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Week Ending 26 December 2003

Students Say the Fooest Things
I created a GDT::Speaks that contains quotes from my Fall, 2003, students at SCC. GDT::Speaks:: Students Say the Fooest Things.

The Apache Trail
Tyler and I took a one-day, 192 mile, road trip on the Apache Trail. The trip included visits to Goldfield, Lost Dutchman State Park, Tortilla Flat, Fish Creek, Roosevelt Dam, and the Tonto National Monument.

[26 December 2003 (sunny, but chilly... 63° at 1:18pm) top]

Week Ending 19 December 2003 Science Network
The Cable Science Network is being touted as a "C-SPAN for Science." {}

Winter Break 2003/2004 Has Started
My Winter Break 2003/04 has started and I am already collecting potential QOTW quotes and POTW pictures. [QOTW is Quote-Of-The-Week; POTW is Picture-Of-The-Week]

[19 December 2003 (sunny and warm... 79° at 3:10pm) top]

AzFoo::Holiday:: Bill of Rights Day

Week Ending 12 December 2003

John Sidgmore Added to the GDT::DeadTeam
Yahoo! News headline reads: "Obituary: John Sidgmore, Internet Visionary." Sidgmore was only 52 years young and he died of cancer. Who is Sidgmore? It is with honor and Thanks that I add John Sidgmore to the GDT::DeadTeam. { Sidgmore's Obituary by Jessica Hall}

Hall ends her Sidgmore obituary with the following.

   "I don't really care what my job title is," he told 
    The Associated Press before suggesting, with 
    a laugh, that it might as well be "Free at last."

Another Semester Nears an End
I am not a teacher -- all I can do is lecture and yell. I am a coach. On one hand it is a joke that I can officially refer to myself as a teacher, yet on the other hand I am nothing but a teacher. If I ever learn that I should not teach stuff I don't know, then my career as a teacher will be over.

Winter Break 2003/2004 Will Be Fun
I have three trips planned over Winter Break 2003/2004. The first is a 3 day/2 night road trip into the southwest deserts of California (again), a 4 day/3 night road trip around southern Arizona (again), and a 4 day/3 night plane trip to Chicago to visit my mom and dad (again). I am looking forward to watching Bree, Hadley and Frank run the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on Sunday, 11 January 2004. { Bree and Hadley running to the top of Drakes Peak in Oregon.}

[12 December 2003 (sunny, but cool... 58° at 4:05pm) top]

Week Ending 05 December 2003

The Educational Divide
The computing world has been suffering a Digital Divide for a long time, but the emerging bioindustry in the state of Arizona has me learning about an expanding Educational Divide. For over a year I have had numerous opportunities to hear scientists and professors speak about our technological futures and I get hyperized every time I do. Is the future GNR (Genetic engineering, Nanotechnology, Robotics)?

From Affirmative Action To Diversity
For the first six years of my working life I worked for a technology company that strongly supported affirmative action. These days, almost a quarter century later, I have an employer that strongly supports diversity. Here was last week's QOTW (Quote-Of-The-Week).

Diversity is based not on an individual's abilities or character, but on a person's identity and status as a member of a group.
-- [unknown source] {The MCCCD wastes too much time and money over diversity.}

A Bit About My Sabbatical
There is a good chance that I will learn about my sabbatical sometime this month. Last December was a difficult month for me because my future was being dictated by others and I had zero control over my own life. This it not Freedom and I don't like having my Freedoms taken away from me. There should not be any need for others to decide if I get a sabbatical. Once again my future is in the hands of others -- this is wrong and difficult for me to stomach. I'm an American who is passionate about Freedom.

Note: Receiving a sabbatical is an award and I would feel honored to receive one. I don't deserve the sabbatical because I have been a MCCCD employee for almost a decade, I deserve it because of what I have done over the last decade.

