There are so many exceptional computing professionals in this world. Thanks to the Internet and the WWW, I have the honor of helping others learn about some of these computing gurus. [Note: At least one new member is added to the DreamTeam every session (i.e. spring, summer, fall). The name of the most recent addition is in bold.]

Thurman's Favorite Computer People
Frances Allen, Marc Andreessen, Brian Behlendorf, Steven Bellovin, Tim Berners-Lee,
Steve Bourne, Sergey Brin, Paul Buchheit, Vinton Cerf, Aubrey de Grey, Doug Engelbart,
David Filo, Carly Fiorina, Bill & Melinda Gates, James Gosling, Jim Gray, J. Storrs Hall,
Bill Joy, Mitch Kapor, Alan Kay, Brian Kernighan, Donald Knuth, Andrew Koenig, Ray Kurzweil,
Barbara Liskov, Marissa Mayer, Bob Metcalfe, Peter Neumann, Craig Newmark, Jakob Nielsen,
Tim O'Reilly, Larry Page, Rob Pike, P.J. Plauger, Kim Polese, Eric Raymond, Dennis Ritchie,
Virginia Rometty, Andy Rubin, Bruce Schneier, Jonathan Schwartz, Gene Spafford, Ellen Spertus,
Richard Stallman, Lincoln Stein, Bjarne Stroustrup, Ivan Sutherland, Ken Thompson,
Sebastian Thrun, Larry Wall, Stephen Wolfram, Steve Wozniak, Jeannette Wing, Jerry Yang,
Ed Yourdon, Phil Zimmermann [Honorary Members] Elon Musk, John Perry Barlow, Neil Young



David Filo, Spring 2014
Andy Rubin, Fall 2013
Stephen Wolfram, Summer 2013
Elon Musk, Summer 2013 [honorary member]
Ivan Sutherland by Thurman, Spring 2013
Virginia Rometty by Thurman, Fall 2012
Marissa Mayer by Thurman, Summer 2012
J. Storrs Hall by Thurman, Spring 2012
Paul Buchheit by Thurman, Fall 2011
Sebastian Thrun by Thurman, Spring 2011
Bill & Melinda Gates by Thurman, Fall 2010
Ellen Spertus and Barbara Liskov, Spring 2010
Bob Metcalfe by Thurman, Fall 2009
Craig Newmark by Thurman, Summer 2009
Sergey Brin by Thurman, Spring 2009
Aubrey de Grey by Thurman, Spring 2009
Steve Wozniak by Thurman, Fall 2008
Larry Page by Thurman, Fall 2008
Jerry Yang by Thurman, Summer 2008
Jim Gray was the first DreamTeam member to be moved to the DeadTeam (2/8/2008).
Frances Allen by Thurman, Spring 2008
Jonathan Schwartz by Thurman, Fall 2007
Jeanette Wing and Brian Belhendorf, Spring 2007
Steven Bellovin by Thurman, Fall 2006
Alan Kay, Fall 2005
Carly Fiorina by Thurman, Spring 2005
Steve Bourne by Thurman, Summer 2004
Kim Polese by Thurman, Spring 2004
Mitch Kapor and Ray Kurzweil by Thurman, Fall 2003
Marc Andreessen by TiaP, Summer 2003
Tim O'Reilly by Thurman, Fall 2002
Dennis Ritchie by SeanJ, Spring 2000

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