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I Activated My Facebook Timeline

I activated my Facebook Timeline yesterday on 17 December 2011. I didn't record the date that I joined Facebook, but I learned from the Timeline that I joined on 26 September 2006. Thurman

[18 December 2011, top]

Zynga Inc. Goes Public

Zynga Inc. (ZNGA) went public on 16 December 2011. ZNGA opened at $11.00; hit an intra-day high and low of $11.50 and $9.00; closed at $9.50.

Zynga raised $1 billion via its IPO, which was the largest IPO since Google went public in 2004. the World Through Games

#CastleVille #IndianaJones #CityVille #Empires&Allies
#FarmVille #ZyngaPoker #WordsWithFriends
[17 December 2011, top]

Google Buzz is Buzzing No Longer

I used Google Buzz, via Gmail, on 12 December 2011. I went to Buzz something on 16 December 2011, again vai Gmail, and the Buzz hyperlink was gone. The following was copied from the Wikipedia.
"On October 14, 2011, Google announced that it would be discontinuing the service and that the existing content would be available in read-only mode. Buzz was discontinued on December 15, 2011."

Note: I used Google Buzz as my Stocks Stuffer blog. When I found out Google was going to kill off Buzz, I switched to using Google's

[16 December 2011, top]

WorldWideWeb Turns 21

Tim Berners-Lee wrote a paper on 12 November 1990 that is considered the birth date of the World Wide Web. In 2011, the WWW (if a person) turned old enough to drink legally.

I've been awed by the power of the hyperlink ever since I first learned about it circa 01996. The idea of the "hyperlink" was tossed around well before I was born in 01957 (circa mid-01940s). It's a bummer that I haven't been able to exploit the hyperlink to achieve financial independence/freedom. WorldWideWeb: Proposal for a HyperText Project

[12 November 2011, top]

29 October 1969: 1st Message Sent Over the ARPANET

10/29/1969 was an important day in the history of the Internet. Day the Infant Internet Uttered its First Words

[29 October 2011, top]

GDT Has Been Tweeting For Four Years

Four years ago today I tweeted my first Twitter Tweet. Right now, at ~5:40am MST on 18 October 02011, I have tweeted 6,901 tweets via four separate Twitter accounts (@nanofoo, @mathbabber, @compufoo, @yottagoo). I have 836 "followers," but most don't "follow." I'm "following" 629 and for me the power of Twitter is in whom I "follow."

The following were the three most recent tweets I had received while creating this posting.

   MIT startup, $1.7M in tow, combines mobile data 
   w/ deep science to make connections between behavior & health

   Really big data: The challenges of managing mountains of 

   Just in: Steve Scott Blog: 20 Petaflop Titan An Important 
   Milestone on Road to Exascale #HPC
[18 October 2011, top]

The Emoticon Turns 29? 19, 1982: Can.t You Take a Joke? :-)

The Wired posting prompted me to update GDT::Bit::Emoticans (i.e. ASCII faces), which I created during the latter part of the 20th century.

[19 September 2011, top]

1996 vs 2011: The Internet of Yesterday and Today

Created by: Online University [13 September 2011, top]

LinkedIn is Popular, But How Do I Use It?

I have yet to find LinkedIn a useful resource, but others have and someday I should learn how to use it more effectively. Sullivan On Making Effective Use of LinkedIn

[17 August 2011, top]

The WWW Turns 20?

@compufoo received the following tweet from @iProgrammerInfo on 2011.08.06.
   The Web turns 20

The following was an Internet Observer posting that was posted on 1 May 2008.

   Happy 15th Birthday to the WWW.

   30 April 1993... the WWW went public. And 15 years later, 
   Tim Berners-Lee claims the web is still an infant. World Wide Web turns 15 (again)

The BBC News article starts with... "The World Wide Web has many birthdays."

[06 August 2011, top]

About LinkedIn's Stock (NYSE: LNKD)

[19 May 2011] LinkedIn Corp. (NYSE: LNKD) went public at $45 on 19 May 2011. During its first day of trading the shares hit an intra-day high of $122.70 before closing at $94.25.

[20 June 2011] LNKD hit an intra-day low of $60.14.

[04 July 2011] LNKD is at $94.54 and LinkedIn Corp. has a market value of approximately $8.93 billion.

[04 July 2011, top]

.XXX Top Level Domain Added To the Root Nameservers

On 15 April 2011, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority added the dot-xxx Top Level Domain to the root nameservers. Record for .XXX

[16 April 2011, top]

RFC #1 Published 42 Years Ago On 7 April 1969

Everyday I get a "Qwiki of the Day" email message. The following was the Qwiki of the Day on 7 April 2011.
   "April 7, 1969 is the symbolic birth date of the Internet, [...]"

On 2 September 2004, I wrote GDT::Computing::Bit::Happy Birthday To The Internet?

[07 April 2011, top]

First Wiki Created 16 Years Ago

The Qwiki email message on 25 March 2011 was about the first wiki (WikiWikiWeb) being created on 25 March 1995.


I just watched the Qwiki on WikiWikiWeb. via @Qwiki

[25 March 2011, top]

Twitter Turns 5

Five years ago today (i.e. on 21 March 02006), Jack Dorsey (@jack) sent the first Twitter Tweet. These numbers are interesting and at the bottom it says that the number of Twitter employees has grown from eight in Jan'08 to 400 today. [21 March 2011, top]


I posted the following to Facebook on 2011.03.19.
   Slashdot reported this morning that ICANN has approved the 
   dot-xxx TLD (Top-Level Domain). It's taken ICANN years to 
   make this decision. I searched my website and found reference 
   to the "proposed" dot-sex TLD in instructional material dated 
   23 July 02002.

Note: I use 5-digit years on Facebook.

I followed up my Facebook posting with the following comment.

   Internet Observer blog posting posted on 9 April 02004... 
   ".sex Considered Dangerous"
[20 March 2011, top]

Doc Searls: Bring on The Live Web

"But we're still stuck inside the client-server world of requests and responses, where we -- the users -- play submissive roles." -- Doc Searls ("It would be nice if I had one career role. But I don't. That would be too normal. So here's what I play: ..." -- Doc Searls)
   Doc Searls is one of my E.F. Huttons.
[21 February 2011, top]

Hillary Rodham Clinton Remarks On Internet Freedom

"The dramatic increase in Internet users during the past 10 years has beenremarkable to witness. But that was just the opening act. In the next 20 years,nearly 5 billion people will join the network. It is those users who will decide thefuture." -- Hillary Rodham Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State
   Hillary Clinton talking about #InternetFreedom.

I get nervous when U.S. politicians talk about the Internet.

[21 February 2011, top]

About the Internet Observer

The Internet Observer is a blog about the Internet. It is updated on a random basis and covers a wide array of Internet topics such as privacy, security, browser usage, server usage, domain name speculation, ecommerce, and so forth. The following blurb summarizes the goal of the Internet Observer.

Because of the constant evolution of the Internet this document could be updated every minute of every day, but that would result in too information overflow. The primary objective of the Internet Observer it to open our eyes to just how powerful the Internet is and to help us realize that the Internet is here to stay. We are becoming a "networked" society and if you use the Internet, then you are a member of the cyber-community. If users of the Internet are Internet-literate, then the Internet will be a better place for all of us to work and live.

The Internet Observer was started August of 1998 and on 01 January 2011 it contained 678 postings. Reviewing archived Internet Observer postings is an one way to get an Internet related history lesson.

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[10 February 2011, top]

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