Next year (2004) will be my 25th year of being a computer programmer. I have grown into a computer professional. Being able to be on paid sabbatical will be a great way to celebrate a career that has spanned a quarter of a century. What will I do on the sabbatical? I will learn and play, learn and play, learn and play.

The sabbatical may provide me an opportunity to extend my computing career another quarter of a century.

[Update] A day after posting this I received notification that only 18 of 38 sabbatical proposals will be awarded. I guess it has to do with the economy, but it causes me to ask the following question: What does the MCCCD do with the money obtained from their yearly tuition increases? I know for a fact they don't give it to the faculty. I've gotten a raise every year, but they are usually in the 1%-3% range. The pay increases had nothing to do with my work performance. I could get larger pay increases (and many faculty do) if I did time going to class and getting various and sundry degrees.

[05 December 2003 (going to be a bright sunny day... 46° at 6:55am) top]

Week Ending 28 November 2003

Giving Thanks To Today's Computing Gurus
Mitch Kapor and Ray Kurzweil are the Fall 2003 additions to the GDT::DreamTeam.

Giving Thanks To Yesterday's Computing Gurus
Homer Dudley and George Boole are the Fall 2003 additions to the GDT::DeadTeam.

Giving Thanks to Good Food
Recipe number 31 has been posted to The new recipe is called Brand Name Beans.
{FoodHacker motto:   If I can hack it, so can You! }

[28 November 2003 ( Happy Thanksgiving... 59° at 6:50pm) top]

Week Ending 21 November 2003 -- Improve Long-Term Thinking is a website that exists to help promote long-term thinking. I like how the website is using 5-digit years. The list of long-term betters is impressive... Cerf, Kapor, Schmidt, Kurzweil, Mundie, Dyson, Hillis, Winer, and so on. The first long bet is between Mitch Kapor and Ray Kurzweil and it goes like this: "By 02029 no computer - or 'machine intelligence' - will have passed the Turing Test." {} { Bet #1} { Turing test} Job Strategies for the Near Future
Interesting statistic: "76 million Baby Boomers (1946 - 1964) are poised to leave the job market resulting in 10 million more jobs than people to fill them by 2010." The article doesn't provide to many insights, however, I am hopeful that the following is true. "America's core competence, innovation, will stand U.S. workers in good stead. 'The demand for innovation is not going away, particularly in a knowledge economy. Innovation will fuel an ever-increasing demand for workers with the right skills to make innovation pay off.' Reese foresees an 'all-out war for talent' in the years to come." { More...} { innovation}

From John Wooden to Jon Maddog Hall
When I was 18 years young I had the opportunity to speak with John Wooden via a sports radio show. My heart rate skyrocketed and I spoke in a shakey voice. What a honor it was to speak with coach Wooden. I have zero recollection of what my question was -- all I know is that I was a huge UCLA fan. These days, 28 years later, I felt like a kid meeting computing guru Jon Maddog Hall. Why is Maddog a guru? He is a guru because he is-a hacker who allows somebody like me to get a picture with him. [ huge (226 KB) picture]

[21 November 2003 (sunny and warming up... 63° at 10:15am) top]

Week Ending 14 November 2003

Popular Science::Best Of... Worst Of...
Popular Science magazine posted online resources that review the Best of What's New in 2003 and the Worst Jobs in Science. In the computer world, wireless is big and getting bigger and 802.11g was a "Grand Award Winner." I had never given any thought about absolutely disgusting jobs. During the last summer, I learned that with respect to illegal immigrants, picking strawberries is bad and so is being a janitor at a slaughter house.

Dot-Edu Tidbits...

I Have YAISP (Yet-Another-Internet-Service-Provider)
A huge GDT::Thanks to for providing me some web hosting services. The following websites are now being served by KevinO dot-org.

