Audio Files

There are numerous audio clips stored on the ThurmUnit website. Most of them are in the .au format; however, hw3.wav is a homegrown audio file in which I say the phrase "hello, world." [Directory Listing].

AUDIO GUIDE for Web Developers claims it gives all you need to know to put digital music or sound into your webpages.

SunSite USA from the University of North Carolina has bunch sound files.

Audio Browser provides access to hundreds of sounds.

Sound Processing is a section from a "Building a Web Site" course from Michigan State University.

W3C Synchronized Multimedia Activity Statement gives an overview of W3C's design of a new language for scheduling multimedia presentations where audio, video, text and graphics are combined in real-time. The language, the Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) is written as an XML application and is currently a W3C Recommendation. Simply put, it enables authors to specify what should be presented when. You can, for example, control the precise time that a sentence is spoken and make it coincide with the display of a given image appearing on the screen.