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Market Values of Yahoo!, Twitter, Facebook

#MomentInDotComHistory... Yesterday (12/26/02013) Twitter Inc.'s market value almost exceeded Yahoo! Inc.'s market value. Yahoo! was founded in January 01994, so next month it turns 20. Twitter will turn eight during March of 02014. Since this is Facebook (which turns 10 during February of 02014)... Yahoo!'s market value plus Twitter's market value is approximately 56% of Facebook's market value. [27 December 2013, top]

DNS Turns 30

[26 November 2013, top]

IOT: Internet Of Things

"The by-product of a trillion sensors is an abundance that will change the world for better; we will live healthier and longer in a less polluted world." -- Michael Bryzek #IoT #InternetOfThings´╗┐ of sensors to enable $15 trillion Internet of Things market by 2020

[24 November 2013, top]

13,000 Tweets and Counting

I had a Twitter milestone happen on 5 November 2013: I tweeted my 13,000th tweet. I have four characters hanging out in the twitterverse: @nanofoo, @compufoo, @mathbabbler and @yottagoo. The 13,000 tweet was tweeted by @nanofoo on 11/5/02013 at 4:20pm MST. I started tweeting on 18 October 02007, so it took 2210 days (6 years, 18 days) to tweet 13,000 tweets. [06 November 2013, top]

Facebook and Beheadings

[23 October 2013, top]

I Don't See Email Dying Anytime Soon

I viewed my Google Activity report for the 28 days ending 9/9/02013. I sent 10 email messages and received 741. People have been predicting the death of email for over a decade, yet it remains one of the oldest and most frequently used Internet-based applications. [12 September 2013, top]

Google Incorporated 15 Years Ago

[04 September 2013, top]

When Vint Cerf Speaks, I Listen

Vinton Cerf is a member of the GDT::DreamTeam.

[31 August 2013, top]

Internet Addiction Still Being Debated

The following is an embedded Facebook posting.

[26 August 2013, top]

Browser Usage Mid-2013 falls below 10% market share, Firefox hits 50-month low, and Chrome again gains the most [01 August 2013, top]

Oxford English Dictionary Adds Meaning To 'Tweet'

Here's a tweet about how "tweet" now has Twitter related meaning.
   Tweet Is Now a Real Word, and the Oxford English Dictionary Says So
[17 June 2013, top]

WWW Put In the Public Domain 20 Years Ago document that officially put the World Wide Web into the public domain on 30 April 1993. URL active once more

[01 May 2013, top]

Cookies Remain a Popular Computing Object

Damn cookies. "An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie." [Message seen on 8 April 2013.] "Our cookies policy has changed. Review our cookies information for more details. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies." [Message seen on 6 April 2013.] [08 April 2013, top]

Usenet Archive at

I like, but I didn't know they had a Usenet archive. Archive of UTZOO Tapes (December 11, 2001)

[01 April 2013, top]

I Don't Use Usenet Anymore

I don't use Usenet anymore. C Instructional Sites [posted 6 February 01997]

   I teach a C/C++ class @ Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ.
   I'm looking for some good C/C++ URLs that I can add to my
   web site to help my students learn the languages.  Any help
   will be appreciated.  You can checkout my C/C++ course at

[24 March 2013, top]

Twitter Turns 7

Happy Birthday Twitter!

On 21 March 2013, I had four Twitter accounts that collectively had tweeted 11,413 tweets.

[21 March 2013, top]

Ten Years of Internet Years of Internet [19 February 2013, top]

Many Americans Take the Internet For Granted

I somewhat agree with the following assessment.
   "It is now well understood that the American people care about 
    the Internet and value its openness and freedoms. This year is 
    likely to be a critical one for the open Internet, with issues 
    on the agenda in Washington that may affect the character of 
    the Internet for generations to come." -- ABC News

I don't fully agree that the "American people value [the Internet's] openness and freedoms." If they did, then they'd elect political leaders that we could unconditionally trust to protect the Internet's openness and our computing freedoms. Five Internet Issues to Watch in 2013

[15 February 2013, top]

Is Twitter a Waste of Time?

I hadn't looked at Twitter for a while, but when I did I all of sudden starting learning about fun stuff. While scrolling through tweets (newest-to-oldest), I eventually hit the following tweet by @StateOfSearch.
   Is Twitter a Waste of Time? (infographic) - (A)

Is Twitter a waste of time? Depends on whom you follow.

[13 February 2013, top]

Mosaic is 20 Years of Age

Yesterday (1/23/2013) the Mosaic web browser turned 20 years of age., First Real Web Browser, Turns 20

[24 January 2013, top]

The History of the Internet

Twitter Tweet from @The_infographic on 20 January 2013.
   History of the Internet:1969-2012 [infographic] | #dailyinfographic

Number of Internet users: 1 million in 1998; 1 billion in 2005; 2.4 billion in 2012.

Note: One million increased to one billion is 99,900% increase.

[21 January 2013, top]

About the Internet Observer

The Internet Observer is a blog about the Internet. It is updated on a random basis and covers a wide array of Internet topics such as privacy, security, browser usage, server usage, domain name speculation, e-commerce and so on. The following blurb is about the Internet Observer.

Because of the Internet is constantly evolving this blog could be updated continuously. The primary objective of the Internet Observer is to learn about Internet. The blog tries to open our eyes to just how powerful the Internet is and to help us realize that the Internet is here to stay. We are becoming a "networked" society and if you use the Internet, then you are a member of the cyber-community. If users of the Internet are Internet-literate, then the Internet will be a better place for all of us to work, live and play.

The Internet Observer was started August of 1998 and on 1 January 2013 it contained 719 postings. Reviewing archived Internet Observer postings provides one man's (i.e. Thurman's) history of the Internet.

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[21 January 2013, top]

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