Late submissions subjected to a Pi/2 late fee.
Assignment: #Pi Due: 11/10/2017 Points: 3.14


This assignment was created during the Spring 2017 semester and it was due on 3/14 (Pi Day). This semester it was assigned on 10/10 and it's due on 11/10 (Hecto-Pi Day; the 314th day of 2017).

Modify a Java application that prints the value of the mathematical constant Pi.

Copy the program and implement the abstract methods declared in abstract class Number.

In addition, implement the two methods marked "TBI (To Be Implemented)" found in and answer the three questions/exercises presented in the program's file comment block.

The output of your program must match the following.

byteValue(): 3
shortValue(): 3
intValue(): 3
longValue(): 4
floatValue(): 3.1415927
doubleValue(): 3.141592653589793