Assessment: Linear Functions #2    due: Week #14

Do not lose this assessment. Do all your math on your own paper.

Let  f(n) = 5(n) + 4

a.  Explain why f(n) is a function.

b.  What's the slope for f(n)?

c.  f(n) intercepts the vertical-axis at what point?

d.  f(n) intercepts the horizontal-axis at what point?

e.  Is f(n) an increasing or decreasing function?

f.  If f(n) = 14, then 'n' equals what?

g.  What's the domain for f(n)?

h.  What's the range for f(n)?

i.  Is 'n' the independent or dependent variable?

j.  Graph f(n) for the following set of inputs:  {-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3}