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Introductory Algebra

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Monday/Wednesday class: 5/9/2018 at 7:30am
Tuesday/Thursday class: 5/10/2018 at 7:30am
Two2 Continue with terminology. Continue arithmetic review. Simplifying expressions. Solving equations containing one variable. Assignment(s): Assessment: Expressions #0 and Assessment: Equations #0
One1 Review the syllabus and course. Introduce the Introductory Algebra website. What is Algebra? Arithmetic review. Handouts: MAT091 Syllabus and About the Course Assignment(s): 4-Point Assessment: Syllabus Confirmation and 0-Point Assessment: Arithmetic Review #0 and 0-Point Assessment: Terminology #0
Zero0 Start dates... Monday/Wednesday class: 1/17/2018; Tuesday/Thursday class: 1/16/2018