How To Submit Assignments

Assignments are submitted via emails sent to

An assignment email should have a subject line formatted as follows.

      Subject:  #AssignmentHashtag csc240 FirstName LastName

Example. CSC240 student Zelmo Zeroman submitting the assignment hashtagged #assessment0 would send an email having the subject-line:

	#assessment0 csc240 Zelmo Zeroman

Assignments are due by midnight on their scheduled due date.

Only one assignment can be submitted per email.

Assignments can be submitted early.

About Programming Assignments

Programs are submitted as email file attachments. The attached files must be in a dot-txt (plain-old-text) format.

Programs that do not compile receive zero credit.

Source code files must start with a file comment block that contains the following two items: (0) A description of what the program does written in English. (1) Your full name.