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Week Ending 31 December 2005

Computing::A Movie About Geeks
Boondoggle Films is releasing a movie that "presents a journey through the world of software development from the perspective of a unique upstart, four quirky interns, and the world of The Geek." { Aardvark'd: 12 Weeks With Geeks }

Computing::FBI Looking For A Few Good IT Professionals
The FBI claims they will hire IT people who will "work with some of the most cutting-edge technology available in the world, to operate and maintain a robust, secure FBI global information technology (IT) infrastructure environment." { FBI Recruiting Information Technology Personnel}

Computing::John Diebold Added To GDT::DeadTeam
John Diebold died at the age of 79 and he has been added to the GDT::DeadTeam. In 1952, Diebold wrote a book named Automation in which he envisioned the use of "programmable electronic systems for business." Diebold was considered a pioneer of computing.

RoadHacker::Southeast Arizona and Southwest New Mexico
RoadHacker did a 2-day, 705 mile, roadtrip around southeast Arizona and southwest New Mexico. Stops included: San Pedro Riparian, Tombstone, Bisbee, Douglas, Geronimo Surrender Monument, Hachita NM, Lordsburg NM, Steins NM, Willcox, Benson, The Thing and Saguaro National Park. {RoadHacker:: Southeast Arizona and Southwest New Mexico}

TempeHiker::Does Tempe and Gilbert
+ TempeHiker::Tempe:: Light Rail, Town Lake, Hayden Butte and Mill
+ TempeHiker::Tempe:: Hayden Butte Turning Into Painted Mess
+ TempeHiker::Gilbert:: Riparian Preserve

[31 December 2005 (here comes 2006-ready or not; 48° at 6:46am) top]

Week Ending 24 December 2005

Foos::Nothing's Easy
From the "nothing's easy" department comes tidbits such as the Jews for Jesus organization has sued Google for allowing somebody to create to a bird from Christmas Island National Park that flew 2,500 miles for baby food. Bottom-line: Nothing's easy.

Math::Winter BABs Collection Started
The Winter 2005 BAB collection has been started and it was initialized with nine new BABs (Basic Arithmetic Bits). {GDT::BABs:: Winter Break 2005}

TempeHiker::Spends Time In Chandler and Gilbert
For the 49th year in a row, the city of Chandler constructed a tumblewood Christmas tree in Dr. A.J. Chandler Park. {TempeHiker::Chandler:: Tumblewood Tree, Cupid's, and Downtown Chandler}

I am not a bird watcher, but I do like to wander riparians--especially when they are in the middle of a urban area. {TempeHiker::Gilbert:: Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert}

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Week Ending 17 December 2005

Computing::Domain Name Renewals
The domain will turn six years in age on 10 January 2006.

   This is an automatic confirmation for the renewal of the domain you
   registered with Gandi :

   Your domain has been renewed for 1 year(s) without error.
   The new expiration date is now : 2007-01-10 15:33:53

The domain will turn five years in age on 24 January 2006.

This is an automatic confirmation for the renewal of the domain you registered with Gandi : Your domain has been renewed for 1 year(s) without error. The new expiration date is now : 2007-01-24 00:01:54

GDT::Thurman:: Gerald Thurman's Domain Names

Science::Preserving Historic Buildings
I got upset when I found a fake front on a historic building in downtown Tempe. I don't know why, but I consider historic preservation important. { 21st Century Science Harnessed To Help Preserve Historic Buildings}

RoadHacker::Saguaro Lake and Butcher Jones Recreation Site
RoadHacker moved to the Valley of the Sun in 1985 and it took him 20 years to get to Saguaro Lake. {RoadHacker::Arizona:: Bush Highway, Saguaro Lake, Butcher Jones [opens new window]}

[More RoadHacker...] I came across some road sign math while working on a BAB (Basic Arithmetic Bit). {GDT::BAB:: Road Sign Math In Kelso, CA}

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Week Ending 10 December 2005

Technology::Cell Phones For Dogs
No matter how much he begs, my dog (Ray) is not getting a cell phone. { Fido's First Cell Phone }

Computing::John Vlissides Added To The GDT::DeadTeam
We almost made it through an entire semester without having to add somebody to the GDT::DeadTeam, but sadly we didn't. John Vlissides was a researcher at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center and he was guru in object-oriented design and visualization. { John Vlissides}

