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I copy without permission from EDUCause:

   University of Maryland Asks Students to Rename Web Site

   The University of Maryland (UMD) has threatened to sue two UMD
   students who have created the Web site, where UMD
   students can post comments on any aspect of university life. The
   University of Maryland regards the word "terps" as part of the
   university brand, said UMD's George Cathcart, and the two
   students have already removed UMD logos from their Web site
   and have agreed to move to a new domain name. UMD's football
   and basketball teams have been gaining prestige recently, and the
   university just launched a $650,000 advertising campaign to boost
   the university. UMD lawyers had sent owners cease
   and desist letters, and defended their actions by comparing the
   word "terps" to major brands such as Pepsi, but said their
   intention is not to shut down the site. The site gets several
   thousand hits daily, and the news set off a wave of online protest.
   (Baltimore Sun, 28 November 2001)

During a recent Java lecture I presented some information about the SCC football team. Somehow that prompted me to say something about the University of Maryland -- their basketball team has some long winning streak in progress. [Something akin to the longest consective number of non-conference home wins.] Maryland beat Illinois and Illinois has a good team; therefore, Maryland's streak was at risk of being broken. I'm from Illinois and that is how we got to the University of Maryland. [I wonder what Maryland's CS program is like?]

As of Thu Dec 6 10:00:35 MST 2001 was nothing more than a blank (i.e. empty) webpage. [At least it downloads and renders fast.]

Just out of curiousness I have decided to visit the University of Maryland's Department of Computer Science website and see what type of computing stuff they are into. I came across some unexpected reading.

I copy without the permission from the "About the Undergraduate Program" section of the University of Maryland's Department of Computer Science website.

   A student may chose either Pascal Programming (CMSC 105) 
   or Introduction to C Programming (CMSC 106) as a first 
   course. These two courses are designed to introduce the 
   student to principles of top-down program design and to 
   elementary programming and data constructs. Computer Science 
   I (CMSC 114) deals with data abstraction and has programming 
   assignments in C++. Computer Science II (CMSC 214) then deals 
   with object-oriented programming and more advanced usage of C++ 
   as well as elementary data structures. Students also take a course 
   in discrete structures (CMSC 250), laying the mathematical foundations 
   for the study of computer and program design.

Wow... purely by accident I discover a dot-edu that thinks C is a good first language. Heck, now I am a University of Maryland fan. I do, however, feel that the TerpIdiots should be able to keep their website. It is a dot-com. If a Domain Name doesn't end in, then it is not affiliated with the University of Maryland.

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Created: 06 Dec 2001