Phish Concert, 01 October 2000, at Desert Sky

[update: 21 October 2005] Google, Inc. announced they were opening an engineering facility in the Valley of the Sun. This news prompted me to gather up GDT postings in which Google was mentioned. My recollection was that I had fun wearing a Google t-shirt to a Phish concert, so I re-visited my concert write-up to refresh my memories.

Phish stopped being a band during 2004. These days "phishing" is popular Internet-based criminal activity. [If this was not about Phish, I'd write something about SPAM and spam right now.]

Phish put on an excellent concert and numerous times they reminded me of the Grateful Dead. In a Jerry Garcia tradition, Trey can play. Thanks to the friends who dragged me along.

A bonus of going to a Phish concert is their fun loving fans. They are mostly young and they have one objective in mind: to have peaceful fun.

I wore my white Google t-shirt to the concert and the minute I got out of our taxi I realized that I should have worn my pink Google t-shirt. Speaking of t-shirts, I almost ripped one off of a guy while we were wondering the parking lot. He looked like Jeff Daniels who was in the movie "Dumb and Dumber" and his t-shirt read: Slightly Stupid. My assessment scale equates "slight stupid" with "dumber."

I chatted with two girls from Massachusetts who were moving to Montana via Arizona. That's a long roadtrip. Of course I had to tell them how great it is to drive the Dakotas.

The ticket lines was not well defined and a lot of people passed me by. Using my homeless voice, I started asking those passing by "old farts first?" Once I was about ready to say it to the guy next to me, but he was an old-fart just like me and we ended up having an enjoyable talk about how much fun it is being old-farts.

A license plate from Simpson County, Mississippi caused me to strike up a conversation with a group of guys. My Google t-shirt caught their attention and they asked if I was a Google spokesperson. I considered telling a lie but I reponded "no." I told them I was simply a Google fan just like they were Phish fans. I told them I had been to Mississippi a long time ago and that I enjoyed my stay along the Gulf. Later, further down the parking lot, another person asked me if I worked for Google. Again, I had to say "no," but I'm sure it would be great fun to be a googler.

Encountered two young guys from Illinois who were on a roadtrip following Phish. Turned out they lived close to where I grew up -- Lockport, Illinois. I was not familiar with their hometown, but I knew where it was geographically.

While standing in a concession line I tried to convert a Microsoft guy to switch over to Free and Open Source software. He got my attention because he noticed my Google t-shirt and that prompted him to tell me that he used Google sometimes. I acted like I had been hit by a stroke and responded sometimes? He ended up getting a computing lecture from me.

A couple from Santa Cruz, CA, allowed us an opportunity to promote Tempe [we told the couple that Tempe is the only place to stay when visiting this area]. The guy was a web programmer who sent his resume to Google, but they didn't reply. I told him to send a resume to Yahoo! and if he was good, they'd hire him [I suspect he was no good].

I displayed shock when a roadtripper from San Francisco told me that he had never been to Death Valley. How do you drive from S.F. to Tempe without visiting Death Valley?

During the break, I left to get a pretzel but returned with nachos -- they had run out pretzels. I complained to my buddy and those around us overheard. Next thing you know a couple of them started yelling "More pretzels!" It is nice seeing young people respect their elders.

Interestingly, I cannot recall seeing a single police officer.

When we first sat down for the concerts, some people in front of us asked if we were Phish virgins. We were are the time, but aren't anymore. I'm looking forward to my next Phish concert.

[Final Note] In the Phish parking lot, a couple guys set up a grill and they sold huge quantities of grilled cheese sandwiches. I didn't get their recipe, but a couple of SCC student passed along a grilled cheese sandwich recipe that I posted to FoodHacker.