No Late Submissions Accepted
Assignment: #Timer Due: 11/10/2017 Points: 2


Download, compile, and execute on your computer. The output of the program must be contained in the body of this assignment's email submission.

Here is the output of the program executed on my Ubuntu GNU/Linux System 76 laptop computer. The program was executed via a BASH command-line.

x = new int[2147483647] failed
x = new int[1073741823] failed
x = new int[536870911] failed
x = new int[268435455] failed
x[134217727] init took 103121134 nanoseconds (0.103121134 seconds)
...update took 163402271 nanoseconds (0.163402271 seconds) took 64043427 nanoseconds (0.064043427 seconds)
y = new int[134217727] failed
y = new int[67108863] failed
...copy into y[33554431] took 40217324 nanoseconds (0.040217324 seconds)
...System.arraycopy() took 45822301 nanoseconds (0.045822301 seconds)

The output of your program does not need to include the following. I used the time commmand to time java Timer.

   real   0m2.461s
   user   0m1.144s
   sys    0m0.592s