CSC240::Assignments::Fall 2017
Introduction to Different Programming Languages

  Name   AssignedDue DatePointsDescription
#FinalAssessment 12/11 12/11 12 Final Assessment. Attendance is required. This assessment will be similar to the #midterm assessment; however, it will be done during class. Note: It will include questions related to C++, Lisp, and Prolog.
#prolog1 11/20 12/11 7 Create a knowledge base and query it.
#AssessmentQuestions 11/28 12/08 3 Create questions/exercises that could be used on the #FinalAssessment.
#prolog0 11/20 12/05 5 Read and document the paper 'The birth of Prolog' written by Alain Colmerauer & Philippe Roussel.
#MakeHelloWorld3 11/13 12/01 2 Write a Lisp program that outputs a "hello, world" that's written in Prolog.
#lisp2 11/13 12/01 6 Write three functions that are used as part of a Lisp program.
#lisp1 11/06 11/24 6 Write numerous lisp expressions/functions and answer a few assessment questions.
#lisp0 11/06 11/20 5 Convert arithmetic expressions into Lisp and evaluate.
#MakeHelloWorld2 10/30 11/14 4 This C++ program prints to the standard output stream a Lisp program that when compiled and interpreted prints the phrase -- "hello world" from STUDENT_NAME -- to the standard output stream.
#midterm 10/23 11/11 10 Review of material covered during the first half of the semester.
#carcdr 10/16 11/04 5 Implements function that are similar to Lisp's car() and cdr functions.
#cstrings 10/16 10/30 4 Implement some of the string functions defined in the STDC Library.
#PadovanSequence 10/09 10/25 4 Write a C++ program that generates and prints the Padovan integer sequence. The sequence is generated twice: once using iteration and once using recursion.
#RecursiveReverse 10/02 10/20 3 Write an interactive C++ program that reads a sequence of characters from the standard input stream and reverses the sequence using recursion.
#stats1 10/02 10/20 4 Modify the #stats0 program to include the calculation of median and mode. In addition, create a fourth data set that's created using dynamic memory allocation.
#stats0 09/25 10/13 4 Write a C++ program that computes some statistics using integer arrays as data sets.
#squares 09/18 10/06 5 Write an interactive C++ program that prints squares.
#ArithOps 09/11 09/29 3 Write an interactive C++ program that does basic arithmetic using user entered arithmetic operators and integer operands.
#Knuth 09/06 09/22 3 Write a program that implements the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic.
#MakeHelloWorld 09/06 09/15 5 Write a Java application that prints a C++ program that when compiled and executed prints phrase hello, world followed by a newline to the standard output stream.
#bwk 09/06 09/11 0 Learn about programming languages from Brian W. Kernighan.
#email 09/06 09/08 0 Create an CSC240 email connection with the instructor.

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