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MCCCD Official Course Description for CSC205.

   "Covers Object-Oriented design and programming; elementary data 
    structures; arrays; lists; stacks; queues; binary trees; recursion; 
    searching and sorting algorithms.  Prerequisites: CSC110, or 
    permission of Instructor."

MCCCD Official Course Competencies for CSC205.

 1. Describe how modern Software Engineering techniques are 
    used in program development. 
 2. Implement programs that use Object-Oriented Programming 
    techniques: classes, aggregate classes, inheritance, 
    interfaces, abstract classes, and polymorphism. 
 3. Write applications that handle run-time errors by 
    using Exception Handling techniques. 
 4. Write programs using basic data structures such as 
    arrays, ArrayLists, and Vectors. 
 5. Implement linked lists, stacks, and queues using 
    Object-Oriented techniques. 
 6. Implement Binary Search Trees and use recursive methods 
    as part of the implementation. 
 7. Analyze and compare the efficiency of different searching 
    and sorting algorithms, including algorithms that are 
    implemented recursively. 
 8. Write applications that read and write text and Object files. 
 9. Discuss social and ethical issues related to Computer Science.