Learning About High-Performance Grid and Utility Computing

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"Grid computing has the potential to be a disruptive technology."
[Datamation::02 May 2002; GridPartners.com]

Definitions [Obtained from Wikipedia.org]

Distributed computing is the "process of running a single computational task on more than one distinct computer."

Parallel computing is the "simultaneous execution of the same task on multiple processors."

Cluster computing is a "group of connected computers that work together as a parallel computer."

Grid computing is a "model for solving massive computational problems using large number of computers arranged as clusters embedded in a distributed telecommunications infrastructure."

Supercomputer is a "computer that leads the world in terms of processing capacity."

Beowulf is a "design for high-performance parallel computing clusters on inexpensive personal computing (PC) hardware. A Beowulf cluster is a group of usually identical PCs running Linux or another open source Unix operating system such as FreeBSD. They are networked together into a small TCP/IP LAN."

openMosix is a Multi-computer Operating System that supports distributed processing.

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