EDU::MCCCD Administrators Should Become Bloggers
If ASU President Michael Crow can do it, then so can MCCCD Presidents. {GDT::Speaks:: Crow Joins The Blogosphere And So Should... }

TempeHiker::Reflections In Scottsdale
I have been working on creating a collection of pictures that contain reflections. Last Sunday, TempeHiker came across reflections in downtown Scottsdale. {GDT::Fun:: Reflections In Scottsdale}

[10 December 2005 (it's not winter yet, but the heat is on; 43° at 7:30am) top]

Week Ending 03 December 2005

Computing::ACM's Technews is a Great Resource
The ACM TechNews is "intended as an objective news digest for busy IT professionals." The digest is published three days a week (MWF) and it is a worthy read. The following are three stories from Friday's digest.

Science::Having Babies In the 21st Century Way
From "designer babies" to "babies on a chip"... how will we prepare society for such times? These days the answer is "we can't." As a consequence, today's 20th century politicians like to pass laws to make many scientific activities illegal. { Science Makes Sex Obsolete }

EDU::Playboy Places ASU In Top 10
Just what every college president wants to hear: "ASU shares the Top 10 party schools title this year with McGill University in Canada, University of Georgia, University of California at Santa Barbara, Indiana University, Ohio University, University of Tennessee, University of Wisconsin, Florida State and San Diego State."

The East Valley Tribune reported ASU spokeswoman Terri Shafer saying "most women at the university aren't interested in posing for the magazine." Can we get a percentage with that "most"? I'd consider posing for Playboy for the right price.

[03 December 2005 (2005 ends is less than 30 days; 55° at 6:52am) top]

Week Ending 26 November 2005

Computing::The Innovation Agenda Sounds Good
The Innovation Agenda needs to be supported by all politicians. I will be paying close attention to how Arizona's legislators vote on this plan.

The Innovation Agenda includes "doubling the National Science Foundation's budget, creating a skilled workforce, funding public/ private partnerships, and permanently extending the research and development tax credit." The plan "aims to educate 100,000 new scientists, engineers and mathematicians in the next four years by giving scholarships to students who promise to choose those occupations. In addition, the plan calls for a special visa for international doctoral and postdoctoral scholars of math, science, technology and engineering to help keep talented individuals in the United States. The plan also pushes tax-deductible college tuition for undergraduates studying in those fields. "

Vinton Cerf is quoted saying the following about the Innovation Agenda: "I sincerely hope that this kind of initiative will engender bipartisan support." { House Democrats stake out high-tech ground}

Computing::Good Computing Talent In Demand
Cray Inc., the maker of supercomputers, announced that co-founder and Chief Scientist Burton Smith is leaving the company to become a Fellow at Microsoft. Good news for Microsoft, not so good news for Cray. There is a strong demand for talented computer professionals.

TempeHiker::Downtown Scottsdale and SCC
SCC celebrated its 35th anniversity on 16 November 2005. TempeHiker attended the celebration and afterwards he visited downtown Scottsdale to take some pictures.

[26 November 2005 (I'm a "tradition trasher"; 54° at 6:58am) top]

Week Ending 19 November 2005

Computing::Silicon Valley Knows Best?
A TechNet summit was held in San Jose and some interesting comments were recorded. I found the following about immigration interesting.

   "The result of immigration limits is that we're losing more 
    foreign-born people who get educated here, said Esther Dyson, 
    editor of the tech newsletter Release 1.0. "Right now, we're 
    spending resources on people only to send them back to other 
    countries," she said. "They used to stay here."

   "And if they can't stay here," said Chambers, companies will 
    have to go overseas to hire them. Although he didn't present 
    that precisely as a threat -- Cisco and others, of course, 
    are already going overseas for engineering and research talent." Silicon Valley's Call: Smarten Up, America!