[14 November 2003 (sunny and cool... 63° at 10:13pm) top]

AzFoo::Holiday:: Veterans Day

Week Ending 07 November 2003

Getting CSC180 Into the Curriculum is Tough
CSC within the MCCCD is attempting to get a new computer literacy course (CSC180) into the course bank. We want the class to articulate to ASU as CSE180. CIS105 already articulates as CSE180; therefore, there are those within the MCCCD who think CSC180 is not necessary and they are motivated to keep it from happening. The MCCCD is an institution and this action is nothing more than politics (and turf wars). ASU articulation is important (I think it should be required), but it is more important that the MCCCD create a computer literacy course for scientific inter-disciplinary students and this is potentially CSC180. The bottom-line problem: The MCCCD has not updated the official description for CIS105; even when they do, it will not be a CSC180 course. { Course Description::CIS105}

Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at ASU
Institute for Computing and Information Science and Engineering (InCISE)

Good luck ASU in getting your school to be rated a Tier One computer science and engineering school. The Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering and the Institute for Computing and Information Science and Engineering (InCISE) are now homed in the top three floors of the Brickyard located on Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe, Arizona. This is an excellent location. ASU held an open house on Friday, 31 October 2003, and I attended. {pictures}

Thank You has added me to a webpage titled All About RoadTrip America: Founders & Correspondents. [Note: I am not a founder, but is an excellent website that has been a work-in-progress since 1994 (making it old in Internet years)].

[07 November 2003 (cloudy and cool day... 70° at 4:25pm) top]

Week Ending 31 October 2003

Computing::Can IT Be a Long Term Career?
There was an article posted to about IT careers. I agree with the following quotes.

   "Wireless technology is growing by leaps and bounds and 
    is going to continue to grow.  I.T. security is a huge field. 
    Industries with high potential include: healthcare; military 
    defense; nanotechnology; data warehousing; biotechnology."

The article also contained the following quote related to out-sourcing.

   "Defense and security -- they're not going to want to 
    outsource them into other places. Other than that -- 
    the security reasons -- everything is open season. 
    There's no special knowledge we have here that others 
    won't catch up with."

I have been advocating that out-sourcing IT to foreign countries needs to be raised as a Homeland Security issue. the Road to a Great I.T. Career

Computing::Hewlett-Packard Does McDonald's (in Brazil, South America)
Two weeks ago the headline read "Hewlett-Packard Does Disney". Now, McDonald's Corp. announced it is teaming up with Hewlett-Packard to offer customers across Brazil the ability to surf the Web while eating their food. 75 stores are being used in a pilot program with plans to "McInternet" the remaining 580+ stores by the middle of 2004. McInternet

Computing::Too Busy To Write a CPSR Report
I simply don't have the time to write a report on the CPSR meeting that I attended on Saturday, 25 October 2003. I did, however, find time to resize my pictures and post them to { Seattle, Washington}

[31 October 2003 (southern California on fire; give them a break Mother Nature... 75° at 11:02am) top]

Week Ending 24 October 2003

GDT::Bookmark::Word Pirates
Words are fun and I am glad to see there are others who are concerned about marketeers, politicians, lawyers, and the media pirating our words. Thanks to David Wienberger for teaching us about

SCC is a Great Place to Work
I have been a Happy SCC employee for seven years. I have a strong attachment to Artie Artichoke. The President of SCC, Arthur W. DeCabooter, sent out an internal email message telling us that Scottsdale Life magazine listed SCC as one of the best companies to work for.

Good thing this is America where we are innocent until proven guilty. At least three SCC students have been arrested accused of raping 14-year-old girl in Scottsdale. According to the Wednesday, 22 October 2003, Arizona Republic, SCC acknowledged they are working with police on an investigation, but they would not confirm how many of those arrested were indeed SCC students.

I'm Off to the 2003 CPSR Annual Meeting
I am flying to Seattle, Washington, today so I can attend the 2003 annual meeting of the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR). This will be my fourth CPSR annual meeting. Sunday is allocated to vising Neah Bay, Olympic National Park, Troll Haven, and an all-you-can-eat crab dinner.

