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13 December 2010

I'm still trying to figure out @nanofoo's tweeting practices. On 12 December 2010, I decided to have nooner tweets. Nooner tweets are link-free tweets tweeted at high-noon that are basically me ranting in 140 characters or less. The following are the nooners for the week of December 12-18.
   Duh! AP headline: "Poll: Public Blames [College] Grad Rates 
   on College Students" #EdReform 
   [Sunday, 2010.12.12]

   Those boycotting Arizona over SB1070 should also boycott the 
   schools going to AZ to play college football. AZ badly needs 
   visitor $$$. #rant 
   [Monday, 2010.12.13]

   #AmericanExceptionalism: 21st century Americans are exceptionally 
   good at electing 18th century political dinosaurs. #rant
   [Tuesday, 2010.12.14]

   I joined #StudentsFirst (no $$$ donation, yet). Me: First 
   thing we should do for students is abolish the U.S. Dept. 
   of Education. #EdReform 
   [Wednesday, 2010.12.15]

   It seems as if some educators hate Bill Gates. Why? Maybe because
   we know we can be replaced by a website/robot. #EdReform #rant 
   [Thursday, 2010.12.16]

   #ArizonaStateUniversity basketball games are poorly attended. 
   Smart students? ASU reduced arena capacity to remove empty seats.
   [Friday, 2010.12.17]

   Learning about the #future gives one a chance to experience 
   the future without having to wait for the future. #patience
   [Saturday, 2010.12.18]

[12 December 2010 (so much good stuff is happening; 63° at 9:17am) top]

25 November 2010

The 'D' In MOTD
Sometimes I think the 'D' in MOTD stands for Decade, but it doesn't--it still stands for Day. It is my hope that I will start updating the MOTD on a daily basis, but I need to write some code to support doing that.

Today is Thanksgiving and that's nice. I'm not a fan of holidays, but Thanksgiving is my favorite. On Thanksgiving 2010, four of the 1021 quotes in the GDT::Quote collection were related to Thanksgiving.

There is one day that is ours. Thanksgiving Day
is the one day that is purely American.

-- O. Henry (01862-01910) {American writer William Potter; more...} [Thanksgiving]

An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day.
-- Irv Kupcinet (01912-02003) {American newspaper columnist (Chicago); more...} [Thanksgiving]

Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday. People travel thousands
of miles to be with people they only see once a year. And then
discover once a year is way too often.

-- Johnny Carson (01925-02005) {American TV host/comedian; more...} [Thanksgiving]

Thanksgiving is not an anachronism whose time is past. It is much
more than a holiday to celebrate a meal shared between the Pilgrims
and Native Americans. It is a time to reflect and be thankful for
what we have--not for what we cherish, desire or envy.

-- Ted Nugent (01948-) {American rock'n roller; more...} [Thanksgiving]

Bree's Birthday
Today my daughter Bree turned 29 years of age. She's sensitive about nearing 30, but in units of scores she is still in her ones (i.e. 1 score and 9 years). I remember when Bree was born and that is a day that I will be thankful for.

[25 November 2010 (Thanksgiving Day; 51° at 9:05am) top]

11 November 2010 -- Spaceport America

Spaceport America has opened and here is a roadtrip for visiting it.

   Tempe to The Thing, Willcox, Deming NM. [night one]

   Hillsboro, Truth or Consequences, Spaceport America,
   Hatch, Las Cruces, Deming. [night two]

   Lordsburg, Stafford, Globe, Superior, Tempe. America, New Mexico

[11 November 2010 (Veteran's Day; 45° at 3:56am) top]

13 September 2010 -- Some Old Facebook Status Updates

Classroom moment from earlier this week... I finished doing a problem and asked if there were any questions. Student asked: Do you shampoo your beard?

"In the past it was cocaine, it was PCP, it was marijuana. Now we're into this prescription drug era." -- Chuck Hayes of International Association of Chiefs of Police. Here a drug store, there a drug store, every where a drug store.

Just added to my quote collection: "School is an instiution built on the axiom that learning is the result of teaching." -- Ivan Illich

Bummer. A book I want is $25.95+9.1% tax at Changing Hands Bookstore (& they have to order it). It's in-stock at for $17.13+$3.99 shipping. I want to buy local, but the difference between $28.31 & $21.12 is a couple of beers.