Computing::Voting Systems
My attempts to make a public statement about being cautious with respect to adopting alternative voting systems fell on deaf ears. {GDT::Speaks:: Continue Moving Slow with Voting Systems}

TempeHiker::Healing Field 2005 in Tempe, Arizona
The City of Tempe hosted a Healing Field at its Town Lake on Veterans Day (11 November 2005) and I paid it a visit. { TempeHiker:: Headling Field 2005}

[19 November 2005 (Thanksgiving occurs next week; 52° at 7:31am) top]

Week Ending 12 November 2005

Computing::How To Manage Geeks
Eric Schmidt -- CEO of Google -- says the following: "One of the main characteristics of geeks is that they are very truthful." I agree. I also agree with the following written by "The geeks control the limits of your business. It's a fact of life: If the technologists in your company invent something ahead of everybody else, then all of a sudden your business will get bigger. Otherwise, it will get smaller. You simply have to recognize and accept the critical role that technologists play. All new-economy businesses share that property." Thanks to for sharing their interview with Google's Dr. Schmidt. { How to Manage Geeks }

Computing::IT Growth To Be Huge (so they say)
GDT keeps reading about how there is going to be a huge demand for IT workers coming soon, but this is not being reflected in computer enrollments at SCC (and other Maricopa County Community Colleges). I don't know why the largest community college district in the nation cannot effectively alert the community it serves that learning about computing can be a good thing. I continue to advocate that we replace the current MCCCD Board. We are nearing end of our 5th year in the 21st century and the MCCCD Board is geek-less. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: IT Morphing Into a Growth Profession}

RoadHacker::A Winslow Weekend
Winslow, Arizona, is one of RoadHacker's favorite Arizona towns and it keeps getting better and better. {RoadHacker:: A Winslow Weekend}

[12 November 2005 (happy birthday to Neil Young and the WWW; 54° at 6:54am) top]

Week Ending 05 November 2005

Computing::PHP Takes On Java
Marc Andreessen has put his support behind the advancement of the PHP programming language by becoming a director of Zend Technologies. Zend designs and develops development tools for PHP. PHP is an open-sourced script programming language. { Andreessen: PHP is what Java was 10 years ago }

Computing::GDT Just Keeps Writing About Google
I have found it necessary to write something about Google everytime the local press writes something about Google.

The local press didn't say anything about Google supporting Open Source activities in Oregon, but I did. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: Google Supports Open Source Initiative In Oregon}

RoadHacker::Silicon Valley -- October 2005
I did a 4-day/3-night fly/drive roadtrip around Silicon Valley. Computing highlights included meeting Doug Engelbart, attending a CPSR meeting, seeing the HP garage for a second time, and visiting O'Reilly Media. Roadtrip adventures included a surise at the Golden Gate Bridge; a foggy AM at the Golden Gate Bridge; a drive on CA Hwy-1 between San Francisco and Bodega; visits to downtown Santa Rosa and Palo Alto; and a visit to the Stanford University campus. {RoadHacker:: Silicon Valley -- October 2005}

[05 November 2005 (week #11 ends -- 5 weeks to go; 55° at 5:15am) top]

Week Ending 29 October 2005

Ray Kurzweil has a new book out titled "The Singularity is Near" and it has been added to my list of books to read. In this case, near is defined to be between two and four decades. { Here It Comes }

EDU::The Cost of Education
There has been a spat of news about the "cost of education" and the "value of a degree" in the local newspapers. Unfortuneatly, I have found this news difficult to decipher. {GDT::BAB:: The Value of Higher Education -- Two Stories }

RoadHacker::I'm Off To Silicon Valley
GDT is going to Silicon Valley to attend the 2005 annual meeting of the CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility). This year's meeting is taking place in Palo Alto on a Saturday. I'm arriving in San Jose late Thursday and will spend Friday roadtripping to Sebastopol to visit O'Reilly Media, Inc. and spend the night in Santa Rosa. {RoadHacker:: Silicon Valley -- October 2005}

[29 October 2005 (rare Thursday posting because I'm leaving town; 63° at 4:38am) top]

Week Ending 22 October 2005

I've become a googleholic; i.e. temporarily addicted to Google. Back on 03/04/05 I purchased two shares of Google. This transaction resulted in me getting interviewed about Google stock in the "Business Section" of the New York Post. Out of a 20 minute interview I got quoted only once: "I wish I had bought more." I've been gathering up everything I've written that makes mention of Google and it is a large collection. { Learning About Google}

Math::BAB Collection Continues To Grow
As of 22 October 2005, 41 BABs (Basic Arithmetic Bits) have been created during the Fall 2005 semester. We are entering into week 10; therefore, we are creating about 4.56 BABs per week. Total BAB count is at 109. BAB #1 (i.e. the first BAB) was created on 9 February 2005. {GDT::BABs:: Basic Arithmetic Bits}

