Assessment: Functions #1    due: Week #8

Do not lose this assessment. Do all your math on your own paper.

a)  No or Yes:  The following ordered-pairs can represent 
                a mathematical function.

    (0, 2)   (5, 3)   (-3, -2)    (-7, 8)   (0, 5)   (10, 0)

The next two questions use:  z(n) = 5(n)2 + 2(n) + (n)(n-1)

b) Evaluate:  z(1)

c) Evaluate:  z(-1)

The next two questions use the following: The circumference C 
of a circle is directly proportional to its diameter d; in other 
words,  C = Pi * d, where Pi approximates 3.14.

d) Explain why the circumference of a circle is a function of its diameter.

e) A circle with a circumference of 50 inches has a diameter of what?

The next four questions use the function:  w(t) = -(t)
domain for w(t) is:  -2 ≤ t ≤ 2, where t is an integer

f) List all of the valid inputs for the function w(t).

g) Specify the range for the function w(t)

h) Evaluate:  w(5)

i) Evaluate:  w(-1) + w(0) + w(1)

j) Plot and label the following ordered-pairs on a graph.
   (1,2)  (-2,3)  (-3,-5)  (0,0)  (0,5)  (-4,0)  (1,-3)

k) Briefly explain why the ordered-pairs in the previous 
   exercise cannot represent a function.