Assignment: #AssessmentQuestions Due: 12/08/2017 Points: 3

Assessment Questions

Create three questions that can potentially be used on the inclass #FinalAssessment. It is assumed that if any of your questions are on the final, then you'll get those questions correct (a form of extra credit).

Each submitted question has the following parts:

   + the question and/or exerise
   + the answer 
   + an explanation of the answer
   + the motivation for the question
   + question difficulty rating (1 for easy to 5 for hard)
Example 0
   Question: Who was the father of Lisp?

   Answer: John McCarthy 

   Explanation:  John McCarthy created Lisp during the late 1950s 
   while he was at MIT.

   Motivation: Computing students should know the computer professionals
   who are responsible for creating our present day computing world.

   Difficulty level:  1.
Example 1
   Exercise:  Evaluate  (cadr '(1 2 3 4 5))

   Answer/Explanation:   2
   (cadr '(1 2 3 4 5)) is:
   (cdr '(1 2 3 4 5)) => (2 3 4 5)
   (car '(2 3 4 5)) => 2

   Motivation: It's difficult to do anything with Lisp without
   understanding (car) and (cdr).

   Difficulty level:  2.
Example 2
   Given the knowledge base:

      happy(X) :- wealthy(X), healthy(X), wise(X).
      senior(X) :- retired(X); over65(X).

   explain why the query:

      | ?- happy(truman).

   evaluates to no (false).

   Answer:  healthy(truman) evaluates to no (false)
   because there is no healthy(truman) property,
   nor can prolog use of the other clauses to
   determine if truman is happy.  In order to 
   be happy(X), X must be wealthy(X) and healthy(X) 
   and wise(X).

   Motivation:  A prolog program is a knowledge base and 
   they are not of much use if they don't contain rules.

   Difficulty level:  2.