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RMS Says Cloud Computing = Careless Computing
I tweeted the following from my @compufoo Twitter account on 15 December 2010.
   #CloudComputing to Richard Stallman is #CarelessComputing. #RMS has a point that's worth discussing.

The posting quoted Stallman saying the following.

   "I suppose many people will continue moving towards careless 
    computing, because there's a sucker born every minute. The 
    US government may try to encourage people to place their 
    data where the US government can seize it without showing 
    them a search warrant, rather than in their own property."
    --Richard Stallman (father of the GNU Project and Free Software)

Hmm... To extent I understand why RMS considers cloud computing a form of careless computing.

[14 December 2010, top]

Debian Hits 17 Years of Age
@compufoo tweeted the following on 16 August 2010.
   Happy 17th Birthday to Debian. 
   #Linux #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #FLOSS

[16 August 2010, top]

Firefox Becomes IBM's Default Browser
IBM is huge company; therefore, this should be great news for Mozilla Firefox and the FLOSS (Free/Libre and Open Source Software) movement. it out loud: IBM is moving to Firefox as its default browser

[02 July 2010, top]

A Call For Open Source Biology
I, too, advocate Open Source biology.
    "And, just as 'open source' software lets white-hat computer 
     nerds work against the black-hats, so open-source biology 
     would encourage white-hat geneticists." man made life

[30 June 2010, top]

Important Events in the History of FLOSS
For the most part I agree with the Royal Pingdom's assessment of the nine most important "events" in Open Source history.

I didn't think about Usenet, but GNU, BSD, Linux, Apache, MySQL definitely came to mind. 9 most important events in Open Source history

[17 April 2010, top]

Can OpenSolaris Make Money For Oracle?
Note: Oracle became the owner of OpenSolaris when it acquired Sun Microsystems.

Garrett D'Amore posted a "Call for Action" item that started with...

   "If you don't monetize something somewhere, then it doesn't 
    really help if OpenSolaris is used everywhere."

Garrett ended his "Call for Action" posting with...

   "So here's a challenge for everyone who wants to 
    make our product even more Open.  Show us a plan 
    for how that will ultimately generate revenue 
    for Oracle?" for Action

[17 April 2010, top]

Open Sourcing Biology
The Open Source model can work well outside of the computing world. Source Software Meets Do-It-Yourself Biology

[17 April 2010, top]

Important FLOSS Cities
There are three cities that are playing a key role in the FLOSS movement and they are Vancouver, Portland, and San Francisco. Powered by Open Source

[17 April 2010, top]

National Free Software Coalition Formed in India
@nanofoo received the following tweet from @CACMmag on 2010.03.22.
   A coalition named the National Free Software Movement of 
   India was announced at a software conference in Bangalore.


   "The coalition aims at taking Free Software and its ideological 
    implications to computer users 'across the digital divide' and 
    to various streams of science and research." Free Software Coalition Formed in India

[22 March 2010, top]

FLOSS Popular With CIOs In The U.K.
Just like the Energizer bunny, the FLOSS movement keeps going and going and going.
   "The survey, sponsored by U.K. firm Global Graphics which 
    develops electronic document and printing software, found 
    that 76% of CIOs surveyed say they use free software at 
    the enterprise level and 88% said they have free software 
    deployed at the department level." software embraced by CIOs

[10 February 2010, top]

San Francisco Mayor Likes Open Source
These days the following should be standard operating procedure for all governments and institutions that are taxpayer funded.
   "The San Francisco Committee on Information Technology has 
    published a new software evaluation policy that requires 
    departments of the city government to consider open source 
    software solutions alongside proprietary commercial offerings." mayor: city can save money with open source software

[25 January 2010, top]

One New Zealand High School Uses FLOSS
I like the phrase "100% FLOSS."

At least the SysAdmins at one high school in New Zealand are FLOSSers (i.e. users/advocates of Free/Libre and Open Source Software). school ditches Microsoft and goes totally open source

[25 January 2010, top]

Facebook Becomes an Apache Foundation Sponsor
Apache is a great Open Source success story and kudos to Facebook for becoming an Apache Foundation sponsor. becomes Apache Software Foundation sponsor

[13 January 2010, top]

Open Source Culture and Pirates
Sherman Alexie's words terrifies me (Gerald Thurman).
   "With the open-source culture on the Internet, the idea of ownership 
    --of artistic ownership--goes away. It terrifies me." ~ Sherman Alexie piracy hits the e-book industry

[02 January 2010, top]

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