Guido van Rossum Jun 2002 Guido van Rossum is the father of the Python programming language. He created Python during the early 1990s.
Bob Bemer Feb 2002 Bob Bemer is the investor of ESC (and a co-creator of COBOL).
Theo de Raadt Nov 2001 Theo de Raadt is the creator of the OpenBSD operating system.
Peter Neumann Nov 2001 Peter G. Neumann is a computing Guru who has played an instrumental role in the development of the Internet. According to Neumann, we need to Expect the Unexpected.
Brian Behlendorf Aug 2001 Brian Behlendor is president of the Apache Software Foundation. Apache is open-sourced webserver software. As of December 2001, almost 60% of the webservers on the Internet run Apache.
Dennis Ritchie Dec 2000 Dennis Ritchie is the father of the C programming language, and he played a major role in the development of the Unix operating system.
Tim Berners-Lee Nov 1999 Wired News Tim Berners-Lee is the father of the World Wide Web.
Richard Stallman Jul 1999 Linux
Richard Stallman started the GNU Project and he is responsible for the GNU C compiler (gcc) and the emacs editor.
Vinton Cerf Jun 1999 Mercury News Vinton G. Cerf -- widely known as a father of the Internet -- is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocol, the computer language that gave birth to the Internet and is commonly used today.
Brian Kernighan Jun 1999 Stanford
Brian Kernighan has co-authored some of the greatest computer books of all-time (e.g. "The C Programming Language", "Programming in the Unix Environment", "The Practice of "Programming", "The Elements of Programming Style.") He is also co-creator of the awk programming language.
Ken Thompson May 1999 IEEE Computer
Ken Thompson has created the Unix, Plan 9, and Inferno operating systems. His work is consistently characterized as simple yet powerful. This is a great interview with a great programmer.
Bjarne Stroustrup Jan 1999 Personal
Bjarne Stroustrup created the C++ programming language and he has a webpage in which he answers frequently asked questions.

IEEE Computer "Open Channel" Interview conducted in 1998 and The Real Stroustrup Interview from, June 1998.

Audree Thurman Sep 1998 G.D.Thurman Audree Thurman has over 16 years of software development experience having worked for both large (AT&T Bell Laboratories) and small companies (International Data Systems). For three years, she was a Computer Science Residential Faculty Member and Computer Science Coordinator at Mesa Community College.
ASU Students Oct 1998 G.D.Thurman Micheale Taylor, Jeff Huff, and Wade Harris are CSE/CS majors at ASU. Micheale and Jeff graduate Dec-98, while Wade gets his paper next spring. All three of these students took numerous courses at Mesa Community College.
James Gosling Feb 1998 InfoWorld
James Gosling is one of the most famous programmers in software development. He is the father of the Java programming language.
Jakob Nielsen Don't Know Jakob Nielsen is a leading expert of web usability. This is a short inteview.
Donald Knuth NA Self Knuth's FAQ. Link provided by Sean Johns, Sep 1999.

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