Local Computing User Groups

This webpage is out-of-date and it needs to be updated. Use with caution.

User Groups provide an organized community that educates members about standards, computing industry trends, and the local job markets. They provide an opportunity for people with similar interests to share and exchange ideas, knowledge, source code, and experiences.

   "Knowledge lives in communities, not individuals.  A computer user 
    who's not part of a community of computer users is going to have 
    a harder time of it than one who is." -- Phil Agre (UCLA Professor)

Valley of the Sun Local User Groups
Arizona Internet Professionals Association http://www.azipa.org/
Arizona Open Technology Organization http://www.azoto.org/
Arizona PHP Users Group http://www.azphp.org/
ASU Linux Users Group http://asulug.asu.edu/
ASU Open Source Special Interest Group http://www.opensourcesig.org/
ASU Unix Network Users Group http://www.asu.edu/it/ag/unug/
Arizona System Administrators Guild http://azsage.pcslink.com/
Mac OS X Users Group http://www.xusers.org/
Phoenix Java Users Group http://www.phxjug.org/
Phoenix Linux Users Group http://plug.phoenix.az.us/
Phoenix PC Users Group http://www.phoenixpcug.org
Phoenix Perl Monger Group http://phoenix.pm.org/
Tech Oasis http://techoasis.org/
Technology Officers Association http://tecoa.org/

Find when Nth day-of-week occurs.
Many user groups meet on the Nth day-of-week of every month (e.g. third Wednesday, second Tuesday, etc.).

How about a beer users group?

Scheduling Outline
  Mac OS X: 1st Wednesday  (location floats)
TechieTues: 2nd Tuesday    (Owl's Nest; Tempe)
    PHXJUG: 2nd Wednesday  (UACT; Phx/Tempe)
      PLUG: 2nd Thursday   (Sequoia; Mesa)
Stammtisch: 3rd Tuesday    (Muse Cafe; Tempe)
     AzPHP: 4th Tuesday    (Walt's TV; Tempe)
     TecOA: last Wednesday (usually somewhere in Tempe)
    AZSAGE: 2nd Wednesday  (every other month starting with Jan; floats)

week1:  mon (feb, apr, jun, aug, oct, dec)
week2:  tue, wed (collision on odd months), thu
week3:  tue
week4:  tue

Author: Gerald D. Thurman [gthurman@gmail.com]
Created: 15 May 2002