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3.03 Billion Internet Users

2014 ended with approximately 3.03 billion Internet users.


[31 December 2014, top]

Most Expensive Domain Names Of All Time

I did not know this. " was sold for $1.2 million through Sedo in July 2014." -- Most Expensive Domain Names Of All Time

[23 July 2014, top]

Beware of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (#IoT) and the Internet of Human Things (#IoHT) are in their infancy, so it's a good idea to be thinking about things like our personal well being. the Internet of Things Could Kill You

[19 July 2014, top]

Is the CIA Using Twitter?

[06 June 2014, top]

Google Chrome Most Popular Browser In the U.S.

@Nanofoo received the following tweet from @WSJ on 2014.06.05.
   Google Passes Microsoft in U.S. Browser Market Share

   "According to new research from Adobe, Google's browsers passed 
    Microsoft's Internet Explorer for the numbers of visits to 
    U.S.-based websites on both personal computers and mobile 
    devices." -- [Wall Street Journal]
[05 June 2014, top]

comScore Media Metrix Ranks Top 50 U.S. Desktop Web Properties

Top Five: Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Facebook, and AOL.
   comScore Media Metrix Ranks Top 50 U.S. Desktop Web Properties 
   for February 2014  - via @comScore
[26 March 2014, top]

Twitter Turns 8

Twitter turned 8 years of age on 21 March 2014.

Here is my first tweet.

My Twitter usage on 21 March 2014.

   account        (1)   (2)  (3) 
   @nanofoo       3995  764  475  2346 days (6 years, 5 months, 3 days)
   @compufoo      3738    0   93  1526 days (4 years, 2 months, 6 days)
   @mathbabbler   3270  124  823  1747 days (4 years, 9 months, 13 days)
   @yottagoo       988    0   27  1740 days (4 years, 9 months, 6 days)
   @thurmtest      566    1    7  1640 days (4 years, 5 months, 26 days)
                14,557  889 1425
   (1) # of tweets; (2) following count; (3) # of followers

Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) closed at $50.92 on 21 March 2014 giving Twitter Inc. an approximate market value of $28.67 billion.

[22 March 2014, top]

Greetings From Tim Berners-Lee

Greeting from Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee on the Web's 25th anniversary from Web25 on Vimeo.

[12 March 2014, top]

The Internet In the Year 2025

[11 March 2014, top]

March 1989-- Information Management: A Proposal

Keyword as a hashtag: #hypertext
   "This proposal concerns the management of general information 
    about accelerators and experiments at CERN. It discusses the 
    problems of loss of information about complex evolving systems 
    and derives a solution based on a distributed hypertext system."
    -- Tim Berners-Lee, CERN, March 1989, May 1990 Management: A Proposal

[04 March 2014, top]

Reset the Net? 27 March 2014


[14 February 2014, top]

Twitter Reports 4th-Quarter 2013 Results

@compufoo tweeted the following on 5 February 2014.
   Twitter (TWTR) Reports 4Q'13 Results Stocks::Stuffer posting 

This was the first time Twitter Inc. reported quarterly results as a public company.

[05 February 2014, top]

Facebook Turns 10 Years Young

Facebook turned ten years young on 4 February 2014. According to Alexa on 4 February 2014 was the second most popular website in the U.S. and the world.

At 7:56am MST on 4 February 2014, FB was priced at $62.42 giving Facebook Inc. an approximate market value of $153.42 billion.

[04 February 2014, top]

Map of the Internet in 1969

[22 January 2014, top]

Trust but Verify

I agree!
   "It is becoming increasingly difficult to trust the privacy properties 
    of software and services we rely on to use the Internet. Governments, 
    companies, groups and individuals may be surveilling us without our 
    knowledge." -- Brendan Eich, CTO and SVP Engineering, Mozilla and
    Andreas Gal, VP Mobile and R&D, Mozilla but Verify

[22 January 2014, top]

Social Network Evolves Like How Genes Evolve

Facebook Inc. has some talented data scientists working for it.
   "In all, using anonymized data, we detected 121,605 different variants 
    of this particular meme which appeared in 1.14 million status updates. 
    One can connect these variants together, in a manner similar to 
    constructing a phylogenetic tree to trace the lineage of a particular 
    genetic sequence" --'s conclusion started with...

   "We've observed a number of remarkable parallels between how 
    information evolves in a social network and how genes evolve." evolution of memes on Facebook

[10 January 2014, top]

The Browser At the Start of 2014

I've never been a fan of having a bunch of different browsers, but I guess having choices is a good thing.

@nanofoo received the following tweet from @nerdgraph on 2014.01.06.

   New amazing InfoGraphic: Battle of the Browsers
[06 January 2014, top]

About the Internet Observer

The Internet Observer is a blog about the Internet. It is updated on a random basis and covers a wide array of Internet topics such as privacy, security, browser usage, server usage, domain name speculation, e-commerce and so on. The following blurb is about the Internet Observer.

Because of the Internet is constantly evolving this blog could be updated continuously. The primary objective of the Internet Observer is to learn about Internet. The blog tries to open our eyes to just how powerful the Internet is and to help us realize that the Internet is here to stay. We are becoming a "networked" society and if you use the Internet, then you are a member of the cyber-community. If users of the Internet are Internet-literate, then the Internet will be a better place for all of us to work, live and play.

The Internet Observer was started August of 1998 and on 1 January 2014 it contained 741 postings. Reviewing archived Internet Observer postings provides one man's (i.e. Thurman's) history of the Internet.

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[01 January 2014, top]

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