RoadHacker and TempeHiker Do Basic Arithmetic Road Signs (BARS)


RoadHacker and TempeHiker are going to roadtrip and hike with an eye open for road signs that can be used to help learn about basic arithmetic. These road signs are called BARS (Basic Arithmetic Road Signs). Road signs adhering to rules set forth by (RSM) might be submitted to RSM.

In a nutshell, the numbers found in a sign (or collection of signs) must be combined with arithmetic operators and popular math functions to form mathematical equations. Every number in the sign (or collection) must be used and each number can be used only once.

A collection of signs are all signs that are in a picture-- the signs do not have to be connected to the same pole (or gantry).


During the spring 2006 semester, a MAT102@SCC student asked if he could get extra credit for a prime number speed limit sign. I immediately answered "No." Quick reflection caused me to toggle my response to "Yes." He used his cell phone to take a picture of the sign and emailed it to one of my dot-com email addresses. {GDT::BAB:: BARS::Prime Number Speed Limits}


A BARS collection was created on 7 March 2006 and it was initialized with 39 BARs. {GDT::BABs:: BARS::Collection of Basic Arithmetic Road Signs}

BARSs are a form of BAB. On 7 March 2006, the 39 BARs represented 15.4% of all BABs. {GDT::BABs:: Basic Arithmetic Bits}


There are 320 BABs and 64 of the them are BARS. In other words, 20% of all BABS are BARS. BARS now include BASS (Basic Arithmetic Street Signs) and BAPISS (Basic Arithmetic Pi Street Sign).


RoadHacker and TempeHiker have been doing BARS for one year and 88 BARS were created during this first year of doing Basic Arithmetic Road Signs.


The Fall 2006 semester started with 140 BARS. During Summer 2006 break the BARS collection increased by 59.1%.


During the Spring 2008 semester, numerous BARS were modified for use in MathBabbler's MAT102 and MAT092 classes. In MAT102 (everyday math), BARS were used to learn about order of operations; in MAT092 (beginning algebra), BARS were used to learn about solving equations containing variables.

There were 423 BARS on 17 May 2008.


BARS were started five years ago on 15 May 2005. 661 BARS were created in the 1826 days.


BARS were started seven years ago on 15 May 2005. It has taken 2557 days to create 726 BARS.


BARS were started ten years ago on 15 May 2005. It has taken 3652 days to create 815 BARS.

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Created: 15 May 2005

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