Assessment: Geometry #0    due: Tuesday, 11/14/2017

Do not write on this assessment. Rewrite each question and show your math on your own paper.

a.  Find the perimeter of a 15 foot long by 10 foot wide rectangle.

b.  One side of a square is 2 inches long.  Find its area.

c.  Record the area of a rectangle having a width of 5 feet 
    and a length of 55 inches.

d.  No or Yes.  An angle measuring 102° is an acute angle.

e.  Draw a picture of line segment that passes through point B
    and has A and C as end points. 

f.  Find the perimeter of square that has a side 8 meters long.

g.  Find the circumference of a circle that has a radius of 45 cm.

h.  Find the diameter of a circle having a radius of 6 inches.

i.  The right-triangle ABC has a hypotenuse of 5 and one leg having 
    a length of 3.  Find the length of the other leg.

j.  The measure of angle A is 90°.  What type of angle is A?

k.  Find the area of a triangle having a base length of 2 feet
    and a height of 5 feet.

l.  Two angles of a triangle total 130° What is the measure 
    of the third angle?

m.  One side of a square is 4 meters long.  Find its area.

n.  Assume angle Q is 30° and angle R is 60°.
    Angles Q and R are called ____________________ angles.

o.  A triangle with three sides of different lengths is 
    called a ______________________ triangle.

p.  A circle having a radius of 45.7cm has
    a circumference of __________________.

q.  Record a definition for the term polygon.