4-Point Assessment: Syllabus Confirmation    due: Thursday 1/18; Monday 1/22

Important Note: Failing to complete this assessment will result in a deduction of three points.

Read the MAT091 Syllabus and answer the following questions. Record your answers on a separate piece of paper that has your name clearly printed at the top.

(a)  There are ____ 15-Point Assessments totalling _____ points.

(b)  There are ____ 12-Point Departmental Exams totalling _____ points.

(c)  The instructor's office is room ______________.

(d)  No or Yes: Attendance is not required, but it is important.

(e)  With respect to the "Official Course Competencies for MAT091",
     this course has a total of _____ "competencies."

(f)  False or True: In some instances it will be possible to earn less
                    than 100% on assessments that's are turned in late.

(g)  In the remaining space, please record the things that you 
     like and/or dislike about math and/or school. Jot down some
     of things that you find most interesting and fun. Please
     let me know if you have a major and/or minor.