10-Point Assessment #7    due: 12/12/2017

Do all your math on a separate piece of paper. Do not write on this assessment.

01)  No or Yes:  The bottom surface of a mouse pad is a 2-dimensional measure.

02)  5055 meters is how many miles?                         [1 mi = 1609.34 m]

03)  5055 meters is how many kilometers?                    [1 km = 1000 m]

04)  314 ounces his how many cups?                          [1 cup = 8 oz]

05)  The two legs (a and b) of a right triangle have lengths 
     of 5 feet and 7 feet.  How long is the hypotenuse (c)?                 
     [Pythagorean theorem:   c = sqrt(a^2 + b^2)]

06)  Circle M has a diameter of 7 inches and circle K has a diameter of
     5 inches. How many more square inches was the larger circle?

07)  Draw a picture of a cylinder.

08)  The volume of a cylinder having a radius (r) of 3 feet and 
     a height (h) of 8 feet is what?       
     [V = Pi * r^2 * h, where Pi = 3.14]

09)  Draw a picture of a trapezoid.

10)  The two bases (b1 and b2) of a trapezoid have 
     lengths of 6 inches and 10 inches, respectively. What is the area
     of this trapezoid if its height is 8 inches?
     [A = (b1 + b2) / 2 * h]

11)  The radius of a sphere (e.g. a baseball) is 15 meters. 
     What is the volume of the sphere?
     [V = (4/3) * Pi * r^3, where Pi = 3.14]

12)  The distance between Tempe, Arizona, and Superior, Arizona,
     is approximately 52 miles. How long will it take to drive
     from Tempe to Superior if the average driving speed is 
     37 miles per hour?  [record hour to nearest hundredth]