[24 October 2003 (on the road again; CPSR in Seattle... 58° at 4:40am) top]

Week Ending 17 October 2003

Hewlett-Packard Does Disney
Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Disney have signed some type of 10-year alliance and they are launching a joint national advertising campaign that will use the motto: Disney + HP = Everything is Possible. It is impossible to predict the business partnerships that may form over time as evidenced by this relationship. I wonder what rides will be like in the amusement parks of nanoworld? Hewlett-Packard is a big, publically traded, computer company and its leader is Carleton S. (Carly) Fiorina.

Andrew Grove of Intel Said It... Not Me
Andrew Grove thinks the United States of America is at risk of losing its lead as the world leader in technology innovation. Grove indicated that offshore outsourcing is a serious problem, but he also indicated that our country's science education is sorely deficient. " More than 50% of graduate students are foreign nationals and that the U.S. needs to attract foreign talent with appropriate immigration policies." Andrew Grove is Chairman of Intel.

[Extra] Speaking of Intel...On 14 October 2003, Intel reported 3rd-quarter profit of $1.66 billion on revenue of $7.83 billion. The company said "the increase was driven largely by record sales of microprocessors, chipsets, and motherboards, as the company benefited from the strongest demand for PCs since the 1990s tech boom. It's the best sequential growth for a third quarter Intel has seen in 25 years." Congratulations to Intel. [Note: The Arizona Republic reports that Intel is "Arizona's 5th largest private employer, with 9,575 workers at its two plants in Chandler.]

Learning About Litter was featured by KPHO, CBS News 5 on Thursday, 16 October 2003. I butcher a Neil Young lyric... "It ain't a privilege to be on TV. And it ain't a duty either. The only good thing about TV is shows like Leave it to Beaver (and litter stories)."

[17 October 2003 (almost 100 degrees and it is mid-October... 99.5° at 3:10pm) top]

Week Ending 03 October 2003 Internet Encyclopedia
During early June of 2002 I was asked by a professor at California State University at Bakersfield to review a chapter on the history of Unix that was to be included in an encyclopedia about the Internet. Now, almost 1 1/2 years later, Wiley has published a three volume Internet Encyclopedia. [I have requested that the library at SCC purchase a copy.]

The Fall 2003 ATF Meeting is Today
I am on the road today travelling to Cochise Community College in Sierra Vista for the Fall 2003 meeting of the ATF (Articulation Task Force). I will be visiting Coronado National Memorial after the meeting adjourns. [More...]'s Krazy Greek Restaurant asked me to visit a restaurant in Fountain Hills and file a report. Although I'm not overly happy with their edits, they have posted my story to their website. Jimmy's Krazy Greek Restaurant. [My version of story contains more pictures.]

[03 October 2003 (auto-posted... ???° at 4:20am) top]

Week Ending 26 September 2003 What is It?
The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) is a "non-profit association registered in Munich, which is dedicated to the spread of data processing literacy. FFII supports the development of public information goods based on copyright, free competition, open standards. More than 300 members, 500 companies and 30,000 supporters have entrusted the FFII to act as their voice in public policy questions in the area of exclusion rights (intellectual property) in data processing." { homepage}

If I Were a Rich Man...
Computing superstars (not necessarily gurus) can end up making lots of money doing computing. The Forbes list of richest 400 Americans has a top ten that includes Bill Gates (#1, Microsoft), Paul Allen (#3, Microsoft), Larry Ellison (#9, Oracle), and Michael Dell (#10, Dell). Positions four through eight are all named Waltons as in Wal-Mart. The #2 slot is held by Warren Buffett (currently Arnold Schwarzenegger's economic advisor). Filo and Yang come in at #126 (tie) and #162 (tie), respectively. Filo and Yang are co-founders of Yahoo!. { Richest People in America} Finds My Places on has found some of the pictures/stories stored on interesting. On 21 September 2003, RoadTrip America used a couple of my pictures on an updated story about shoe trees.

