US Hwy-60 East: Tempe Through New Mexico to Earth, Texas
US Hwy-70 West: Earth, Texas Through New Mexico to Globe
4 day/3 night; approximately 1320 miles
tentatively scheduled for early summer 2006.

   US Hwy-60, Continental Divide, Pie Town NM, Datil Well National 
   Recreation Site, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro, 
   I-25, Abo of Salinas Pueblo National Monument, Grave of Billy 
   the Kid, Fort Sumner State Monument, Clovis NM, Earth TX,
   US Hwy-70, Roswell NM, White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
   State University, Mesilla, Rio Grande River, Rock Hound State Park

*** Best read with maps of Arizona and New Mexico ***

Day One: Tempe AZ to Mountainair NM via US Hwy-60

Drive US Hwy-60 east from Tempe to Superior to Miami to Globe. [ map]

Continue US Hwy-60 east/north through Salt River Canyon to Show Low, east to Eager and the New Mexico border.

Continue US Hwy-60 east to Pie Town and stop for pie. Resume driving east. The Continental Divide is a couple miles outside of Pie Town. Past the divide visit the Datil Well National Recreation Site and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (Very Large Array [VLA]) and Kelly Ghost town near Magdalena. This stretch of US Hwy-60 passes through the towns Red Hill, Quemado, Omega, Pie Town, Datil, Magdalena and Socorro.

Spend night one in Mountainair. [ map]

approximate miles: 440
Day Two: Mountainair NM to Earth TX via US Hwy-60/Hwy-70; Earth TX to Roswell NM via US Hwy-70

Visit the Old San Miquel Mission prior to leaving Socorro. Go north on I-25/US Hwy-60 and continue US Hwy-60 east visiting Abo of Salinas Pueblo National Monument, the Grave of Billy the Kid, and Fort Sumner State Monument. Continue US Hwy-60 east through Clovis to a town named Earth. Turn around and return to New Mexico. US Hwy-60 and US Hwy-70 are the same road between Clovis and the Texas border. [280 miles] [No map because Yahoo, Google, and MapQuest all generated maps that instructed us to drive I-40 east rather than US Hwy-60.]

Take US Hwy-70 west/southwest to Roswell for night number two. This 120 mile stretch of US Hwy-70 is also called the Clovis Highway and it looks like it goes through only four towns. [Reminder: Just because a town shows up on a map doesn't mean the town is still there.] About 10 miles outside of Clovis (near Portales) is the Oasis State Park. [ map]

approximate miles: 400
Day Three: Roswell NM to Deming NM via US Hwy-70

[CHANGE] Visit downtown Roswell and the Roswell Museum and Art Center. Continue US Hwy-70 west/southwest to Hondo. US Hwy-70 goes through the Lincoln National Forest as part of the Billy the Kid Trail to Ruidoso Downs. Continue to Alamogorda and visit the International Space Hall of Fame. Continue US Hwy-70 west to the White Sands National Monument.

Continue US Hwy-70 southwest to Las Cruces and visit the New Mexico State University campus. Take I-10/US Hwy-70 west to Deming stopping at the town of Mesilla located a few miles west of Las Cruces along the Rio Grande River. [ map]

approximate miles: 250
Day Four: Deming NM to Globe AZ via US Hwy-70; Globe AZ to Tempe AZ via US Hwy-60

Visit Rock Hound State Park upon leaving Deming.

Visit City of Rocks State Park.

Continue I-10 west to Lordsburg then switch to west/northwest on US Hwy-70 to the Arizona border. The Continental Divide is about 20 miles west of Deming.

Continue US Hwy-70 west/northwest to Safford (140 miles), San Carlos and Globe (80 miles). Globe is the western terminus for US Hwy-70. [ map]

At Globe, drive west on US Hwy-60 to Tempe (80 miles). [ map]

approximate miles: 300
Total Approximate Miles: 1320
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Author: Gerald D. Thurman []
Created: 11 December 2004