TempeHiker::Visits Mill Avenue District for Guitar Mania
TempeHiker went to downtown Tempe to see the Guitar Mania artwork that was adorning Mill Avenue. While downtown, he hiked Hayden Butte and checked out the renovated baseball field at the Beach Park. {TempeHiker:: Mid-October Sunrise on Hayden Butte in Tempe, Arizona}

[22 October 2005 (the 100° days for 2005 are over; 73° at 10:00am) top]

Week Ending 08 October 2005

Computing::The Many Forms of Computing, but "Aesthetic?"
Understanding that "ignorance is not bliss," I have come to the belief that math education cannot get better until we do away with timelines. But that is not going to happen anytime soon; therefore, teachers all over the world will continue to practice the "art of teaching." Teaching (at least these day) is a pure art form.

A computer professor at the University of Florida has been working on the concept of "aesthetic computing."

   "The basic idea of aesthetic computing is to make abstract 
    ideas or algebraic formulas 'real' through drawings, sculptures 
    or computer graphics - the way concepts in geometry, for example, 
    can come to life in the plans for a house." "Aesthetic computing" turns algebra into art; teachers intrigued

Future::Sustainability is a Keyword
On 02 October 2005, I "signed" a petition supporting the establishment of a Nobel Prize for Sustainability.

   "2004 celebrates a total of more than 1 MILLION people 
    supporters of the initiative!  People from more than 
    106 countries represented have undersigned the letter!
    The following have undersigned the letter

    * Individials
    * Groups/Companies
    * Organizations

     List of Individuals
     Name: Gerald Thurman -
     Occupation: Computer Instructor/Math Teacher
     Country: United States
     Date: 10/02/05 14:32:49
     Remark: Sustainability is more than a buzzword, 
             it is a keyword of the 21st century. The Nobel Prize for Sustainable Development

RoadHacker::ATF Meeting and the DARPA Grand Challenge
GDT has to go to Kingman, Arizona, for the Fall 2005 ATF (Articulation Task Force) meeting. ATF meetings allow us to talk about Computer Science education with professors doing Computer Science at the Arizona state universities (ASU, UofA and NAU). Community Colleges from all of Arizona attend and I go as a representative of the Maricopa Community Colleges. RoadHacker will visit Bagdad, AZ, for the first time while driving to Kingman. In addition, he hopes to get a picture of nothing in Nothing, AZ.

When the ATF meeting is over, GDT will morph into RoadHacker and drive to Primm, Nevada, to get a glimpse of the DARPA Grand Challenge. One Stanford professor says this race has more to do with software than hardware and this something I want to look into upon my return. RoadHacker will drive Route 66 from Kingman to Oatman to get to Primm. Upon arriving at Primm, RoadHacker will rendevous with

After the race, RoadHacker will play in California's Mojave National Preserve; see the great murals of Twentynine Palms; and find out what's new in Rice and the Tamarisk Shoe. It time permits, RoadHacker will even do a rock banner or two.

[06 October 2005 (posted Thursday because I'm leaving town; 73° at 4:33am) top]

Week Ending 01 October 2005

Computing::$100 Laptops?
This may help shrink the Digital Divide that our world suffers from: "$100 windup-powered laptop targeted at children in developing nations." The "One Laptop Per Child" project has the following goal: "make the low-cost PC idea a grassroots movement that will spread in popularity, like the Linux operating system or the Wikipedia free online encyclopedia. 'This is open-source education. It's a big issue.'" {CNET The $100 laptop moves closer to reality }

Space::Google and NASA Become Collaborators
What do you get when you mix NASA with Google?

I don't know the answer, but I'm looking forward to find out over the next decade or two or three.

   "NASA and Google have signed a memorandum of understanding 
    (MOU) that outlines plans for cooperation on a variety of 
    areas, including large-scale data management, massively 
    distributed computing, bio-info-nano convergence, and 
    encouragement of the entrepreneurial space industry. 
    The MOU also highlights plans for Google to develop 
    up to one million square feet within the NASA Research 
    Park at Moffett Field."

I like the phrase "bio-info-nano convergence."

