Assessment: Graphing #0    due: week #12

Do not lose this assessment. Do all your math on your own paper.

   Do the following exercises using the graphs on the attached page.

   a.  Record the domain of f.

   b.  Record the range of f.

   c.  Is f an increasing or decreasing function?

   d.  f(1) = _____

   e.  f(x) = -2 when x = _____

   f.  Record the interval(s) during which g is a decreasing function.

   g.  Record the point at which g switches from being a decreasing
       function to being a increasing function.

   h.  g(-4) = _____

   i.  Record the domain for function h.

   j.  Record the range for function h.

   k.  h(1) = ______

   l.  Q(0) is approximately equal to ______.

   m.  Q(-2) is approximately equal to ______.

   n.  Q(7) = _______