[26 September 2003 (bright sunny day... 100° at 2:30pm) top]

Week Ending 19 September 2003

My Spring 2004 Semester is Not Defined
I am having a hard time getting my Spring 2004 semester schedule completed. I only want to do three classes, but my employment contract calls for me to do four. My employer needs to modernize their operating procedures. What works for supporting the learning about economics is a bit different than learning about computing. The MCCCD is an Institution structured as if it was 1960s -- they aren't even close to being prepared for the future of the 21st Century. Sometimes the Rolling Stones were right... "What a drag it is getting old."

Isabel Was a Killer Hurricane
Isabel has killed at least 17 people and over 4.5 million people lost power. There is nothing we can do when Mother Nature decides to get outwardly violent. Luckily, it is hot and dry here in Tempe, Arizona. Good luck to those people in Virginia, North Carolina and other states being hit by Isabel.

103.1 FM (KCDX, Florence) Makes the New Times
Jimmy Magahern did an excellent job writing a story about KCDX, 103.1 FM. I spoke with him once via the phone about the station and then one day he visited my Introductory Internet class at SCC. Radio

[19 September 2003 (busy Friday doing all kinds of stuff... 100° at 4:30pm) top]

Week Ending 12 September 2003

Bill Joy Leaves Sun Microsystems
GDT::DreamTeam member Bill Joy is leaving Sun Microsystems to do other things. Joy helped co-found Sun in 1982. Side-bar: Bill Joy is involved in the Long Now Foundation and I hope he doesn't forsake this effort. In April of 2000, Joy authored a paper in which he states that 21st technologies such as robotics, genetic engineering and nanotechnology may render "humans as endangered species."

I bought some Sun Microsystems stock when it was reported that Joy bought one million shares at $4 a share. Upon hearing that Joy left Sun, I sold 25% of the my Sun shares and contributed some of the proceeds to the Long Now Foundation.

   Date: 12 Sep 2003 12:55:06 -0000
   Subject: Transaction Confirmation

   Transaction ID: 20030912xxxxxxxxx
   Amount:  $100.00


   Billing Address:
   Gerald D Thurman
   P.O. Box 2541
   Tempe, AZ 85280

Good luck, Bill Joy, and Thank You for making our computing world a better place.

Two Years Since 11 September 2001 (911)
Yesterday, 11 September 2003, was the two year anniversity of 911. It appears as though I have gotten into the habit of writing a short note on 911 about what is happening with me in a post-911 world. The bottom-line: It's all about Freedom.'m Still Not Proud To Be an American.

Zevon and Cash Experience Death
Warren Zevon died on 07 September 2003. I was never a big Zevon fan, but I did like many of his songs. My favorite is a version of Sentimental Hygiene with Neil Young on lead guitar. I've added the following to GDT::Quotes.

Every day I get up in the morning and go to work
And do my job whatever
I need some
Sentimental hygiene
Everybody's at war these days
Let's have a mini-surrender
I need some
Sentimental hygiene

-- Warren Zevon

Good luck in death Warren Zevon.

Johnny Cash kept rock'n and rolling all the way to his grave. Johnny Cash was alive for 71 years and the guy has a cool website that is all about the man in black. []

Lucky for us, Johnny Cash will live through his music. And, Thanks to the Internet, Cash will also be found on the WWW.

[12 September 2003 (Learning and Computing is Not Easy... 100° at 2:31pm) top]

Week Ending 05 September 2003

About Computer Mice
A news report came out this week about Microsoft offering a new line of keyboards and mice (think wireless). Microsoft is a huge software company, but they make lots of money selling keyboards and mice. The computer mouse was invented in 1964 by computing guru Doug Engelbart. It is amazing that the mouse is still a primary computing input device. When will computer mice die?

When using a computer it is important to remember that everything you do with your mouse can be recorded. This includes every mouse movement and every mouse click.

