Assessment: Fractions #2    due: Tuesday, 10/3/2017

Do not write on this assessment. Rewrite each question and show your math on your own paper.

   assume:  a, b, c are all integers and...
            a ≠ b  and  a > 0  and  b > 0  and  b < c

   a.  (a^3 * b^2)/(b * a^2) = ________  <-- fraction 

   b.  The mixed number  (a b/c)  written as a fraction is _______.

   c.  a^-b equals the unit fraction __________.

   d.  2/(3^2) = _____  <-- fraction

   e.  (1/2) + (1/8) * (1/4) / (1/5) - (1/11) = ______  <-- fraction

   f.  Zelmo eats one-third of a candy bar and Herb eats one-eighth of
       of the same candy bar.  How much of the candy bar remains?

   g.  Edith is making one-fifth of a recipe that calls for five-sevenths 
       of a tablespoon of salt.  How much salt should Edith use?

   h.  By Tuesday night RoadHacker had completed one-half of a 
       2010 mile roadtrip. He completed one-fifth of the remaining
       roadtrip on Wednesday.  How many miles did he drive on Wednesday?