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During the summer of 1999 I had an email correspondence with Brian Kernighan. As a result of our exchange, Kernighan shared some computing advice with us. In this assignment you are to read this email [] and record answers to the following questions.

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  1. In my original email I indicated that manifest constants aid portability. Although not discussed by Dr. Kernighan, what other benefit do they provide?

    help programs execute faster
    improve source code readability
    save on memory
    make it easier to change code
    none of the above
    possibly all of the above

  2. Kernighan indicates there is only one way to learn programming and that is to ...

  3. With respect to the software development cycle, select the step that comes first:

    quality assurance

  4. Kernighan writes: " More generally, there's nothing like writing a lot of code, preferably good code that other people use. Next best, and much less frequently done, is..." Finish the quote.

  5. As per Kernighan, what skills will serve you well no matter where your specific technical activities take you?


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