seen a student looking at the Constitution posters found in the classrooms at SCC (and I do point them out at least once during the semester). { House Rock Preamble} 02011.09.17]

17 September 02011: It's Constitution Day in the United States and Software Freedom Day around the world. {SoftwareFreedomDay.orgSoftware Freedom Day - SFD Home 02011.09.17]}

[comment] RMS singing the Free Software Song... { Stallman - Free Software Song}

It's Friday, so that means it's time to pick next week's QotW. When it comes to the QotW, the Gordon Ramsay in me screams... Shut it down! 02011.09.16]}

[comment] I'm going to pick a quote related to Constitution Day.

[comment] My quote collection contains only one quote containing the word "constitution" and it is next week's quote: "The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself." -- Benjamin Franklin

Quoting self... Seriously, it's too bad you must be serious to be taken seriously. 02011.09.15]}

Google Gravity is sort of like playing with bubble wrap. 02011.09.15]}

[comment] Click on links... do searches... and watch your screens collapse. { Gravity}

I'm going to introduce "Intro to CS" students to John von Neumann on Thursday. Von Neumann died 109 days before I was born, yet during the first minute of the attached video clip he sounds as if he's talking in 02011. { Von Neumann Interview} 02011.09.13]

Age is just a number e.g. The CEO of Geeknet Inc. (GKNT) is 75 years of age. Geeknet owns Slashdot, SourceForge, Freshmeat and ThinkGeek. Yesterday, Geeknet announced they hired a 66-year-old to be the new CEO of ThinkGeek Inc. 02011.09.13]

I'm a sucker for catchy titles/headlines/subject-lines. {$300M To Save 6 Milliseconds - Slashdot} 02011.09.13]

[comment] Two comments... (1) This is a good "time is money" example. (2) When covering the metric system, I like to say the following... There are some applications where a nanosecond is considered a huge chunk of time.

QotW for week #4: "All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone." -- Blaise Pascal (01623-01662) 02011.09.12]}

[comment] I like how this quote is at least 350 years old. It would be interesting to see what Pascal had to say about actual life in the 21st century. Pascal lived only 39 years. I've lived 15 years (and county) longer than Pascal did.

Twitter continues to be one of my most useful Internet-based tools. From a couple of years ago... Student: "Why didn't you create Twitter?" It's been one of the best questions I've ever been asked. { hundred million voices} 02011.09.12]

Power of the Internet e.g. Flanny's Bar and Grill posted this to their FB wall: "New Belgium Lips of Faith Clutch now on tap!" Never had this beer before, so that meant Google time. Read about Clutch and went to Flanny's. { - New Belgium Brewing} 02011.09.11]

Today (Sept. 11th) is my sister's birthday (yes, 9/11). If she has a party, then I hope she remembers that it's "her party and she can cry if she wants to." 02011.09.11]

AzFoo::Freedom Quote Giver (formerly FreedomQuoteGiver.US) 02011.09.11]

[18 September 2011 (week #5 starts tomorrow; 95° at 12:14pm) top]

Facebook Postings: 9/1/02011 to 9/10/02011

The DJIA provided at least four Pi moments yesterday and I used Google Buzz to blog about it. { Pi Moment (GOOG up $3.14)} [02011.09.10]

Smartest Machine on Earth airs Wednesday, 14 Sep 02011 (9:00pm MST). { | Smartest Machine on Earth} [02011.09.10]

I have classes Monday through Thursday. September has five Fridays and each Friday had/has a meeting scheduled. I was bummed to see that October has five Fridays (and one of them already has a meeting scheduled). Thanks to Veterans Day and Thanksgiving, there can be only two Friday meetings in November. [02011.09.10]

Read the text of Obama's American Jobs Act speech this morning and came across the following oxymoron: "simple math." [02011.09.09]

[comment] "This isn't political grandstanding. This isn't class warfare. This is simple math." -- Barack Obama

[comment] Hello Doc. Since we've both read the book... Simple math, especially when it is not simple, is "proofiness."

SCC's former nano professor sent this to me. { Nano Techno} [02011.09.09]

Southern California's power outage reminds me of when I went into work one night and downloaded new software to all of the Discount Tire stores. The next morning none of the stores could get their systems started. Store Support was swamped with calls. Miraculously, I wasn't fired. [02011.09.09]

[comment] My error had to do with a single bit setting. End of Day processing set a bit to 1. Successful Off-Hours processing set the bit to 0. Start of Day processing was prohibited if the bit was a 1 and it required a phone call to the Store Suppor...t group for troubleshooting. When I wrote the install script for the software update, I forget to insert a command to set this bit to 0; consequently, none of the stores could do Start of Day processing because the bit was a 1.

