Assignment: #assessment1 Due: 09/02/02018 Points: 3


Part #0: The "C" Programming Language

Part #1: Submit the Assignment

The body of your email submission for #assessment1 should contain the answers to the following questions.

[0] Before "C" there was "B". "C" is compiled, while "B" was _________.

[1] Writing an Operating System in a language like "C" does sometimes 
    require writing some code in an ______________ language.

[2] Programmer/Computer Scientist, whose logname was dmr, is considered
    the "father" of "C". The full name for dmr is ______________________.

[3] In the computing world the acronymn bits stands for

[4] No or Yes:  "C" enables lower-level processing to be done at
                a higher-level.

[5] In order to get Unix running only other machines (system architectures)
    it was necessary to get a ___________________ working on those machines.

[6] Java's syntax is much like "C", but Java banned ______________________.

The following is what student Zelmo Z. Zeroman submitted in the body of his #assessment1 email. Note: Zelmo got 0% for his effort. wrong.

[0] not compiled     
[1] pseudo
[2] Digital Management Rights
[3] Bytes In Text Streams
[4] maybe
[5] loader
[6] goto statements