CSC220::Programming for Computer Engineering, Fall 02018

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#FinalAssessment: Wednesday, 12 December 02018
Fourteen14 Continue learning about the Unix command-line. Redirecting standard input. Pipes. Shell meta-characters. The grep command. The find command. Introduction the "process" subsystem.
Thirteen13 Continue learning about the Unix command-line. Environment variables. Tilde expansion. File descriptions. Redirecting standard output and standard input. Assignment(s): All assignments have been assigned.
Twelve12 Continue learning about the Unix command-line. Assignment(s): [assessment] #assessment4 [assessment] #assessment5 [assessment] #assessment6 [Note: All assignments have been assigned.]
Eleven11 Continue learning C, C++, Unix, and BASH. Assignment(s): [assessment] #assessment3 [program] #mycp [Note: All assignments have been assigned.] Code friend.cpp | mkpasswd.cpp
Ten10 I/O using STDC Library functionss. Continue with C structures and C++ classes. Assignment(s): none Code wc-lc.c | Dog.cpp | Dog2.cpp
Nine9 Introduction C structures and C++ classes (user defined types [C++ only]). Assignment(s): [assessment] #PaulAllen [program] #mytail Code stringio.cpp | grade.cpp | Time.cpp |
Eight8 Continue with pointers. Continue a journey through the Standard C Library. Assignment(s): #PadovanSequence Code cmdline.cpp | BingoCard.cpp | temps.cpp | power.cpp | printld.cpp | fibonacci.cpp
Seven7 Continue with pointers. Dynamic memory allocation. Recursion. A journey thru the STDC Libary. Introduction to classes (abstract data types/user defined types). Assignment(s): #carcdr Code ArrayEG.cpp | pointer1.cpp | cmdline.cpp | BingoCard.cpp | temps.cpp | power.cpp | printld.cpp | fibonacci.cpp | stringio.cpp | grade.cpp | Time.cpp | Dog.cpp | Dog2.cpp | friend.cpp | mkpasswd.cpp
Six6 Continue with functions. Introduction to arrays and pointers. Code scope.cpp | ArrayEG.cpp | pointer1.cpp
Five5 Continue with functions. Code ArithOps.cpp
Four4 Continue learning about C++. Introduction to functions. Assignment(s): [program] #cstrings and [assessment] #assessment2 and [program] #RecursiveReverse Code See previous weeks.
Three3 Continue learning about C++. See previous two weeks. Assignment(s): [program] #stats0 and [program] #stats1 Code See previous two weeks.
Two2 Continue learning about C++. Variables, Identifiers and Keywords. About the cout object. About the cin object. Quickie on escape sequences. Primitive data types. Using constants. An overview on arithmetic operators. Precedence and associativity. Relational operators The if statement. Logical operators. Repetition control statements (looping). Functions. Assignment(s): [program] #ArithOps and [program] #squares Code io.cpp | Limits.cpp | isspace.cpp | RandomInts.cpp | PrimitiveTypes.cpp | Constants.cpp | ArithOps.cpp | itofi.cpp | Expressions0.cpp | Expressions1.cpp | Expressions2.cpp | Expressions3.cpp | RelationalOps.cpp | LogicalOps.cpp | Age0.cpp | Age1.cpp | Age2.cpp | NewAge.cpp | ifcode.cpp | Adder.cpp | DoAdder.cpp | ForAdder.cpp
One1 Review the syllabus. Begin learning about C++ (and C) assuming Java knowledge. Assignment(s): [program] #assessment0 and [assessment] #assessment1 and [program] #MakeHelloWorld and [program] #DonaldKunth Handout(s): CSC220 Syllabus and How To Submit Assignments Code: helloworld.c | HelloWorld.cpp | HelloWorld2.cpp | { preproc.cpp | preproc0.h | preproc1.h } C++Template.txt | BadHelloWorld.cpp | LongStringLiteral.cpp
Zero0 Start date: Wednesday, 22 August 02018, at 3:00pm in CM-469