FLOSS External Hyperlinks

GDT::FLOSS:: Homepage  |  FLOSSER (blog)

GNU.org:: GNU Project  |  Free Software Foundation (FSF)  |  GNU Manifesto
OpenSource.org:: Open Source Initiative (OSI)  |  Open Source Definition

Organizations and Schools

OSDL.org:: Open Source Development Lab
OSAFoundation.org:: Open Source Applications Foundation
FreeStandards.org:: Safeguarding the Future of Linux Through Standards
OpenGroup.org:: Making Standards Work
OpenSource.MIT.edu:: Free / Open Source Research Community (Online Papers)
Stanford.edu:: The Free/Libre/Open Source Software Survey for 2003


OReilly.com:: Free as in Freedom [by Richard Stallman (rms)]
OReilly.com:: Open Sources: Voices From the Open Source Revolution
CATB.org:: The Cathedral and the Bazaar [by Eric Raymond (esr)]
ThinkGeek.com:: Just For Fun by Linus Torvalds
OReilly.com:: Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing
RosenLaw.com:: Open Source Licensing: Software Freedom and Intellectual Property Law

Other FLOSS Related Resources

OSRiskManagement.com:: Open Source Risk Management
OSDir.com:: Open Source and Linux News & Software
PARC.com:: Open Source Development: The Case of Linux
OpenGroup.org:: Developer Declaration of Independence
Wikipedia.org:: Free/Libre and Open Source Software

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