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The TOP500 List Needs Repeating
8.162 quadrillion petaflops is #1.
   #1   Japan     8162
   #2   China     2566
   #3   U.S.      1759
   #4   China     1271
   #5   Japan     1192
   #6   U.S.      1110
   #7   U.S.      1088
   #8   U.S.      1054
   #9   France    1050
   #10  U.S.      1042 2011

[04 September 2011, top]

#Supercomputing #HPC Tweets: 2011.08.30 to 2011.08.20
RT @hpcwire: Around the Web: China Making Strides Toward Exascale #HPC

Speed Bump on the Way to Exascale Computing - Optimized Systems

BBC News - When algorithms control the world

RT @physorg_com 120 petabytes: IBM building largest data 
storage array ever

RT @insideHPC Just in: Video: Building an AWS Cluster in 10 Minutes #HPC

#INCITE #Supercomputers making pixelations and calculations that 
are worth a thousand words. @OakRidgeLabNews

RT @hpc_guru "It.s not about FLOPs any longer, it.s about data movement" 
@HPCwire Disruptive Approach to #Exascale #HPC

#HPC University Updates #Supercomputer to Support Research Projects 
- Optimized Systems

RT @fortnow David Ferrucci's talk on Watson (Jeopardy) now online. 
Best CS talk I've seen in a while. (via CCC Blog)

RT @HPC_Guru #Cray.s Barry Bolding on the #GPU-powered 
Cray XK6 system designed to scale to 50 Petaflops via @insideHPC

[30 August 2011, top]

Supercomputing is a Disruptive Technology
My Facebook posting on 30 August 2011.
   I consider supercomputing a "disruptive technology." 
   [Excuse buzz-phrase usage.] My guess is hurricane Irene 
   would have been significantly more disruptive without 
   the informatics computed by supercomputers.

   When I discuss the topic of supercomputing, inevitably the 
   first question I'm asked is "Why?" When it happened last week 
   Thursday in the Intro. to CS class, I was able to start my 
   answer with "Irene."

My Facebook posting on 29 August 2011.

   I displayed this list during the CSC100 class and it made me mad. 
   Top 5 supercomputers in the world: #1 Japan, #2 China, #3 U.S., 
   #4 China, #5 Japan. Rewind to June 02008... top 5 supercomputers 
   in the world: #1 U.S., #2 U.S., #3 U.S., #4 U.S., #5 U.S. List - June 2011 (1-100) | TOP500 Supercomputing Sites

[30 August 2011, top]

#Supercomputing #HPC Tweets 2011.04.19 to 2011.02.26

Big Data In HPC | Business Blog

Go Pittsburgh! "HPC News: Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center 
Celebrates 25 Years"

#TACC #TexasAdvancedComputingCenter "Lonestar 4 Supercomputer Deployed 
for Science Community"

RT @HPCwire Albert Einstein Institute Inaugurates High Performance 
Computer 'Datura'

#StephenWolfram "Launching a New Era in Large-Scale Systems Modeling"

RT @slashdot New Quantum Record: 14 Entangled Bits

#BiomedicalInformatics "Mayor Gordon: Phoenix lands 
health-field supercomputer" via @azcentral

RT @IBMWatson by @SCSatCMU Demo & match w/ @CarnegieMellon & #Pitt 
students this Wednesday! 3/30 #ibmwatson

RT @hpcwire: Off The Wire: PSC Scientists Co-Author Paper on Brain Wiring: 
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

RT @physorg_com 20 petaflops: New supercomputer for Oak Ridge facility 
to regain speed lead over the Chinese

RT @hpcwire: Ohio State Univ. Researcher Uses Supercomputing to 
Study Protein's Evolution:

RT @physorg_com Building biological computers {p.s. Happy #PiDay}

#supercomputing #HPC RT @KurzweilAINews by bengoertzel Intelligence 
analysts need not fear #Watson...

RT @hpcwire: HPC News: Air Force Research Laboratory Unveils 'Raptor' 

RT @Computerworld 5 exabytes of disk storage ship in 2010, says IDC, 
55% increase over '09 (@lucasmearian)

RT @hpcwire: SDSC Deploys 100-Teraflop 'Trestles' Supercomputer: 
The San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)

#UbiquitousComputing use to be a popular buzz-phrase. RT @HPCDan 
Ubiquitous Communication

RT @hpcwire University of Texas Computing Classroom Brings Advanced 
Scientific Computation and Statistics to S...

RT @hpcwire: HPCwire Feature: The HPC Gap in US Manufacturing

RT @PopSci Obama Puts $126 Million Toward Next-Generation Exascale 
Computer Research

[24 April 2011, top]

Ken Jennings: My Puny Human Brain
"I envisioned myself as the Great Carbon-Based Hope against a new generation of thinking machines--which, if Hollywood is to be believed, will inevitably run amok, build unstoppable robot shells, and destroy us all." -- Ken Jennings
   "My Puny Human Brain" by Ken Jennings

[21 February 2011, top]

What Can Watson Do For Water Management?
"Over the last century, global water usage has increased at twice the rate of population growth, impacting society across the board from public health to economics to energy consumption. Obviously, this supply and demand ratio isn't sustainable, and big changes in the way we manage this precious resource are an imperative." -- A Smarter Planet Blog

I live in Tempe, Arizona, and Tempe is in the Sonoran desert.

[21 February 2011, top]

Larry Page: AI Will Be Solved By Brute Force
"My prediction is that when AI happens, its going to be a lot of computation and not so much clever blackboard/whiteboard kind of stuff -- clever algorithms -- but just a LOT of computation." -- Larry Page
   "Google Founder [Larry Page circa 2007]: AI Will Be Solved 
   by Brute Force"

An AI posting seemed timely given IBM's Watson vs. Jeopardy grand challenge that took place February 14-16 in 2011.

[21 February 2011, top]

What is Moores Law?
"Moore's law is named after Gordon E. Moore -- co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of Intel Corporation." --
   Reading about this: Gordon Moores Law of Exponential Growth and the 
   Singularity -

[21 February 2011, top]

Blood-Flow Research At The Petascale
"High-performance computing makes realistic modeling of vascular and hematological diseases, from a whole organ down to protein-level representation of red blood cells, a possibility." -- George Karniadakis, mathematician at Brown University
   RT @physorg_com Blood-flow research at the petascale

[21 February 2011, top]

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