Assessment: Functions #4    due: Week #4

Do not lose this assessment. Do all your math on your own paper.

a.  h(n) is a function having the name _____ with input named ______.

b.  The set of valid inputs to a function is called the ________.

c.  h(n) written as an ordered-pair is ___________________.

d.  h(n) values are plotted along the _______________-axis.

e.  h(0) = -5  implies an input of _____ produces an output of _____.

f.  If h(1) is undefined, then 1 is not in the _________ of 'h'.

g.  If h(a) = 10 - (a), then h(a) = 10 when 'a' = ______.

h.  If h(n) = (n)^2 / (n - 1), then h(1) = _______

i.  The set of outputs from a function is called the ________.

j.  h(x) = -2 is an example of a ________ linear function.

k.  No or Yes:  f(x) = (x)/5 is a linear function.

l.  Briefly explain what is meant by the word "variable."