Dealt with some large numbers yesterday during class and had to use scientific notation. Quoting self: I ain't no scientist, but I think scientists use scientific notation. [02011.09.08]

While writing about the U.S.P.S., Kim Bhasin offered up the following catch-22: "It must survive to be able to change, and it must change to survive." [02011.09.07]

QotW for week #3: "In fact, there is no reason why mental as well as bodily labor should not be economized by the aid of machinery." -- Charles Babbage (01791-01871) Despite being dead almost Max_Tweet_Length (140) years, Babbage is still considered the "father of the computer." [02011.09.06]

I like #13: "Done is the engine of more." { Pettis | I Make Things - Bre Pettis Blog - The Cult of Done Manifesto} [02011.09.06]

Today (Sept. 5th) is my mom's (Betty) birthday. Betty doesn't do Facebook. In fact, I'm pretty sure she has never clicked a computer mouse. Number moment... I'm 54 and it was 54 days after Betty was born that Wall Street crashed (29 October 01929) and the Great Depression began. [02011.09.05]

[comment] Hmm... My mom has lived through the Great Depression and the so called "worst recession since the Great Depression." Kudos to Betty!

[comment] I just found out that Freddie Mercury was also born on September 5th. My mom turned 17 on the same day Freddie popped out of his mother's womb. { Celebrates Freddie Mercury's 65th Birthday With Google Logo}

[comment] A 1-2-3 number moment... My mom was 1-times 3^3 when I was born. When I turned 2-times 3^3, my mom was 3-times 3^3.

Today (Sept. 5th) is Labor Day. The U.S. Dept. of Labor's annual budget for FY 02010: $104,500,000,000. [see] [02011.09.05]

[comment] Approximately 144 million Americans pay income taxes; therefore, the U.S. Dept. of Labor is costing the individual taxpayer ~$725 per year.

Reflecting on the first two weeks of the fall 02011 semester... There were numerous times I expected the wow factor to be greater than one, but it ended up being one. These moments are like a hard punch to the stomach. Luckily, over time, I have developed abs of steel when it comes to these type of punches. [02011.09.04]

The QotW is usually selected by now, but I'm laboring over picking a quote that contains the word "labor." Earlier today I added the following Aristotle quote to my collection: "The end of labor is to gain leisure." But I'm not sure it's going to be the QotW for week #3. [02011.09.03]

I took a peek at the stocks and the screen had no green. 33 stocks: 10 unchanged (black), 23 down (red) and 0 up (green). I wondered why & found this headline on AUGUST JOBS: ZERO (note: CNN used all upper-case) ... LoL (Lumps of Labor) [02011.09.02]

I know, it all depends on how you define "fun." I had fun using the number line to help explain why I picked this week's QotW: "The infinite is in the finite of every infinitesimal moment of time." [02011.09.01]

Once again we will not be attending Burning Man. { Man will be burnt again this weekend. Twelve years...} [02011.09.01]

[18 September 2011 (it's the dog days of summer; 92° at 11:18am) top]

28 August 2011

The Summer 2011 MOTD has been added to the MOTD archive.

The following was my Facebook status update on 28 August 2011.

   This morning I created the 43rd edition of my MOTD (Message Of The Day). 
   The MOTD is a blog that I created during the fall of 01997. There are 
   three MOTD editions per year: spring, summer, fall. These days the 'D' 
   in MOTD is morphing from "day" into "decade" because of the way I'm 
   using Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Note: I'm using 5-digit years on Facebook and Google+.

The MOTD blog was named after the /etc/motd file used on Unix systems. Unix systems are multi-user systems and SysAdmins use the /etc/motd file to communicate messages to users upon log in.

I should let the MOTD die, but I can't. This 14-year-old blog could be deleted using one command-line: rm -rf $motd

The MOTD suffers from a severe case of linkrot (i.e. broken hyperlinks), but from day one the MOTD was considered a WORM (Write Once Read Many) resource. What you read on the MOTD is what I posted and the linkrot provides a picture of just how much the WWW has changed over the last 14 years.

[28 August 2011 (1st week of classes are over; 87° at 6:50am) top]

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