GDT::Speaks::About the Mouse [ pictures of the 1st mouse]

About Long Lines
We are Learning About Email in the Introductory Internet class. I instruct students not to use long lines in their email messages. In computing, long lines often suck. It is fun trying to teach about long lines by using a real-world example. Question: How many of you would like to wait in a long line to buy gas? I doubt many hands will go up and that will allow me to show how long lines can suck when it comes to processing email messages. I have a GDT::Bit that is used for learning about electronic mail.

Only One Applicant for the MCCCD Chancellor Position?
Why is this? We need to find out why chancellor candidates are not interested in leading the MCCCD into the 21st Century. If it is because of the Board, then the Board has to go. I understand completely why SCC's President doesn't want the position. In fact, I am happy that nobody is interested in the job because that could force the MCCCD board to do an external search for the new Chancellor. Talk about a ground-floor opportunity for a high-tech literate leader who can do politics. If my calendar is correct, then this is only 2003. The next couple of decades are going to see us move into nanoworld. If the Board refuses to do an external search, then the MCCCD needs a new Board.

[05 September 2003 (Happy Birthday to my mom, Betty Thurman... 85° at 8:00am) top]

AzFoo::Holiday:: Labor Day

Week Ending 29 August 2003

GDT::DreamTeam Additions for Summer Break 2003
Marc Andreessen has been added to the GDT::DreamTeam. Let's go from current to past: Opsware, Loudcloud, AOL, Netscape, Mosaic, NCSA at UICU... Marc Andreessen.

John Perry Barlow (retired Wyoming rancher, former Grateful Dead lyricist, father of three beautiful daughters, and co-founder of the EFF) has been added to the GDT::DreamTeam as a honorary member.

GDT::DreamTeam::Thurman's Favorite Computer People

GDT::Speaks About Tuitions and the MCCCD Chancellorship
I've spent a lot of time writing about two separate topics: 1) college tuition rates and 2) the MCCCD chancellor position. These items were in the news this week and I felt the need to speak my mind.

Fall 2003 Enrollment Numbers
Enrollments continue to be weak. I start the Fall 2003 semester with 66 students.

   Introductory Internet (MW)... 18
   Introductory Internet (TR)... 14
   Introductory Unix............ 23
   Intermediate Unix............ 11

I went down the SCC bookstore to get 66 magnetized baby Artie Artichoke dolls, but they only had 24 in-stock. I will revisit the bookstore later in the semester to acquire the remaining 42 Artie dolls.

[29 August 2003 (Labor Day weekend is upon us... warm 95° at 11:42am) top]

Week Ending 22 August 2003

Welcome to Scottsdale Community College
I am starting my 7th year as a full-time residential faculty member at Scottsdale Community College (SCC). SCC is one of the ten community colleges that comprise the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD). The MCCCD is one of the largest community college systems in the United States. I consider it a honor to be at SCC and the MCCCD.

Artie Arthichoke is the SCC Mascot
SCC has one of the coolest mascots in the world -- Artie Artichoke. Last semester I awarded all students who had perfect attendance a baby Artie Artichoke doll. I am going to do the same thing for the Fall 2003 semester; any student who has perfect attendance will be awarded a baby Artie Artichoke doll at the end of the semester.

The Artie dolls are on sale at the SCC bookstore and they are used to raise scholarship money. In other words, every student who has perfect attendance helps another student via the funds raised by the purchase of Artie dolls that become awards.

Here is GDT::Bit about Artie Artichoke

Fall 2003 MOTD Started; Summer 2003 MOTD Archived
Today starts the 19th version of the Message-Of-The-Day (MOTD). The Summer 2003 MOTD has been added to the MOTD::Archive.

[22 August 2003 (the first MOTD posting for Fall 2003... a humid 95° at 8:15am) top]

GDT::MOTD::Archive:: MOTD Postings From Summer Break 2003

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