Assignment: #stats1 Due: 10/17/02018 Points: 4


This assignment requires you to make modifications to your #stats0 program.

Dynamically Create a Fourth Data Set

Using the malloc() function from the STDC Library, dynamically allocate memory to store a fourth data set (setd) that contains a copy of the contents of the three compiled data sets (seta, setb, setc).

Similar to what was done for the other data sets, print the range, mean, median, mode, sum, and product for setd.

Implement the Calculation of the Median and Mode

Data set sorting must be implemented using the qsort() function from the STDC Library.


Implement a search loop that prompts the user to enter a search value. Search each of the four sets for the entered input. The output of this portion of the program should look like the following. Loop until the user enters 'n' in response to a confirmation prompt.

   enter search value:  
   n found in seta
   n not found in setb
   n found in setc
   n found in setd

   do you want to do another search (y or n): 
bool search(int* set, int nelems, int search_value)

Define a function that searches parameter set (containing nelems) for parameter search_value. Return true if found, else return false.

Searching must be implemented using the bsearch() function from the STDC Library.

Example Output

Note: The sets are printed sorted from smallest-to-largest.

set A: { 5,10,15,20,25, }
set A: range=20; mean=15; median=15; mode=modeless
set A: sum=75
set A: product=375000

set B: { -2,-2,-2,-2,0,2,2,2, }
set B: range=4; mean=-0.25; median=-1; mode=-2
set B: sum=-2
set B: product=0

set C: { -1,1,8,9,10,10, }
set C: range=11; mean=6.16667; median=8.5; mode=10
set C: sum=37
set C: product=-7200

set D: { -2,-2,-2,-2,-1,0,1,2,2,2,5,8,9,10,10,10,15,20,25, }
set D: range=27; mean=5.78947; median=2; mode=-2
set D: sum=110
set D: product=0