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The Big Open Source Stories of 2011
@nanofoo received the following tweet from @ARStechnica on 2011.12.27.
   Two decades of Linux: the big open source stories of 2011: by @thepacketrat

[27 December 2011, top]

Celebrating the Open Technology Foundation
Red Hat is a great Open Source company and it is on target to generate $1 billion in revenue during FY 2012.
   "While some government bodies, particularly in Brazil and the EU, 
    have long favored open source and open standards, the prominent 
    use of open technologies by the Obama Administration has raised 
    awareness of the benefits of open source by governments around 
    the world."

I agree that the Obama Administration has raised Open Source awareness, but it needs to do more--a lot more. In a nutshell, the U.S. government is a token FLOSSer. the Open Technology Foundation

[23 September 2011, top]

Software Freedom Day 2011 is Sept. 17th
#SoftwareFreedomDay is on Saturday, 17 September 02011. #SFD #FLOSS

[15 September 2011, top]

Photos: Gallery presenting the first twenty years of Linux Gallery presenting the first twenty years of Linux

[15 September 2011, top]

Open Source is Maturing
OSCON is the O'Reilly Open Source Convention.

I strongly agree: Open source is now the default assumption for the people building tomorrow. If you're not leveraging and protecting software freedom, you'd better have a really good explanation why not. round-up: Open source isn't declining. It's maturing.

[17 August 2011, top]

Open Source, Government and Economic Development
   "In part one of our interview with David Diaz, president and CEO of the 
    Downtown Raleigh Alliance, we explored how open source is applied to 
    economic development, how his organization works with local government, 
    and the programs Downtown Raleigh Alliance has implemented." the dots: Open source, government, and economic development

[17 August 2011, top]

Red Hat Reports Solid 4Q'11 Results
Red Hat (RHT) reported 4Q'11 results after the market closed yesterday (02011.03.23). Operating cash flow for 4th-quarter was $95.0 million. The company ende FY'11 with "cahs of $1.2 billion. During 4Q'11, Red Hat repurchased $11 million, or approximately 250,000 shares, of RHT shares. For FY'11, Red Hat repurchased approximately $90 million, or 2.9 million shares. RHT closed yesterday at $39.97, well below its 52-week high of $49.00.

[24 March 2011, top]

RMS' view on on gpl'd headers
RT @cdibona: RMS' view on on gpl'd headers:

[21 March 2011, top]

Is Open Source Better?
"Truth is, you could argue that 'open' makes the customer's life miserable." -- David Pogue. And the truth is you can argue about almost everthing and anything.
   An Open Question; Is Open Source Better?

Is Open Source better? Sometimes.

[21 February 2011, top]

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