Assignment: #assessment5 Due: 12/02/02018 Points: 6


  1. The _______ command is used to display a list of all environment variable name/value pairs.

  2. Two files having the same i-node number, may have been hard-linked using the _________ command.

  3. Assume a file named foo does not exist. Which one of the following command-lines does not result in the creation of an empty file named foo?

       a.  touch foo
       b.  < foo
       c.  > foo
       d.  >> foo
       e.  don't know
  4. The rmdir command supports a -R option to recursively remove directories.

       a.  false 
       b.  true 
       c.  don't know

  5. Record the command-line used to print the first 15 lines of the /etc/group file.

  6. The __________ command can be used to display the value of an environment variable.

  7. The __________ command can be used to display the type of data stored in a file.

  8. The _____ option on the cal command is used to display julian dates.

  9. If the command-line   mv a b c d   executes without error, then we know that the last argument named d is a _______________.

  10. Record the command-line that will rename file foo to bar .

  11. The ______ shell operator is used on the command-line to re-direct the standard input stream.

  12. Given the command-line    cmd1 | cmd2    The pipe operator causes the standard _______ of cmd1 be become the standard _________ for cmd2.

  13. Un-wanted command output (both standard output and standard error) can be re-directed to the _____ character device file.

  14. The command-line    echo -n hello | wc -c    prints the value ___________________.

  15. The _____ shell operator is used to append the output of a command to the end of a file.

  16. Executed by a regular user, the command-line    touch /etc/me    fails because of _________________.

  17. Record the command-line used to set permissions to rw-r----- for file foo .

  18. Record the command-line that prints the exit status of the last command executed.