"I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them." -- E.V. Lucas #quote

I like acronyms and BEST PRACTICES is a good one. H.R. 5777 is the "Building Effective Strategies To Promote Responsibility Accountability Choice Transparency Innovation Consumer Expectations and Safeguards Act" (i.e. the BEST PRACTICES Act).

I did not make this bullfoo up...

I came across a Zen proverb that might be the first QOTW (Quote Of The Week) for the Fall 02010 semester... "The infinite is in the finite of every instant."

While standing in line to board a PDX to PHX flight, Kathleen pointed out that the guy in front of us had a Discount Tire backpack. I tapped him on the shoulder and showed him my Discount Tire backpack from 1996. Disneyland was right... "It's a small world (after all)."

The Maricopa Community Colleges are in a project called Getting AHEAD (Access to Higher Education And Degree). My initial thought... great acronym!

I was looking at a map of Oregon and noticed a dot for Idiotville. According to the Wikipedia (thus it must be true), Idiotville is a ghost town located in the Tillamook State Forest.

If software makes you feel stupid, then it's probably bad software. In a nutshell: Our computing world is dominated by bad software that's just good enough.

Tarballs are in the news these days. I started encountering (and using) tarballs 30 years ago.

I like Jon Stewart, but he needs to be careful that he doesn't become too dependent on Fox News. I suspect Fox News wishes The Daily Show was an hour long.

Went grocery shopping yesterday. The young bagger did a great job and I said to him, "I hope you didn't squeeze our Charmin." With a quizzical look he responded, "What?"

Hmm... Kirk Gibson (manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks) and I were born on the same day. I wonder who popped out first...

My dad never said it me, nor did I say it to my kids, but... "Son, if you ever need a helping hand, there's one at the end of your arm."

I find it frustrating when computer systems dictate business practices to the point where satisifactory customer service is impossible. Worker to customer: I wish I could do that sir, but the computer won't let me.

I run Ubuntu GNU/Linux on my home computer and I knock on wood everytime a reboot is required after installing updates. I had to reboot this AM and to date (knock on wood) zero failures. In a nutshell: I like Ubuntu ("the essence of being human").

Yet another Twitter moment. Immediately after I tweeted "Cute acronym from San Diego: PLAGUE (Prevent Los Angeles Gridlock Usurping Environment)", I received an email saying "The plague (TheRealPlague) is now following your tweets on Twitter."

Saw a guy on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach wearing a t-shirt that read: fuck Google, ask me. My version of this t-shirt would read: foo me, ask Google.

American Road magazine has printed a "Guide to the Galaxy." WTFoo?!?! I can't believe missed seeing the UFO water tower when I visited Ogallala, NE.

Citrus probably isn't worthy of being one of Arizona's five C's... Climate, Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Casinos.

I read that Greg Allman had a liver transplant. I've listened to a lot of Allman over the years, so I hope his new liver (his doctor says he has a "favorable genotype") let's him recoup some of that "high cost of low living..."

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28 August 2010

[Facebook link on 2010.08.28] Can't have too many t-shirts...
   I let 'randomly' pick five t-shirts for 
   me and I have a complaint: I got two of the same t-shirt. 
   Granted, 'randomness' dictates that this can happen, but 
   I think ThinkGeek's random t-shirt picker should ensure 
   against duplicates.

ThurmSpeaks::About My Randomly Selected ThinkGeek T-Shirts

[Facebook status on 2010.08.28] QOTW (Quote Of The Week) for week #2 has been picked... "Is it hard? Not if you have the right attitudes. It's having the right attitudes that's hard."--Robert Pirsig

[@nanofoo 4:20am tweet on 2010.08.28] RT @BobMetcalfe We are inflating an INNOVATION BUBBLE. Politicians are touting innovation. Soon some politician will invent innovation.

[28 August 2010 (looks like rain; 78° at 6:16am) top]

I Need to Keep the MOTD Alive

The 'D' in MOTD doesn't stand for "Decade," but it sure doesn't stand for "Day" either.
   "I should have been posting [on his blog] all along. Had I 
    been doing so I'd have something to show for it. A record 
    of my life for the last few years at the very least. But 
    I ignored my blog and ran off with the sexy, shiny microblogs."
    -- Leo Laporte via Paul Carr via

Heck, I need to keep all of my blogs alive and current.

[27 August 2010 (I need to keep the MOTD alive; 90° at 8:41am) top]

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