   "Our planned partnership presents an enormous range of potential 
    benefits to the space program," said NASA Ames Center Director 
    G. Scott Hubbard. "Just a few examples are new sensors and materials 
    from collaborations on bio-info-nano convergence, improved analysis 
    of engineering problems as well as Earth, life and space science 
    discoveries from supercomputing and data mining, and bringing 
    entrepreneurs into the space program. While our joint efforts 
    will benefit both organizations, the real winner will be the 
    American public."

I agree: "The real winner will be the American public." NASA Takes Google on Journey Into Space

Computing::Bell Labs Does 100 Gb/s Ethernet-over-Optical
My definition for the next era of computing is partially "infinite computing, infinite storage, infinite bandwidth" (visualization is omitted).

It is not infinite bandwidth, but the following provides a sneak peek into the next era of computing from a bandwidth perspective.

   "Bell Labs announced the first reported transmissions of 
    100 Gigabit per second (Gb/s) Ethernet over optical. These 
    results are a significant milestone in the industry's 
    march towards migrating to 100Gb/s data networking." Bell Labs Demonstrates First Transmission of 100 Gb/s Ethernet-over-optical

[01 October 2005 (doing the asu-vs-usc game today; 73° at 7:05am) top]

Week Ending 24 September 2005

Computing::CPSR To Honor Doug Engelbart
My favorite computer organization, the CPSR, has honored Dough Engelbart with this year's Norbert Wiener Award. Engelbart will receive his award at this year's annual meeting of the CPSR and I'll be there. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: CPSR To Honor Doug Engelbart}

EDU::Another Sabbatical Proposal On the Table
I have written my third sabbatical proposal. [I hope the 3-strikes your out rule doesn't apply.] I requested comments from SCC's sabbatical coordinator and they gave me some usable feedback, but they started their reply by stating they were a "neo-luddite" and that they were a typical sabbatical committee member. This came as no surprise, but it is still a bummer to know that a technical sabbatical will be judged by people who are barely techno-literate. { Neo-luddism }

EDU::Speaking of the Sabbatical Proposal
In a nutshell, the sabbatical proposal has to do with high-performance computing, informatics (XML and regular expressions), and lower-level mathematics. {GDT::EDU:: Sabbatical Proposal for Gerald D. Thurman (GDT)}

[24 September 2005 (these are the dog days of summer; 79° at 5:41am) top]

Week Ending 17 September 2005

Computing::IBM Continues To Be a Great American Company
IBM is worried about the future workforce of America; consequently, the company has initiated a program to enable some of their employees to become math and science teachers. Kudos to IBM. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: IBM Hopes Some Employees Become Teachers}

Computing::Lew Platt Added To the GDT::DeadTeam
The following was copied from "Mr. Platt served 33 years at HP from 1966 through 1999, rising from an entry-level engineer in the company's medical products group to serve seven years as president and chief executive officer." Platt was also director and former chairman of Boeing Co.. Lew Platt died on 09/09/2005 and he has been added to the GDT:: DeadTeam.

Holiday::Happy Constitution Day
On 8 December 2004, George W. Bush signed a bill that made every September 17th Constitution Day.

[17 September 2005 (monsoon season is officially over; 71° at 7:15am) top]

Week Ending 10 September 2005

Computing::Today is Software Freedom Day
Today is Software Freedom Day and I'm typing this in using Free Software, but beyond that this day is nothing special here in the Valley of the Sun. { Homepage }

Computing::Blogging 24x7x365.24219
Bloggers can blog at anytime on anyday--and they do. Frank Barnako in his "Internet Daily" e-newsletter reported about a blogger who is blogging for a living. Now, this blogger is now teaching others how to do it themselves. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: The Power of Blogging}

Computing::Cerf Joins Pike at Google, Inc.
Rob Pike is a guru programmer who worked with Unix and played a major role in the development of Plan 9 and Inferno. Vinton Cert is a co-creator of the Internet and is currently working on the Inter-Planetary Network. Without question, Google has numerous computing gurus working as Googlers.

[10 September 2005 (there's a coolness in the air; 82° at 9:20am) top]

Week Ending 03 September 2005

Computing::Tempe Programmer Likes FedEx© Furniture
Front-page of the Saturday, 27 August 2005, Arizona Republic had a story (with picture) of a Tempe-based "software developer" who uses home-made furniture made out of FedEx© boxes. FedEx© is not happy about this particularly when he put pictures of his furniture on the web at The enterprising young (age 21) geek is experiencing legal hassles from FedEx©, which is concerned about trademark infringement (plus FedEx© boxes can be obtained for free). Bottom-line: FedEx© wouldn't have known anything about this furniture if it hadn't be placed onto the world-wide-web.

Computing::Fewer Geeks are Blogging
I can believe that we are in our 3rd-generation of bloggers. According to one blog, although the number of bloggers continue to climb, the number of geek bloggers are in decline. { The Demise of the Geek Bloggers }

The previous blog posting contained a hyperlink to FooCamp.

Computing::Coding is Not a Crime
"Coding is not a crime" is a popular motto of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). If a computer program is used for criminal purposes, should the program creator be held legally responsible? I know the correct answer either "Yes," "No," or "Sometimes."

   "The Loverspy program, disguised as an electronic greeting card 
    showing images of puppies and flowers, was sent as an e-mail. 
    When it was executed, it would begin recording victims' e-mail 
    messages and the Web sites they visited." Jealous Lover Program Creator is Indicted

[03 September 2005 (it is Labor Day weekend; 86° at 7:20am) top]

Week Ending 27 August 2005

Science::Math and Science are Growth Industries
Human-beings that have a basic understanding of math and science will probably have numerous opportunities presented to them during the span of the 21st century. And of course, nobody can ever have too many computing skills. GDT extends a Thank You to Computer Science professor Lenore Blum. { Professor tries to instill passion for math, science}

Science::Exploding Thanks to High-Performance Computing (HPC)
The BBC News posted an article in which Vinton Cerf is introduced and quoted. When Cerf speaks, I tend to listen and I listen because I learn about the future.

   "Nothing daunted, he is now working on the protocols for 
    planet to planet communication. In short, he knows whereof 
    he speaks. And Cerf has just emitted a cry of pain."

Cerf's pain is related to lack of funding in scientific research and development and a continuing decline in Computer Science research dollars. { The struggle over science }

Computing::GDT No Longer a Wiki Virgin
I have made my first edit to I modified the Wikipedia webpage about 5 (number) to include a hyperlink to the Wikipedia webpage for the Five Man Electrical Band.

GDT::4,010 Webpages and Counting
For the first time, the FreeFind search engine has indexed over 4,000 GDT webpages.

   Your site has been spidered.

   Our search engine has finished indexing your site:
   Site URL        :
   E-mail          :
   Site ID         : xxxxxxxxx
   Pages Read      : 4010

The GDT website has been "under construction" since the Fall of 1997. In other words, it is eight years in age. 4,010 webpages in eight years works out to 501.25 webpages per year. What does this mean? It means nothing.

[27 August 2005 (monsoon break... may hit 110 degrees today; 88° at 6:37am) top]

Week Ending 20 August 2005

EDU::CSC Lives, But Barely
GDT did zero CSC classes during the Spring 2005 semester. The Fall 2005 semester starts with two CSC courses (both for non-CS majors) with a combined enrollment of 27. The CIS Unix class, which I no longer get to do, starts Fall 2005 with 14 students. My three MAT102 classes total 68 students. Bottom-line: computer enrollments across the entire MCCCD continue to be weak. {GDT::Computing::Bit:: CSC@SCC--Retire Versus Retread}

GDT::Sizeof the GDT Website
The GDT website continues to use as its search engine. Each week FreeFind sends GDT an email message reporting the number of webpages indexed. Two weeks ago this number was 3999, but this week's report reported 3985. GDT will definitely grow beyond 4000 webpages during the Fall 2005 semester. GDT ended Summer Break 2005 using 91,189,248 bytes of disk space.

RoadHacker::Final Roadtrip for the Summer of 2005
RoadHacker ended Summer Break 2005 with a three night visit to his parents in Joliet, Illinois. One day was spent roadtripping around northwest Indiana and a couple of hours were allocated for wandering around downtown Joliet. {RoadHacker:: Northwest Indiana and Joliet, Illinois}

GDT::Summer 2005 MOTD Archived; Fall 2005 MOTD Started
The Summer 2005 MOTD has been added to the MOTD archive. This posting starts version 25 of the MOTD and it will include postings for Fall 2005.

[20 August 2005 (Fall 2005 semester begins; 82° at 5:37am) top]

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